August 18th, 2006

Charity Knitting

I was looking for a way to give back so to speak and someone told me to go with my strenghs. So I was wondering if anyone has ideas for ways to use knitting in a charitable fashion? What do you do? Are their groups out there that get together and knit for the less fortunate or something?

Need Help with Yarn Sub

I've looked online but I'm not sure that I've found the right yarn, so I turn to you all for help...

I need to find a substitute for this yarn.

I want to make this little guy but I would like to make it with a washable yarn. I've made one already with the recommended yarn - it's soft and looks nice and furry knit up, but I was hoping to make a washable version to be a little more kid friendly.

I've looked online for substitutes, but it's so hard to tell online what the actual fiber looks like. Most "novelty" stuff I've seen looks like it might be too eyelashy (is that a word?). I'm not super concerned with gauge at this point. So I'm hoping someone here could recommend a good sub for Chinchilla that is definitely washable and possibly cheaper.

Thanks in Advance!
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Help me, Knitters, you're my only hope!

Okay, I have really had it with trying to knit the Crest of the Wave Tank Top. I've been beating my head against this one for months now. I've re-started this project almost a dozen times, and even written up my own chart to try to figure out why its not working. I think I have been extremely patient even for an experienced knitter, which I am not. I'm a beginning knitter and while I don't have a problem with knitting lace or keeping my gauge or any of those other things, the instructions for this are just completely useless. Either I need to find someone who's knit this pattern before to tell me what I'm not doing right or I need to switch to another pattern. I am seriously considering switching to the Soleil Tank

So, fellow knitters, help me out here; has anyone ever knit this pattern before and could you tell me what I'm doing wrong? Or has anyone ever knit the Soleil Tank and could you tell me whether the the instructions were good.

Sink or swim?
Edit: (Thanks to those folks who pointed out that I should explain the problem. Collapse ) Seriously, thanks to sarakate who offered some helpful advice before and thanks to those of you who might be able to help be able to finally help me tackle this project now. I really do want to figure this out, but I don't have enough experience yet as a knitter.

ADMIN: It's that time again!

Greetings, oh lovely, intelligent, well-dressed members of knitting! Over the past two or three days, we've had a flurry of posts breaking one of the community rules:

"5. Debate can get quite heated in this community. Disagreements and debate are perfectly welcome in knitting; personal attacks are not. You are required to allow comments on your post, and comments may not be deleted. This is a discussion forum, not a soapbox for anyone who wishes to claim it."

So, as a quick refresher: Deleting other people's comments is not OK. Deleting your own comments is not OK. Freezing threads? Not OK. Turning off comments entirely? Not OK. If you aren't prepared to hear what knitting members have to say about your post, don't post it in knitting. Yes, sometimes comments go into unexpected directions and you get commentary you didn't want; that is part of the nature of posting to a large community. By keeping an open forum for discussion, we increase the value of the community to all its members.

If drama is happening in the comments, email us at There are nine of us, and our response time is pretty good. We will never delete comments, but we will often freeze threads. And for the love of pete, if the mods have done something you want clarification on, or something you disagree with, or something that has gone and pissed you off but good, send email to that same address -- do not take it to the moderator's personal journal. That is grounds for banning from the community. We're all grownups here; play nice.

Thanks so much to all of you for making this community such an excellent resource. It's a pleasure working with y'all.

Yarn substitution help

I am wanting to do Fiber Trends Bathing Beauties as Christmas presents.  It calls for a fingering weight cotton.  Baby Georgia from Crystal Palace is what it suggests, which is, of course, discontinued.  Does anyone have any suggestions on a substitution?  What is the equivalent "fingering weight" crochet thread?  Thanks in advance.
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Looking for nice cotton yarn

I have come up with a great idea for Christmas gifts. I saw some nice soap at the local farmers market so I got the idea to buy some for my holiday gifts. To go with the soap I want to knit some nice wash cloths. I could knit the dish cloths out of sugar and cream yarn but I would like to knit it with something nicer. I have looked on line but I cant touch it to see how soft it fills. I am in the middle of nowhere with no LYS. So any suggestions would be great.
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Has anyone ever worked with Malabrigo Super Bulky?

I recently bought 10 balls of Malabrigo Super Bulky from another knitter (half price)! Since it had the name "Malabrigo" attached to it, I assumed it was just a fatter version of the buttery soft worsted merino stuff. But after receiving the yarn, I am not so sure. It's gorgeous, but it doesn't feel like merino. 

Further research shows that almost everywhere it's listed for sale online refers to it as "100% wool" rather than "100% merino wool," however WEBS refers to is as 100% merino and says "This is our favorite Malibrigo kettle-dyed merino in a super bulky version. Same great colorways, same great feel" so maybe it feels softer knit up?? It definitely doesn't feel like the Malabrigo I know and love on the skein...I had originally planned to make myself a hat and scarf with it, and maybe some baby stuff, but I think it's going to be too itchy for next to skin wear.

Has anyone worked with this stuff or does anyone have any ideas what I could do with it? Does anyone know if it's actually merino or not? The only thing I've seen for it is this sweater and hat set and um...not so flattering. Do you think it's just better suited for felting? I've never really worked with super bulky yarn before...this stuff is thick & thin and it calls for sz 11-15 needles. I have 650 yards of it.

Thanks for any ideas!

Knit corset?

I had a very random design idea the other night, and I figured I'd run it by here for some input before I sat down and tried to work it out.

I'd been thinking about making Knitty's Allusionbut then the thought struck me: would it be possible to make a more traditional, boned corset with a handknit fabric? Initially, it works out in my head, since the shaping of the corset would be easier to do in one large knit piece than in several small pieces sewn together, but at the same time it would need to be a strong, breathable, but hopefully lightweight fabric, especially if you wanted to use it as an undergarment or for body shaping rather than as part of an outfit. Another concern would be if it would stretch too much to be of any use. I'm thinking stockinette would be best for a project like this, but I'm concerned about the give.

That said, any thoughts? Or does anyone know if something like this has been tried?
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(no subject)

Generally when I'm ill I have no desire to work on anything. I know it's strange, but I tend to feel that my mental/physical state is absorbed into my work...especially when it's stitch work. However, this latest bought of illness has been odd. I don't feel bad. I just can't stop coughing. My lungs hurt, but that's about it...other than the frustration.

I made the fastest sock I've ever made during this time frame. I'm generally pretty slow knitting because I am so not project monogamous. I have so many projects going it's surreal.

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Baby sweater in an adult size

A family friend wants to be able to knit this 5-Hour Baby Sweater, but sized for an adult. The sweater is a very simple pullover with a stitch pattern bordered by some garter stitch. I know that it ought to be very easy to use this for a woman's sweater, but I don't recognise the stitch pattern. Does anyone know the name of it? Another alternative would be to find an adult sweater pattern that is similar or a way to convert the pattern to an adult size, but I don't know enough about sweater construction and the differences between baby and adult bodies to convert it properly. Is this even possible? Thank you for your help!

Magknits Frida

Has anyone knit "Frida" from Magknits?

I'm kind of interested in knitting this pattern, but I'm still a little iffy and was wondering if anyone had knit it and might be able to share pics of theirs so I could see it done up in different yarn?

The Structural Shawl Project

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This shawl was completed as part of a project to incorporate metals in with my textile background. The assignment was to make a rather crazy fashion accessory (and boy does this ever fit). Simple lace patterns throughout the top and a variety of natural and synthetic fibers add texture to the metal base. Fine gauge copper wire was used in most of the shawl to change the “flow” of the fabric in to a piece that is more structured with very little drape (an effect I am not overly fond of as I like drape in my shawls).

To read all about this shawl, please visit it's gallery page.

(no subject)

Hello, I'm working on the French Market Tote pattern from the Knitpicks website. I've finished knitting the body and its time to move on to the straps but I'm not very fond of icords since I can't back them with fabric. Can someone tell me how I would go about changing it so I have one strap instead of two? I was thinking I could just knit a long strap and sew it to the sides of the bag, then felt it all at once, but I'm not sure how long I should make it or how to keep it from curling in on itself during the felting process. Also, if the strap ends up too long in the end how do I fix it? This probably sounds really dumb but as tired as I am right now I can't figure it out and I don't want to mess up all of my work.

Stitch N' Bitch Nation - Lucky

I'm having a bit of difficulty with working on the 2 front pieces for this sweater (wrap?).

This is my second time knitting them. The first time they both turned out different sizes. So I figured out my row gauge (8 rows per inch) and then figured out how many rows I should have throughout the pattern, to correspond with the inches measurements.

So I'm at the part where you 'Dec 1 st at neck edge every other row 42 times'. This should take me to the end of the knitting, which looks like just 1 stitch left on the needles.

When I did the math, my piece should measure 19.5 inches tall, which is 156 rows. Right now I'm at 159 rows and I still have 8 stitches left on my needles and decreasing them every other row is going to take me another 16 rows, or 2 more inches of knitting.

Anyone else do this pattern? Did this part work out properly for you? I checked the errata and there was nothing in there.

I'm thinking of just decreasing 1 stitch at each edge every row or every other row until I run out of stitches and then making certain that the height is the same for the back piece, which I have to re-knit anyway so it's no big deal.
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