August 10th, 2006


Gushing Knitterguy again!

Remember me? Yeah. I got my new Options set from KnitPicks today. I also got the yarn (KnitPicks Sierra in Coal) to make Cheesy Puffs. I cast on, knit two rows and had to come gush. Again.

I feel like I need a cigarette. The joins are flawless. I was worried about the little keys to tighten the tips onto the cables. They're to give you more of a grip to make the cable and tip fit tighter together. If you lose them, use a paper clip. There's not anything mystical about it.

The thing that gets me the most about both the Options set and the Classic Circulars is the cable. There's almost zero memory in them. You know how the cables for most circs come out of the package and they stay kind of kinked and twisted? These hang straight down, right out of the package. I can't tell you how squealy-giddy that makes me.

I'm the happiest knitterguy in the whole wide yarny world right now. EEEE!
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yarn sub for flicker flames skirt

so i had this idea to knit up elann's flicking flames skirt. but i want to knit it in black and the yarn it uses of course does not come in black. so i'm thinking i want to sub yarn and i'm having a problem finding a yarn that is not really expensive that i would like to use. so of course i turmed to knitpicks. i do have several color cards from them and i've narrowed it down to either elegance or shine worsted. does anyone have any experience knitting up this pattern? elegance seems to be spot on as far as gauge but the shine worsted seems to be closer in fiber content and not too far off in gauge either.

link to pattern:

and yarn:


what do you guys think? thanks!


 I was thinking today about how people often describe knitting as a relaxing hobby. While some may find it that way, for me knitting is more like a good drug. If I go too long without it, I start getting agitated. Once I am sitting there with the needles in my hands, I start feeling really good. The longer I knit the happier I am. And it’s not only the act of knitting which makes me feel good. Just looking up patterns on the internet or reading this community gives me that happy feeling. Sometimes I’ll be at work and I’ll start thinking about a pattern I want to make and my mind will just drift off. Lately the Flower Basket Shawl is enough to send me into a trance. It’s not a good thing since I do data entry :)

Out of my knitting friends I know that most of us feel this way, some more than others, but I was curious if this is common. My question for this community is: how does knitting make you feel?
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We're in need of a non-north american moderator!

Hi everyone!

The moderating team has realized that our moderator coverage is a little thin - we're currently down to about 1 moderator per thousand members. Given that the entire moderator team is located in North America, we've decided that we'd like a non-North American located moderator, preferably to cover times when we're all asleep. For example, someone in Europe, Africa or Asia.

If you are interested, please send an email to Let us know where you are located, how much time you think you can devote, and your general theory on how you think knitting should be moderated. Please include your LiveJournal username.

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My google-fu is weak. I've tried at least three different ways of searching, and nothing answering my question has come up.

If I have a (non-charted) lace pattern that is set up for knitting flat, and it is a pattern of the "x stitches + y" variety, do I need to include the "+y" stitches in the conversion to round? I'm already good with converting purl stitches to knit stitches for purposes of this sort of pattern work.

E.g., the pattern I am looking at is 6 st. plus 1. I want to knit it in the round. I will be charting out the pattern to figure out where the +1 falls. Do I then need to include that "column" of stitches (represented by the plus one) in the round, or can it be skipped?

If the "+y" stitch is not skippable, how do I incorporate it when working on (for example) a triangular shawl where I will be doing pattern increases? Do the "+y" stitches then need to be incorporated into each pattern repeat? (Thereby, in my example, changing it from a six-stich repeat to a seven-stitch repeat.)

I'm not sure how to make the question any clearer.

made it myself!

nifty knitter?

So, I'm curious, what are your thoughts on the nifty knitter? (the circular knitting loom thing)

I just made a baby hat with it, and it didn't really save me any time.. But, that might have been because it was my first project on the thing. And, it doesn't really resemble a knitted garment. It looks.. .. braided.. ? 

It's OK, but I think I prefer my sticks!  : )

Needle size for socks

So, yarn I bought from ebay doesn't actually have a size on it. Here is what the product says at the store website, though.

Recommended gauge is 7 st/1" on a size 3 needle.

I want to try the universal sock pattern from knitty, and was wondering if I should change sizes to make a sock. I was thinking I should probably go down to a 1, since I don't want airy socks and it was airy when I knit it up on a 3. Another question: when I'm at the store, if I bought some nylon thread to enforce the heel and toes, do I just knit as two strands together? and would elastic knit on the last part of the top be beneficial?

question about fraying

i have had a lot of requests to make items for people w/ fringe using lions brand homespun. i like homespun for blankets b/c you can throw them in the washer & dryer with no problems. But once i add fringe i start to dislike it. after a little while the ends fray and become fuzzy. Is there anything i can do to prevent that? i thought about maybe putting something on the tips like a pomade, but im not sure if thats the right move. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Cat bed/pillow

Ok I got a kitten yesterday and would love to knit it a bed/pillow.I have seen the felted bowl looking kind but thats not what I was looking for. Im looking for one thats like a mattress (the kind you sleep on every night). Does anyone know where I can find one like this?
I was thinking that I could just make the top and bottom in knit one row then purl the next row over and over.Then for the side I could do a k1p1 repeat to end chain(like a purse strap).But im worried that the stuffing might come out!Could that just be fixed with using smaller needles?(Im going to use some red heart that I found on a super sale at walmart.)
I would really like a pattern as I have never done anything with out one but If what im saying makes since then I can do it like that! TY you all in advance for the advice.You guys are always helpful! ^.^

Where would we knitters be without this community?! ^.^
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help with Special Socks from Magknits


I'm hoping someone can help me out with that. I'm trying to make the Cinderella version of the special socks pattern on Magknits. This is my first time making baby booties or even anything sock like and I've run into a snag on this step:

Turn Heel
Row 1: K7, place marker, k2, ssk, turn.
Row 2: P to 2 sts past marker, p2tog, turn.
Repeat these 2 rows until 6 sts rem, ending on a p row.

Did row 1 and 2 once no problems - trying to repeat the row like it says and now I don't have enough stiches to finish row 1. Am I only susposed to do what I can and turn or what? I tried to find a page with errors on Magknits but I can't.