August 9th, 2006


Shine Worsted Gauge and Picovoli questions....

A while back I asked for suggestions to use my stash of Knitpicks Shine Worsted. I settled on doing Grumperina's Picovoli/Tivoli pattern.

Now I'm swatching for gauge and my numbers seem impossible.

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I have searched the archives and found some references to using Shine Sport for the Picovoli/Tivoli, but none that talk about how it behaves after washing.

Awaiting your wisdom.....
what a neat obsession.

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i accidentally bought a skein of aunt lydia's crochet thread, 100% mercerized cotton... i actually thought that i was buying some sort of lace, but nope! its size 3. what would be something relatively easy and quick, and pretty that i can knit with it?

thanks in advance.

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I finally FINISHED a project that isn't a scarf: a pair of slippers. The pattern I used is "double knit slippers" in Knitting: the easy way -- a really cheap book of patterns I found at Costco. They were super easy to knit and they knit up pretty fast. A tad on the boring side. Basically, you knit a rectangle with a few decreases and sew it together. The "double knit" makes the slippers cushier on your feet, so the pattern is a lot better than some of the easy slipper patterns out there. They didn't exactly turn out like the picture with the pattern, and they fit kind of funny, but oh well. My husband will wear them!

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i'm so sleepy

question abt knitting on the edge

hey - i'm knitting up a generic scarf but i'm using a ruffle pattern for each end from knitting on the edge. i'm using the feather lace ruffle that starts with the cast on edge, so no problem for starting it; but how do i get the same ruffle on the ending edge? it seems like there should be an easy way to do this but i'm sick and all doped up on cold medicine so i just can't think.

thanks for any help in advance and i'm sorry if this is a really dumb question.
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Pattern ideas?

For my birthday, I was given a skein of handdyed, greens and yellows (very organic looking) *chenille*-- something I have never worked with before. It is 500 yards of fingering weight... a little thicker than lace weight.
I'm stumped.
I don't want to knit a shawl or a scarf with it. Actually, I'm not a chenille wearer, so if I made clothing it would probably be a gift. and I was actually thinking maybe something for the home-- because those are the colors of my dining/living room...

Does anyone have any good ideas for patterns off the top of their head? You guys always have so many good ideas!
Thanks in advance!

joining strips for blanket

so i'm working on a blanket right now. it's the windowpane throw from lion brand. it's basically like knitting 7 scarves and stitching them together. now, i'm nowhere near the stitching together part, but i'm starting to wonder about it.

the blanket is made out of lion brand homespun (it's cheap and machine washable, so good for a blanket) and it's really stretchy, so i'm afraid that when i stitch the pieces together there won't be enough stretch in those spots and it will look weird. is this something i should really worry about? the pattern doesn't specify any stitch for putting them together. is there a stitch that will move with the blanket?

thanks for your help!
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FO: Pomatomus/sumotamoP

I've just finished a pair of Pomatomus socks for my mother-in-law, and I'm pretty proud of them. I'm especially proud of the second one, because I reversed the pattern for it, so the scallops swoop the other way. It's not a perfect match, because the twist of the yarn affects the way the twisted stitches behave (more about that in the notes), but you have to get closer than most people are willing to let others get to their feet in order to tell.

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noisy alphabet - vrrr

FO - lace stole

Yarn: Ornaghi Filati Merino Oro in red (col. 029), not quite one 1200m skein
Needles: 2.5 mm
Pattern: a mishmash of things from Sharon Miller's Heirloom Knitting—"Spider Webs, Spiders and Diamonds" for the centre, "Framed Shawl Border" for the border, and "Ring Shawl Lace Edging with Spider Insertion" for the edging.
Dimensions: 58" long by 22" wide
Started July 14, finished August 8.
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executive lesbian from sinsense

Handpainted handspun yarn, again

Following on from a post here a few days ago: what to do with handspun, handpainted yarn when one IS lucky enough to have enough for a garment? My amazing girlfriend brought me back 750 grammes of Fleece Artist Slubby yarn from Canada. I'm in love with it, and now that autumn is creeping in after the baking hot summer, I'm beginning to wonder what to make with it. Collapse )
I do want to make a garment out of it, not fritter it away on accessories or soft furnishings, but I have no idea what I could knit out of a yarn this rich and decorative without looking as though I am wearing a very elaborate carpet, or possibly a woolly quilt. I was thinking of a very plain, but quite structured jacket, possibly slightly tailored to the waist, possibly with a cable, if that didn't look too bulky. Do any of you know of any book or website where you can buy patterns for yarn like this? I'm overwhelmed by my good luck!

Poorly Written Lace Charts

How do you decipher them?

After picking up the pattern for the Alchemy Rockstar Cardigan, I've found via personal experience and google that the charts are confusing and poorly written. Following the chart, the last pattern repeat ends on a weird count at the end of the row. With some tinkering I can get it to end at a reasonable place, but then I'm thrown off again a few rows up when an extra stitch seems to appear out of nowhere.

The charts factor in the selvage stitch at the beginning of the row, and I'm assuming that I'm not supposed to sl a stitch in the middle of repeats. I'm also assuming that I don't count the last row of the chart (the knit stitch for the selvage).

Has anyone conquered this pattern? If not, does anyone have any idea of how to figure out a misbehaving chart?

all about ana

Yarn shops in London?

Hello, knitting friends!

I've been lurking a while and I think it's okay to ask you guys for help: I live in France but I'm going to be in London and Cambridge next week vacationning. My budget is very small but I can't pass up the opportunity to at least go gape in wonder at English yarns, so I though I'd ask you for great yarn shops addresses in these areas, if you have them...

I can (and will) use both Google and the Yellow Pages, obviously, but you know how it is, personal recommendations - possibly with caveats about prices or the staff or any kind of detail you have - are so much better.

I also have a second question (I'm full of them!) about cashmere. I have 260 yards of approx. DK weight cashmere that I am not sure how to use. I've never knitted cashmere before (this came from a great Ebay sale, I wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise) and though I tried the Knitty "Branching Out" lace scarf with it, it looked like it was way too floppy for lace. I wonder if cashmere can be felted? Supposedly all animal fibers can, can't they? Is it a waste of softest-ever yarn, or would it produce the softest-ever felted fabric? So, anyway, this is a vague call for help, I know, but. I thoguht I'd put my waffling to you and see if anyone had a brilliant idea.

Thank you all for a rocking community! I'm enjoying having it on my friends page a lot.

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Happy kitty

Can you help me identify this yarn?

EDIT: The mystery has been solved! It's Shannon by Tahki! Thank you so much tdgirl!

I found a softball sized chunk of this yarn in my stash the other day, and I really like it, but I have no idea what it is! I must have gotten it in a swap because I know I didn't buy it. If someone could help me identify this yarn, I would be really appreciative because I'd like to get more!

What I know:
-It's definitely wool and/or another animal fiber as it felts wonderfully
-the base yarn is dark blue/purple/magenta blend, then there is a strand of rainbowy colored yarn twisted along with it. 
-It reminds me a little of Noro, but I couldn't find anything on Yarndex that looks like it.

Edit: More info about the yarn: It's worsted weight, and even in color distribution and thickness, it's not thick & thin. I'n not trying to match this yarn exactly for a specific project now, but I have a friend who'd like a felted bag made out of this, so I'd be nice to know what it was so I can get more at some point...if not I'll just look for something similar...thanks so much for the leads so far!

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Are you being served

Yet another Branching out

I still need to block it but here is my version of Branching Out:

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I used some cheapo yarn that I purchased over a year ago when the blonde in me said "oh sparkly". In hindsight I should have spring for the good stuff because this yarn doesn't do the lace pattern justice. Sadly I can't get any of the good stuff locally and have to order it online.

The pattern is pretty easy to follow and easy to memorize.

Fair Isle worked flat

Does anyone have any tips for working Fair Isle in flat pieces? I'm hoping to make a Fair-Isle patterned sweater that's supposed to be made flat. Last time I tried flat Fair Isle, I ended up with horrible tension issues at edge stitches. Any help you can give is appreciated. Thanks!