August 25th, 2006

Arwn Rowan Magazine

I want to make this so bad, I don't know if I'll have the patience but I want the option. Problem is I have to order the magazine online and the yarn. To minimize shipping (not to mention duty)I'ed like to order the yarn at the same time. Would anyone mind telling me what the yarn requirements are?

Thank you

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Boye set warning

I was given an old Boye interchangeable needle set when I started to knit, and I lovelovelove it. I havent had any problems as far as the cables coming unscrewed, and the needles are sharper than most of my other needles.

Anyways, I wanted another 12" cable and a few joiners for making very long cables. I bought some today (All knitting + crochet impliments and looms are 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby this week!).

THEY DON'T FIT. Apparantly sometime Boye changed their knitmaster set to need smaller screws for the cables. Does anyone know when this was? Google isn't yielding much.

It took a lot of arguing to return them, since the box was opened, but I got my money back. So, for anyone who has an older Boye set (thick white plastic cables as opposed to the thinner nylon ones in stores now) - avoid the new Boye acessories.

Also -I checked the rules and didn't see anything against this - but if anyone has an older Boye set, namely the accessories, I'm willing to buy them! The older ones look sharper to me, and I like the thicker cables (they seem to keep my stiches from "shrinking" on the cable when they're no longer on the sized needle part). I never had any problems with the cables unscrewing themselves, even when I didnt tighten the join - perhaps because its too big to turn on its own. This set also has great sentimental value with me, and I'm really mad I didn't take better care of the joiners and buttons. I'd post this part in knitswap but I don't have anything useful or nice to trade at the moment. I'll remove it if its a problem.

Measuring for your size

Ok, I've read the memories, I've googled, and I still don't quite understand, so I need someone to explain it to me in plain English.

If I want to knit a sweater for myself, and I normally wear a certain size in clothes for tops (L).. how do I determine what size sweater to knit? I know what my bust measurements are, but do I go off the measurement for the pattern for my chest size? How do you know if it will be tight or loose? I measured a simmilar styled sweater to see how wide around that was.. and it was between two sizes, but I could only measure under the armpits. Is that where the designers measured also?

I feel like this is such a simple concept that I can't grasp... but it's why I haven't knit myself a sweater in all these years of knitting.. and I'm ready to.

Baby Yoda Modifications

I am hoping I can get some help. I am wanting to make my son the yoda sweater for Halloween. Only catch? He is going to be 19 months by that time, and the pattern is for 0-6 months. I have only made him one sweater in my entire life, so I have no idea where to even start modifying. Since this is something he isn't going to be wearing too much, I am partially tempted just to use bigger needles, but even then I can't guarantee that it will fit him.


I googled and lj-seeked to see if anyone had posted modifications for bigger sizes, to no avail. 18 month size would be perfect, since he is tall and skinny so he is wearing smaller than his age sized clothes (I would just make the body and sleeves longer).

I feel completely helpless that I can't figure out the math for this to make it bigger.
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fetching FO

TECHNICALLY not an FO, as i have to start the other one, but it'll look the same.

yarn: Alpaka (100% alpaka from A.C. Moore)
needles: #4 DPN's
pattern: Fetching @ knitty
mods: smaller gauge yarn, smaller needles, so i had to lengthen a few rows in places such as the palm, the thumb, and the top. though i almost wish i'd have lengthened more on the top part, but it didn't come out too badly.

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Hey there yarn gurus! Quick question: If wanted to add cables to an existing sweater pattern, would it be safe to assume that I should just make the next size up to compensate for the cables pulling together? Or is there some magical math trick that'll give me better results?