August 17th, 2006

Blue Thing

Something I thought I'd never knit

Have any of you ever first looked at a pattern and thought "There is no way that I'll ever knit this thing," only to find need or reason to actually knit it sometime later? It's happened to me, recently. After a friend of mine went into the hospital to have a hysterectomy, I thought it might be nice to knit her something as a get-well present. After some thought, and also after asking her partner whether or not the recipient might find it in bad taste, I made the decision to knit from a pattern I had previously thought to be silly.

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rowan ball gown

Can somebody with a copy of magazine 40 please let me know if the pattern for "Arwen" the unmistakeable ball gown of kid silk haze how the ball gown is constructed? I just want to know if it is knit in more than one piece and how many pieces it is knit in.