August 14th, 2006


Slightly confussed

Okay.  I am a little lost here.  I'm working on Fetching, from Knitty.  I'm ready to start my thumb, but I'm not sure I'm doing this right.  It says to pick up the stitches that are on the waste yarn from earlier.  Ok, but it had me knit those 7 stitches on waste yarn and then knit them back into the project ( Using waste yarn, k7; slip these sts back to left needle and k them again using working yarn; work in 4x1 Rib as set to end.)  I can't seem to figure out where and how to pick up these stitches if they are knitted into the project. 

I hope that makes sense.


gorilla arms!! SOS!

So, I just finished knitting Knitty's Shimmer, and the arms came out waaaay too long for me. I know the cuff is supposed to flare over the base of your hand, but instead it's flaring over the tips of my fingers. Must I frog and re-knit, or could some kind of surgery be done on the arms? Say, putting in lifelines, snipping the yarn somewhere on the upper arms, unraveling, and grafting? It would mess up the evenness of the increases, though-- I'd have to do a row or two of quick increases to match the # of stitches on the lower arm to the upper arm.

Any suggestions? Thanks so much!

FO: Two Socks on One Circular!

I finally figured this process out! I'm thrilled that my socks now have the same length foot and leg -- and when I was done I had two socks and no 'second sock syndrome'

The yarn is Wildfoote Luxury Sock Yarn 75% Washable Wool 25% Nylon in "Zane Grey" by Brown Sheep Company. I used one Addi Turbo 40" 2.25 mm/size 1 needle

When I first bought the yarn I didn't think I liked the color or the feel of it. But I do like the finished project.

These socks went a lot quicker than when I use 2 circulars for each sock.

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What I learned:
-- Magic Loop Two at Once
-- Magic Loop loose cast off

First gloves

I am interested in attempting my first pair of gloves. I was thinking of going fingerless, a la patterns like "Fetching" and "Knucks" from knitty. Anyone have any tips on which would be the better first-timer? I've done lots of socks, so knitting in the round is no problem, though I've never tried cables, so maybe Fetching is not a good starting off point? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

opinions on woolease...

hey everyone :) i'm currently looking for honest opinions on lion brand woolease. i can't find any to purchase from stores in the edmonton area and am kind of reluctant to purchase such a large amount off the internet without having ever seen it or touched it.

does it feel fairly nice for an acrylic blend?
is it easy on the hands to knit with?
is it worth the price?
would you want to curl up with a blanket made out of it?

if i do end up buying it, it'll me knit into a fairly large colour block afghan. any ideas as to how many balls i would need to purchase?

any other suggestions instead of woolease? the colour combinations are pretty important though and i haven't been able to find anything else fairly cheap and fully washable that comes chocolate, tan, cream, cranberry and black.

thanks for all your help :)
xmas cake.

(no subject)

i really just want to make a hat for a friend. i thought this community would be a good resource, but just getting this posted has proven to be far more work than it's worth.

but i will try one last time:

i am looking for a pattern for a hat.
because i doubt many of you will bother to click the links, it is a beanie hat with a brim, which is popular with snowboarders.

something like this:

preferably with earflaps, though that's not required as i can easily work them out and attach them myself.
i would also gladly accept a pattern for slouchy beanie, sans brim, with earflaps. going with the snowboarder kind of look.

if you know of a pattern resembling either of the above hats, i would be very grateful if you shared it.

thanks much!

FO: Dayflower Daydream shawl

(also occasionally known as the Neverending Shawl o'Doom)

Pattern: Dayflower Daydream by Eugen Beugler, from Scarves and Shawls: The Best of Knitter's Magazine.
Yarn: Jaeggerspun Zephyr 50% wool/50% silk, approx. 1500 yds., in indigo.
Needles: US size 3/3.25mm
Finished Size: 50.5" diameter
Duration:19th June 2006 to 14th August 2006.
Modifications: the only change I made was to turn the last row of the edging into the graft row to make it completely invisible; there was a decrease in that row, so when I got to that point I treated those three stitches as one, going through all of them at the same time.
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Specs on a yarn and possibly a substitution suggestion

I've been looking at knitting the "Sideways Spencer" In IK Fall 2004. It calls for Baruffa Merino Otto, this yarn is distributed through Trendsetters but I'm having a hard time locating it. I was thinking of substituting for it but through endless searches I can't even find the specs. Has anyone used this yarn or has it in their stash that could give me the gauge and such? Or has anyone knit this pattern with another yarn that they could recommend? Thanks!
knit kill

FO: Peapod Baby Sweater

One of my favorite coworkers up and had a baby girl a few months ago. Before she went on maternity leave, I was busy with knitting Josephine for my friend's wedding. So, I had planned to have a baby sweater done before she returned to work. She, sillily enough, returned on the date she had told me she was going to return and not the next month, when I had foolishly told myself she was returning. Since knitting and I had been "taking a break," I had nothing prepared for her daughter.

I found for her daughter the lovely Peapod Baby Sweater pattern from IK. 10 days later, it was all done.
Yarn: I subbed Rowan Cashcotton DK for the Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere. One benefit is that 50g is a huge amount more yardage, so what would've been a $40 sweater--on sale--was instead a $15 sweater, and left me with enough yarn left over for a pair of Fetching (yes I know it's cotton, but they'll be so pretty and mmmm mmmm soft, even if they are completely useless).

Needles: OMG I got gauge with the recommended size 5 needles. I *never* get gauge with the recommended needles.

Modifications: None on purpose. I did the 12 month size so the baby would have room to grow into it. My first attempt at the buttonhole row somehow left me with the correct number of sts but no buttonhole. I didn't notice until about 5 rows later, so all my buttons are above where they should be. I actually like the effect of having a button in the collar: it makes the sweater look more like a little baby Nehru Jacket.  This should not be a Good Thing™ but it is.

The Best Part: The amazingly sweet snail buttons I used.

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I was also going to do the hat that goes along with, but for the first time ever, I actually twisted the piece when I joined in the round. My gauge was also scarily off in the round (usually my gauge flat is pretty similar to in the round). So, I decided that since my coworker didn't know I was going to make a hat I didn't *have* to make a hat.  Sometimes it's good to be a quitter.
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