August 23rd, 2006

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my coworker has a knitted sweater that he wants me to cut down the front and put in a zipper or buttons. im a fashion design student, so i know how to do that i think... i was going to put a binding on the cut edges. but im just worried that it will unravel on me or something. how do i do this without the sweater falling apart?

FO - Hedra

Pattern: Knitty's Hedra
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft in Raspberry
- I picked this yarn because I'm allerigic to wool and lived in a yarn desert when I bought it. I've recently moved to Columbia, SC, so if anyone knows any good yarn shops (preferrably inexpensive for my student budget) please let me know!

Modifications: I did not make the socks nearly as tall as the pattern indicates.
Notes: This was my first try at lace and heel turning and only my second attempt at the Kitchner stitch (which went well!). There are a few places where I was too lazy to go back and fix where I had done the wrong row on the lace part, but I love them in all of their imperfect lacy goodness. :-)Collapse )
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finished object: postmodern Lolita legwarmers
date started: 10 august, 2006
date finished: 13 august, 2006
time elapsed: three days

materials: one and a half balls of Madil Kid Seta in off-white and Crystal Palace Merino Frappe in Ivory, size 7 bamboo needles. green and pink moire ribbon.

Knit the Classics: August 2006
topic: Lolita, by Nabokov

notes: the idea is to knit something that fits into Lolita. these legwarmers were based off of the pattern in the Fall issue of Knitscene. there are many references to Lolita and her socks in this novel. these fuzzy legwarmers have a pink and green moire ribbon lacing up the sides and each have two decorative pom-poms, to add a touch of whimsy, something appropriate for both nymphets and non-nymphets. these legwarmers were beta-tested in the middle of summer in downtown New York, and survived several flights of stairs, a rainstorm, and drying (after getting soaked by rain) for several blocks on their journey uptown.

photographs and other details can be found here
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Anyone Have Vouge Holiday 2005 Laying Around?

I am leaving on a work trip in about 3 hours that involves 6 hours of car time and I forgot the magazine (Vouge Holiday 2005) w/ pattern at home!!!! If someone can help me out by looking up some of the pattern notes for the Fair Isle Yoke Sweater in the "Highland" story, I would be forever grateful to you...

I need the following two pieces of information:
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Pattern Help - Josephine (And a FO/UFO Convertible)

Hello everyone! I'm knitting Josephine and I'm having some problems with the charts - specifically, charts A and E. I'm working on the back, and Charts B, C, and D are turning out beautifully. However, my cables on A and E look . . . wrong. The reverse stockingette isn't working, and the cables themselves alternate between reverse stockingette and actual stockingette. It's quite distressing, and I can't think anything I'm doing wrong (mostly because the area between these two charts is flawless). I thought maybe it was me reading the chart wrong, but I'm getting the right results on the rest of the piece.

Here are some pics to show what I'm talking about (plus some UFO pics of a project I've already finished)

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Does anyone know of a good tutorial for charting out mitered corners for lace or cabling? Preferably with charts/pictures illustrating the steps involved? This is something I'd like to know how to do, but don't have the faintest idea how (or where!) to begin.

I have googled on "charting out mitered corners knitting", but I'm not finding anything with a step-by-step breakdown.
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This is so last minute, but I'm sure someone here will be able to help me regardless. My sister in law was recently hospitalized with post-partum psychosis disorder and shes just recently starting to recover and will be leaving the psych ward of our hospital soon, possibly within two days. On impulse, I thought of a prayer shawl to knit for her during her recovery time at home, but I realize that the chances of me finishing a prayer shawl aren't that great at all. Moreso, I don't have enough yarn to make a shawl and I would rather use the mass quantities of yarn I already own. Thus, this is my question. Does anyone know of anything relatively "healing" to knit for someone in recovery, or anything that just might put a smile on her face? Please help, and thanks in advanced! Oh yeah, heres a picture of a ridiculous hat I made today on my knifty knitter. I really hate it, and it looks even worse on me. 

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Echo Box

Mistakes made lead to questions asked...

Ugh. I just spent my lunch time (and a little more) taking out an entire 260 stitch row because I dropped a couple stitches and couldn't for the life of me figure out how to pick them back up again. (No, I don't need a tutorial on how to fix dropped stitches. I am working on learning.) In any case, I have frogged back an entire row of knit stitches and now need to redo that row before I can move on. Sigh. How frustrating.

The reason I messed up and dropped a couple stitches had to do with trying to figure out the next step of the pattern. That is the real reason I am posting this to the knitting group rather than just putting my frustrations on my personal journal. I could use some clarification to make sure I am doing a couple stitches correctly before I have to start working them into this pattern on a regular basis on my next row.

The stitch in question is a S2kp2 which is described as: Sl 2 sts as if to k2tog, k1, pass 2 slipped sts over knitted st.

If I am interpreting this correctly, that means I should slip 2 stitches off my left needle and onto a cable needle, knit 1 stitch, then put the 2 slipped stitches back on to my right needle?

Or does it mean that I slip 2 stitches onto a cable needle, knit one stitch, put the 2 slipped stitches back on my left needle, then work into the 2 slipped stitches for the next part of the directions?

Or does it mean that I slip 2 stitches, knit one, then put the 2 slipped stitches onto the knit stitch before that knit stitch finally ends up on my right needle?

Could someone clarify this for me please. I really want to work the next part of this pattern and I don't completely understand the instruction. (For reference sake, I am working on the Lotus Blossom Tank from this summer's Interweave Knits.

Gothic Leaf Stole by Sylvia Harding

I was hoping someone here has made this before and can answer a few questions about the contents of the pattern. I have a copy of the pattern, but it is from one of those "Knitting Pattern A Day" calendars. It appears to be complete albeit vague on the details. There are no casting on instructions, for instance - preferred method or number of stitches. The brief instructions I have mention something about knitting the stole in two pieces and grafting them together. But nothing else. There are places on-line where I can order/download the pattern for five or so dollars which is fine by me, but is the commercially available pattern any better? I read several blog posts about the pattern, but they were more about the finished product or the process of knitting the stole rather than specifics about the pattern.
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Question on Mariah

Hello fellow knitters! Long time no post.. I have a question on something I am just now starting. I wated to start mariah today but am having a hard time.

ok, you start out with the sleeves. You cast on 52 st, then the first row is row 1 of chart which is 28st, which will leave you 23st (since you k1 in the very first st) now, where do i go from here?? Do i start the 22st repeat? Because 28+22+the 2 k1 on the end = 52. This is just confusing to me and any help on this item is greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance!

ps.. Im using plymouth encore in case anyone is curious. :)
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1 of 2 questions - each will be it's own post

Question #1

I'm going to be knitting a receiving blanket for a friend's first child. Is there a standard size I should make it? Better yet, what size did you find to be the most convenient when you had your baby? Did you like them smaller, bigger?

I eyeballed the last one I made for a friend and it just seemed a wee bit too big. The baby will likely be able to use the blanket through college.
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2 of 2 questions - each will be it's own post

First off I love using my Royal yarn winder. It's fun, and you get a nice neat cake of center pull yarn. It's what I prefer to knit from.

Question #2

Have you ever had a yarn that just didn't want to cooperate with the winder? Where the yarn goes along nicely on the circumference of the cake then it slips over the top and starts winding around the axis post. Why does it do this? Any physicists out there? What can you do if anything to alleviate this annoyance?

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How crazy would I be for attempting to design something like this?

That woman is an amazing, amazing knitter. Definitely check her site out. From what I got, she designs the patterns on her computer and uses a knitting machine.

I'd be hand-knitting mine. I should throw in that I've never done fair isle and never knit a sweater, but am ridiculously daring. And I persevere. I'd practice fair isle-ing before doing the sweater, of course.

I sent her an email asking her for details. We'll see what she says to my asking for permission to use her idea as inspiration.

(I think knitting fever makes me crazy. :D)
Fine Line

I need ideas...

I've decided to pick the collective brain.

I've picked up some lovely stuff over the past few weeks, but I'm stumped as to exactly what to make. I was hoping you guys could give me a few ideas, since I am slowly getting antsy. It's all so pretty, and I keep petting it...but actually *making* something would be far more productive, don't you think?

So here's the list that I'm fixated on.

I've one skein of SeaSilk. It's 400m of drapey soft goodness, and I'd love to use ever last speck of it...but I don't know what to use it *on*. I've been thinking a nice scarf or something...but I'm stumped as to patterns. Suggestions? I've never worked with varigated lace before, so I have no idea what it'll look like all knitted uplike. I don't  know how hard it'd be to obtain a second skein, or if I could really justify it...

I've also one skein of this pretty handspun stuff that sort of looks like clown dreadlocks. I've never, ever knitted with something like that before, I can't seem to fathom what it'll look like knitted. It's got to be about bulky weight, and I'd really dig a hat out of it, if I could work out a good pattern for it. Again...suggestions? Experience? Things to know in advance?
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Get Excited and Make Things

Knitted stick of dynamite?

Because I'm overly creative and have a very unique group of friends with odd requests....can anyone give me an idea of how I'd make a knitted stick of dynamite? I'm thinking of using dpns to make a tube and fitting the tube around a toilet paper roll. But how would I close the ends? Any ideas?
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Opal Tiger?


I recently was given a ball of Opal sock yarn that looks like tiger stripe when knit with it. I'm not much of a sock knitter, I still have a pair of jaywalkers laying in my WIP pile, half way done, but I have a feeling are never going to be finished.

I think I'd like to knit some sort of neat scarf, with an interesting stitch pattern that would show off this strange yarn, I know its not going to "stripe" as much as it would with socks, but something fun would be cool. I was debating a mini clapotis or my so called scarf, but I'm kinda indecisive.

What are some fun scarf patterns that show off patterned yarn???
yarn whore

Yarn opinions

I asked previously for suggestions for substituting yarn for a baby blanket I'm planning. Its a simple fan and feather pattern, and calls for a sport weight acrylic boucle, but I would rather use a natural fiber. Since wool can be itchy on baby skin, I am looking at cotton. Although I'm still open to suggestions on that front too.

I got some good suggestions and am still considering some of those but I also found a yarn that I am interested in. I wondered if anyone here has tried it and what kinds of experiences you've had.

The yarn is called Crayons, from KnitPicks.

Its a very economical yarn, which is nice because my budget is pretty tight. But I also realize that sometimes you get what you pay for. I guess what I'm looking to find out is if anyone has tried it, and how it washed and how it wears. That sort of thing. Its a gift and even though I can't afford Mission Falls cotton like I'd rather, I'd still like it to turn out nicely.
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(apologies if this somehow breaks community rules - I really don't mean to!)

Don't you hate it when you reach the last row of your so-close-to-FO and desperately want to bind off and call it DONE...

...but you left the latest issue of Interweave Knits in your desk at the office, and cannot figure out how to work Eunny's "modified standard bind-off" with the yarnovers between each stitch, despite being certain you got the concept when you read it this afternoon and were consequently complacent enough to not take it home with you?

If anyone out there is still up and has their IK with them, could you please give a quick description of the technique - you don't have to type it out verbatim (since that probably breaks copyright), but what do I do with the yarnover? (do I pull it and the previous stitch over together, like a double decrease?) I'll be up for a couple more hours yet and really want to get this wrapped up tonight if I can.

If that's still against copyright, then I take this entire post back, with my apologies.


I finished some Knucks!

I have finished my first pair of knucks and have really enjoyed theKAL , even though I haven't been officially able to join yet (very busy mod).

These were made from two balls of Tahki Yarns New Tweed, colour 034,on 3.5 mm dpns.

I am crap at cuts and html but I promise to keep trying until these pics are behind a cut.

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It was interesting to work these from the top down, and I just learned how to embroider this evening. The KAL has some links to tutorials on how to do so. Not bad for my first try.

I also learned how to do a kitchener stitch bind off on the K1P1 ribbing. Kind of neat.