August 26th, 2006

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Questions about Krista Tee

Has anyone made the Krista Tee from White Lies Designs? I've been wanting to make a lacy white top for work, and I love the look of this one. But I'm wondering about those lacy "stripes" going up the sides. Am I correct in thinking that those make the top kinda see-through? As in, something I should wear a camisole underneath, if I want to wear it at my pretty conservative law firm?

One solution, I'd think, would be to make it larger than I need, which would cut down on the stretch factor. But I also don't want to be swimming in an oversized blouse that would look better if it were more fitted.

I may just go back to my original idea of making a Shapely Tee, and getting a copy of Knitting on the Edge and incorporating some lacy trim on the sleeves. But I'd love to know if anyone's made this particular top and can share some insight as to fit. Thanks!
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Hello everyone. I'm making my first sweater, and I have a quick question. Somehow, one of the sleeves of my sweater is a few inches to long. Should I block it to size before I sew everything together, sew it on first and then block it, or just knit the sleeve over again? I have never blocked despite having knitted for a while now, so I don't know how much damage control it can do. Thank you!

ETA: I forgot to mention, I'm knitting the Peppermint Twist sweater from S'nB.

Picking up stitches

I'm working on Butterfly, from Rowan no. 37, using the recommended Kidsilk Haze (it's the first time I've ever used it, or had money to buy it, and man oh man do I love the stuff. Whomever it was that called it Kidsilk crack was definitely right on the money. Ahem. Anyway.) and I had an edge of 60 slipped stitches, across which I was supposed to pick up 95 (Well, 97 because I"d like it to have some sort of seam allowance). I evenly distributed it, picking up something like seven stitches for every four, picking up two stitches from most of my slipped stitches. I also on the next row had to k1, p1 into what were essentially double yarnovers. That left me with an interesting extra eyelet row, which I don't mind and I'm going to leave as is.

My question is (You were wondering if there was going to be one, weren't you?) if I were to later on need to do something similar, but without leaving this extra eyelet row, what would be the best way to do that?

*I know this is unlikely, as necklines and armholes in my experience tend to have you pick up less stitches than are available.
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How do I use a knitty noody?

Today I went to a yard sale for a women who teaches weaving. I found the perfect yarn to make my christmas wash cloths from and I also found some wonderful wool yarn (that was hand spun!!!)  but the labels dont have yardage info (which I need so I can plan a project to knit for my best friend she will love the colors). On the way to the check out line, I found a new treasure. There on the table between two looms was a kntitty noody for $1. The knitty noody is a beautiful 2 yard wood one. Great I thought this is exactly what I need for my spinning. I also realized as I went home that I could use it to measure the amount of yarn in each skein of yarn. The only problem is that I dont know how to use it to measure yardage. Can someone please tell me how to do this or point me to a website (I googled it but I could not find anything).

$64.89 on yarn

just returned from rather exciting yarn run, all excited about my yarns. I have discovered that not one, but two of my skeins so far are not solid lengths...they are two shorter pieces together. Both are Lion, one boucle and one Jiffy thick'n'quick, both came from a Joann's fabric store. I'm pretty much an obsessed newbie, and need to know:

is this common? Are skeins/balls/hanks supposed to be solid lengths, or should I expect this every so often? It's not the end of the world, since my projects are little fun things, but if it were for my larger project I'd be irritated.

so, if I need to call somebody and be mean, I'm guessing that would be Lion? there is no returning to joann...on sale, far away, no time, etc.

in other news, I love lily sugar'n cream cotton.

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ribbing question

I plan to knit a scarf for my boyfriend using some Red Heart. I want to knit it lengthwise, but also use ribbing, except that I would k2p2 along the length, so that the ribs would run the width of the scarf instead of the length. (Did that make sense?)

I don't have much experience with ribbing, but I know it tends to shrink up. Does anyone have a clue as to how much would it affect the length of the scarf?

Thanks in advance.
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hey I'm new here~ :D

anyways... my friend just asked me if I'd knit her a blanket and I said yes... the only problem is shes having me pick a pattern to use for her blanket and I just can't find any that I think she'd like...

Shes somewhat girly and she wants the color(s) to be Pink (and white) ... so could anyone tell me what their fav. girly Blanket/Afghan pattern thats for a beginner/intermediate beginner...

thanks in advance~

gauntlets or armwarmers

can anyone please point me in the direction to a pattern (or two, hehe) of a pair of gauntlets or armwarmers that are fairly easy/beginner level.. i think i've gotten the hang of hats now thanks to you lovely people, now it's time to try something new... never really attempted anything with a gusset before.. it kinda scares me i guess

so what would ya'll suggest?

MUCH thanks in advance

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I've been lurking for months and learning a lot about knitting as a result - this is really a great community. I've been crocheting blankets for years, but re-taught myself knitting in 2003 during a brief period of unemployment/soul-searching. I stuck with hats and scarves for a while, but recently branched out into bags and purses, and am gearing up to knit an actual garment someday soon... Well, enough about me, on to the FOs!

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And with my newfound love of knitting comes a love of pretty yarn (my crocheted blankets are strictly acrylic affairs). In a small knitting shop in Bozeman, MT I fell in love with this skein of Silk Noir Verryberry from the Great Adirondack Yarn Company. It's somewhere around worsted weight, 100% silk and I've got 900 yards of it. If you had this sitting in your stash, what would you do with it?

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Thanks for reading!