August 15th, 2006


Help needed - Charlotte's web edging

Whee, I've finished the main part of the shawl. But, I'm a bit stumped. I really like the crocheted loop edging, and I'm going to block it (for the second time, I blocked before attempting to do the crochet edge) before I think about whether to put the fringing on or not.

Now, onto the stumped bit... Where I'm doing the crochet edging, I can see it would be done along the 'bottom' of the shawl, where the fring would attach, but is it also done along the top edge that sits around the neck/over the shoulders?

Also, I bought an extra skein of yarn with the thought that it would make it a bit bigger (I wanted a big shawl to wrap up in) but I've realised that I'd need an extra skein of colour 5 (I have only just enough left over on colour five to do the bottom edge single-crochet bit, for a single row) to be able to alternate it with colour 6, and then I'd need to skeins of colour 6... so that's not happening.

So, I have a row's worth of colour 5, and a little more of all the other colours I've used. And, one full skein of colour 6. Given I will almost certainly want to put the fringing on to add a little size to it (though it is full-size) I'd really welcome some suggestions on how best to try and blend in colour 6 to the edging - or use it as contrast - but until I can figure out if the first row of crochet edging is just on the lower edges or the top one too, I'm a bit stuck, really.

It'd also be useful to know how much of a skein doing the crochet edging takes (not including the tassles).

Many thanks in advance!
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Hi, everyone! I'm new to knitting, having been pointed here by sternel--thanks! My name is Amy and I live in California, where I knit sporadically. I have a lot of meetings for my job and the more meetings I have, the more knitting I get done that week.

I have two knitting questions so I'll post them separately. This one is about a tassel described in Mags Kandis' Wee Knits. I love Mission Falls cotton, and I've knit a bunch of things out of this book and found the patterns very clear, so I think this is a brain blurp on my part, not MK's--but I'm stumped. You may be able to help me if you've ever made tassels, whether or not you have this book.

I'm making a variation on the Ziggy hat and it calls for a cute tassel at the end, described this way:

Cast on 18 sts using the Thumb Method.
Cast off until 1 st remains.
*Cast on 17 sts (18 sts total)
Cast off until 1 st remains.
Repeat from * until 7 "fringes" have been completed.
Attach tassel to top of hat.

OK, I get the concept: I'll have 7 fringes that each consist of two "rows" (really just a cast-on and a cast-off) and are all attached to each other at one end. Adorable. And I know the Thumb Method, though I hadn't heard it by that name and had to confirm that it's the same thing IK calls Continental or Long-Tail Casting On.

The problem is this: Once a fringe is done, and I'm ready to knit the next one starting with the one remaining loop, what I've got is the ball of yarn on one side of my casting-on needle and the fringe on the other (with the long tail hanging off the other end of the fringe.) How am I supposed to do the next casting-on with this situation? Help!

ISO yarn substitution for Diagonal Rib Socks

Despite having been traumatized by metal dpns, I am bravely entering the world of sock knitting, armed this time with bamboo needles. I always have cold feet and love having handknitted wool socks to slouch around the house in, so it's about time I stopped hinting at other people to make me socks and knit some myself. I like the Diagonal Rib Socks" (sorry, page accessible only to IK subscribers) and am wondering if anyone can point me to a good yarn substitution for the Gems Opal (100% merino). I wrote to IK to ask if they could tell me the wraps-per-inch, but got no reply.
New look

FO: koko kimono & Dream Swatch

This is my first post in this community so a breif intro...
I'm Heather, a 30 year old mom of 2 from Ohio.  Although I learned to knit as a child, I've been knitting like a maniac for about 9 months now.

This is a baby gift for a friend.  I'm quite proud of myself because the little guy isn't due for another 3 weeks.
Pattern: koko kimono from   Minnies by Jill Eaton
Yarn: "DK" Sport Weight Peace Fleece in Kamchatka Seamoss
Needles: US size 6
Size: newborn (0-3m)
Modifications: The only change I made was that I put the ties on a little lower than pictured in the pattern.

I had a fair bit of the skein left over so I started The Dream Swatch.  It became apparent that I would not have enough yarn for the 48" length so I stopped at 20", seamed the ends together and now have a very lovely ear warmer/headband for football season. :)

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Slouchy beanie revisited... this time as a FO

A while back I posted in the community asking for quick advice on whether I was on the right track for my thoughts on making a slouchy beanie like the one that Ashley Olsen is wearing
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Since y'all were so good about double checking my thought process on increasing and such, I wanted to post a picture of the finished product.

Name: Ashley's Slouchy Beanie
Yarn: Bernat Baby Soft double stranded (I used a light sky blue and a denim blue to get the mottled look)
Needles: Denise size 5 and then size 7 dpns to do the crown so I wasn't knitting too tightly... my dpn guage is way different than my circ guage.
Pattern: My own...

Afterthoughts: I misjudged the increasing amount the first three times and had to frog back before finally being satisfied with this one. I would also increase the number of bobbles around the band, I think... so that there isn't so much space between them. Overall, the hat fit great... and my cousin loves it.

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comments and constructive criticism is welcome!
KH girly

FOs, and a few WIP

(This is my knitting journal username, I just created it so feel free to friend me if you'd like)

Behind the cut is my finished "skull illusion scarf", and some not-as-amazing washcloths. (the wash cloths are from inside the peaches and cream yarn label)

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btw, has anyone used the chapter on Socks in "Knitting Rocks", by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee? Did it help or did you need other material to supplement it? I'm just starting on the cuff of my first adult-sized sock. I'm hoping I don't get into too much difficulty.^^

Looking for a scarf pattern

I'm NOT asking anyone to google or search for me...heaven knows I've tried that. I'd like to find a scarf pattern that uses sock weight yarn. I found some beautiful superwash merino at the stitches midwest show (Jojoland Melody). It's a patterning yarn but not a self-striping yarn. I was thinking of just doing a simple seed stitch with nice selvege edge but thought I'd ask if anyone here has found a knockout scarf pattern for sock weight yarn, just something simple? It doesn't have to be free, I'm more than willing to purchase a pattern or book. I guess what I'm really looking for are some "testimonials"!

body double, hopeful, and snob destashing

hi, all! i have 2 questions for you.

1. has anyone done the thing where you duct-tape yourself and create a body-form in your shape? was it successful? I am far too poor to buy one of the swanky adjustable ones, and i'd like to do more designing, but i'm unsure of whether or not the duct tape bod works well.

for those who feel it does - any suggestions, tips, tricks, websites or resources you used to create it? anything you wish you'd have done differently?

2. i'm knitting hopeful from jenna adorno, and i'm feeling like the wool cotton is bulkier than i think will look good on me. anyone finish one and love it? she's SO teeny, and i'm wondering if i was lulled into thinking it will look fabulous because it looked fabulous on the size 0 model wearing the one on knitty gritty! i would love to see pictures of finished hopefuls and/or commentary about the final thing. i'm hopeful it will turn out all right, but you know how it is when you're already into the waist shaping and you're like, hmmm....pretty thick yarn here for a slinky top....

AND! i am majorly destashing and i am a major yarn snob, so no crap. noro, malabrigo, jade sapphire, addi turbos etc. head on over if you want snob yarn on the cheap :) destash occurs here!

Neglected Knits swap site

I posted here awhile ago to see what people thought of the idea of swapping UFOs that you just can't make yourself finish. My thought was that your old project might be a fun change of pace for someone else (and vice versa), and both partners get to have their finished object in the end. I managed to swap projects with someone, and it's a lot of fun! I found a new yarn to love, and I'm being more "responsible" about getting it done because I know that its original owner is going to want it back.

I got some positive responses and good suggestions when I last posted, and I've had a few flickers of interest since, so I started a new blog in the hopes of getting a swap network going. It's pretty rough so far since I have no idea how much actual interest there will be. If a decent number of people (10 or more?) join the blog, I'll put a little more work into it. Also, if you want to join and have any suggestions, let me know!
fat kitty


so, i'm making the streakers shrug from spring 2006 IK and i'm up to the part where i have to do increases to shape the sides. i know there are two ways to "make 1" -- left leaning and right leaning. do you think it matters which one i use for the increase (M1L vs. M1R)? the pattern doesn't say to use one or the other. thanks in advance for any and all advice!

smoothing / filing metal knitting needles

i bought some addi's cheap off ebay & they are wonderful, but i think so cheap because they were just slightly defective. one point is totally smooth & the other is sharp & pointy. they knit just fine, but they feel funny because one row feels one way & the next another. has anyone ever filed down a metal needle before? any tips of what to use or how to do it?

knit garter?

I would like to knit myself a garter for my upcoming wedding, but I'm having trouble finding patterns - a Google search for "knit garter" or "knit wedding garter" brings up mostly patterns that use a garter stitch, not garter patterns (with a couple of exceptions, of course). My LYS has a Fiber Trends wedding accessories pattern set, but I'm not quite sure how I feel about the garter, so I wanted to see if anyone might have a pattern suggestion. If not, oh well!


Socks and Aran yarn

I am hoping I am following the rules with this new post. I'm just a poor newbie, please forgive me.

Has anyone done socks with Rowan Magpie Aran yarn? I just picked up two skeins for that purpose in a lovely dark khaki green and I am wondering what others thought of working with it.

I have lots of other projects going on but I'll save the descriptions for later.

New yarn, new questions

At the Michaels where I work, I couldn't help but notice that a bunch of yarn was being moved to the clearance section. This could only mean one thing (besides super cheap yarn): we were getting new yarns in. So last night I casually asked the stitchery department manager if we had gotten any new yarns in, and partly to my surprise, she actually took me on a little tour around, showing me what was new. Among the Red Heart Soft Yarn, new Simply Soft Shadows line, and a metallicy mohair blend, two yarns stuck out to me.

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dragon illuminati

a few questions

Hey all! I've got a few questions for this community...

1) I've got a lot of yarn from my pre-fiber-snob days (which my wallet really misses) - like two garbage bags' worth. I was thinking of donating it to a shelter or a nursing home, but if you have any other suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

2) Do any of you get Interweave Knits? If so, would you recommend it to me?

3) What's it like to knit with Noro Silk Garden? What about Kureyon? Is Kureyon soft enough for a sweater?

Thanks for all of your help!
Fine Line

Woo, yarn pr0n!

Went to Stitches Midwest this past weekend...and I got some yarn pr0n. All is pictured here, other than what I bought for my partner in an anonymous lace swap. I've spoilt myself a bit.
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