August 13th, 2006

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I'm working on the Lili's Vest pattern from Knitpicks, and it is my first time working with a pattern that includes charts. I'm getting backed up on, sadly, row two. The pattern says "With MC, p1; reading from L to R, work last 16 sts of Chart A, starting with st number 16 on chart...", and continues to the end of the row (which looks like, in the photo, it should be a mirror image of the beginning of the row " 16 sts of Chart A, p1.". Chart A, in words, is K1,*(p3,k1)*, and the chart shows a 25 stitch repeat.

At the beginning of the row, should I actually start with stitch number 16 (a purl stitch, followed by a knit stitch)? If I do this, it's not a mirror image of the other side, which is what I think they're going for (based on the rather small photograph). What am I missing - how am I mis-interpreting it? I checked the errata section of the website and found no corrections or details on this pattern, and I don't see any notes in previous posts to this community about it. I've read a few basic pages on following charts but have not seen anything like this on those resources.
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I've posted the following new finished objects in my knitting gallery:

A dolphin from World of Knitted Toys:

An abstract black and white toy made as I experimented with the stranding/Fair Isle technique:

The lace dress of DOOM that took for-bloody-ever to finish:

And I've moved most of the Little Dudes dolls to their own page since there were so many of them (and more to come!):

There you will find my latest dolls inspired by Star Trek TNG characters. I've done Picard, Worf, and Dr. Crusher already. Geordi is in pieces on my craft table. I also plan to make Star Wars characters and other pop culture icons. Stay tuned for more.

I've received a lot of email requesting photos/patterns for the Trek dolls and other works-in-progress I've mentioned. I hope folks aren't disappointed, because these are simple, low-detail dolls made for kicks more than for beauty.

I'll be posting the basic pattern for the Little Dudes soon, as well as how to vary it for the Trek dolls and others. In fact, I've separated out several more knitting pages so I can soon add more patterns based on the stuff in my gallery, book reviews, links, and a tutorial on making rings.

Cromarty almost a FO

I am mostly a lurker on here, but last year I posted on here asking if anyone had mad Alice Starmore's Cromarty.  I received some great sugestions on a yarn to use from a fellow poster.  My mother-in-law bought me the yarn for Christmas, and it took me about six months to complete.  I still have some ends to weave in, and a little of the collar to finish, but I had to share the photos.

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Help Please :)

I'm working on a gauge swatch for the seed-stich and lace baby cardigan in Hip Knits. The gauge swatch is knit in the "body pattern":

Row 1 (WS): P1; (k1, p1) across
Row 2: *K1b, p2, k1, p2; rep from * across, ending k1b

The pattern works fine, and looks just like the picture. However, I am having a problem with the ends of the rows on one side of the swatch -- it's all wonky. It's the edge on which I end with a purl and then start with a k1b after turning. The other side looks fine. I've never had this problem before.

Anything suggested would be appreciated.

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Christmas Kitty


Can anyone please tell me if Cat Bordhi's book *Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles* explains how to knit 2 pair of socks at the same time? I can't find the book to see for myself and I don't want to order the book if it doesn't give directions. I have found some great tutorials on line and will use those if the book doesn't have what I want..................TIA
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"Stretchy" Pattern Stitches

I'm working on a pair of Knucks from Knitty, and everything was great up until the cuff. The pattern gives two options: a textured stitch, and ribbing. I'd like to avoid ribbing, because I think the textured stitch looks much more elegant, but unfortunately this textured stitch is giving me trouble. The main pattern stitch is "Sl 1 purlwise with yarn in back, yo, k1, pass slipped stitch over last 2 sts] to end." For some reason, this is causing severe pain in my wrist, so I'm looking for an alternate patterned stitch (I also admit that, while I love the pattern shown in the Knitty photos, I don't love it on my Knucks, which are made in a color called "Midnight" - a very deep dark blue). I thought about plain old seed stitch, but then I realised that it needs to have some stretch and pull in slightly because it's a cuff. A Google search for "stretchy textured knit pattern" and other variations is returning nothing, and the Knucks KAL doesn't address this at all, either.

What I'm looking for from members of knitting is some input regarding stretchy textured stitches. I've got a few stitch pattern books, but I'm not sure what to look for to ensure that I choose a textured stitch that has some give. Perhaps I'm barking up the wrong tree, and I should just choose something and give it a go, but I'm hoping there are some general guidelines such as "yo's will add stretchiness" and "k2togs will decrease stretchiness" that more experienced knitters will be able to share.

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Early Bday gift!

My husband just bought me an early bday gift!(My bday is Thursday) He got me a Knifty Knitter(The one with the 4 circles)and the purple knifty Knitter(the rectangle one)! I have never seen any one use them before.I was wondering if anyone here had used one before and could offer me some help on using it. Is it as easy to use as it sounds?Is there any hints you can offer me when using it? Is there some extra things that I need to know/have?
Any and all help or feedback about this item would be great! Ty

Oh also Im thinking about buying the pompom one friday.Is it worth the 5 bucks or is it just as good to use some coardboard to make them?
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I have some 75% superwash wool, 25% synthetic white yarn. I'd like to turn it cream. Is this a high enough wool content for Kool-Aid dye to fix to? Do you have any recommendations of guides you've tried for dyeing using Kool-Aid, particularly ones that mention subtle colours like cream? The ones I've found seem quite bright and aren't very specific on how much synthetic content will stop it working.