August 28th, 2006


quick question regarding odessa

My friend just gave me some lovely DK alpaca yarn, and I'm considering a hat; namely, Odessa from Magknits. However, I have long-ish, curly hair. I searched for Odessa and the only pictures I found of people wearing the hat featured women with straight hair.

So my question: Has anyone with curly hair ever knit and/or worn Odessa?

Is a cap like that likely to make me look ridiculous with my curly hair, or do you imagine it'd be alright?

Thank you!

Problems with kpixie?

I probably should have asked this before ordering, but has anyone had problems with getting your orders from kpixie and/or communicating with them? [Note: I added some further details to address some of the comments I've received, most notably their emails are not being filtered out as spam, I assure you.]

I know knitters love and are loyal to their yarn suppliers, so I'm loathe to complain about one in public, but Collapse )


Pirate Booty Bag pattern now available

Because some of you asked when I posted the FO, I've (finally) got around to writing out the pattern for my Pirate Booty Bag.

And since I'm the Webwench for Talk Like A Pirate Day, where better to make it available for (free) downloading?

Caveat: This is my first real pattern, and while I've made every effort to make it both clear and accurate (a) I was operating from handwritten and much-corrected notes and (b) I'm wordy. If you have any problems or questions, please feel free to email me at kightp at peak dot org; if errors turn up, I'll post the errata on the pattern page.

Thanks to cyntergomes for permission to include her great skull-and-crossbones chart in the patten.

(It's a lot of knitting, but if you hurry, you might be able to finish it by Sept. 19)...

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New Patons yarns (FYI)

A little while ago someone was mentioning new Patons yarns, but at the time there was no confirmation on the company website. Well, I was just looking on the site today and see that their |Yarn catalog| is now updated with 3 new yarns! I believe these are the same ones that were mentioned in this community earlier.

SWS - Soy/Merino blend
Nuance - a sparkly acrylic/mohair blend
Rumor - a bulky acrylic/alpaca blend

Also, I see that the Classic Merino Wool has been given several new variegated colourways, which intrigues me! Several of their other yarn lines (Brilliant, Bohemian) also have new colours, but the Merino caught my eye first.

Anyhow, I just thought I'd share this in case anyone was interested (like me) in ogling some new yarn ;)
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A few questions...

So I'm a long time reader-first time poster. I have a few questions about a few Knitty patterns:

Lickety Split: I'm thinking of making a pair for my mom and some other relatives for Xmas. Of course I don't know if I want to do the toe separation and I need to learn to knit socks first, but I'm just wondering how difficult the toe separation part is. Any advice?

Kyoto: So my sash doesn't look quite right. The main part is knit in a deep red and then I did 2 rows of contrasting black and then bound off in 1x1 ribbing in the deep red. But I realize that I should've knit a row in red before binding off. I don't think it's really worth the hassle of taking off the bind-off edge, but I would like to fix it. Any ideas? Or do you think it's not worth it?

Thanks in advance!

Mitered corners and cables

I've googled myself blue, and while I've found many useful tutorials for mitering corners in stockinette, I have yet to find anything but suggestions for Viking Knits by Elsebeth Lavold and Knitting On the Edge by Nicky Epstein when it comes to mitering cables. Does anybody know of any online tutorials for doing so? I have the books winging my way on interlibrary loan, but I'd really like to start experimenting with mitered cables sooner rather than later, since my knitting time is soon to be limited.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Louet sub recommendations?

I want to make Tendrils (thank you, Knitty) but do not want to use the Louet Amethyst the pattern calls for. Just don't like any of the colorways. I love the Louet yarns, but they don't have a colorway I want for this project.

Want to use either a heather or a handpaint, but can't think of an ideal substitute. How is the Lorna's Laces Worsted? I like the Sock and would love to use Black Purl, but the Sock is 20% nylon and I've never actually handled the Worsted.

Any i deas?
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WIP and a question about blocking

I'm knitting Knitty's Shimmer for a friend of mine to wear during her wedding. Instead of the recommended Lion Brand yarn, I'm using Karabella Aurora 8, which is 100% merino wool, and just about my favorite yarn in the whole universe.

Collapse )

Now, it's not as smoothe as I'd like it, particularly around the increases, so I plan to block it, but I've never blocked a sweater-like object before, and I'm terrified of ruining the yarn somehow. How would you recommend I block merino? Should I block each piece (both sleeves and the back) separately or after I sew all the pieces together? Is blocking even necessary if my friend is going to wear it and stretch it such that it lies smoothly? Any tips?

I'm also wondering if anyone's made this shrug before? I'm very strongly leaning towards doing the back stockinette instead of the lace pattern, mostly because my friend is not crazy about the lace pattern. I think I can do it based on the instructions, but I was wondering if anyone has tried this?

Thanks in advance!