August 30th, 2006

Yarn Question

I am getting ready to knit a scarf/shawl for a charity auction and I would like to use Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky, but wanted to ask around to see if anyone here has used this yarn. If so, is it soft, does it wash well and is it as pretty in person as it appears online? If you haven't used this yarn, but have any suggestions for another yarn that could be purchased at a chain craft store that would be 1. Bulky, 2. Inexpensive but 3. Nice quality.....that would be great too.
Any help would be super useful, thanks!
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A quick question, if you don't mind...

There is a semi-new yarn store in my city, and they might hire me. yay!

I forgot to ask when I was in there, though, and I know at least someone in this community works at a yarn store, so I was wondering what the average starting pay is. More or less than other retail jobs? I'm assuming it'd be more rewarding than other retail jobs, too.


ETA: I just called the store and asked some more specific questions than I had yesterday like pay, when people would be hired, etc. I got a definite answer on pay ($8.50) and less definite answer on when they're hiring, and was told when to call/come back so I could talk to the owner.
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random small projects

Links under pictures are to same pictures, because my connection is too slow to load this many pics on one page, and I'm sure I can't be the only one. :-P

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One day I will make something large and impressive instead of dinky and cute. Probably not this year, though.

Oh, I bought a single skein of misti alpaca laceweight because, um. No good reason. I liked it. I'm planning to make a lace scarf with it one of these days. I'd prefer to have it be reversible, so things like branching out wouldn't work. Does anyone have a favorite reversible lace stitch suitable for a scarf?
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Daisy - a No-Seam Raglan?

I am interested in making Daisy from Knitty for a friend's baby shower. However after reading through the pattern I realised that it calls for the body to be worked in one piece up to the arms and then split - and the two fronts, back, and two sleeves are worked separately and then seamed. As it's a raglan sweater this seems kind of funny to me.

Is there any reason I can't just somehow convert this to a worked-in-one-piece bottom-up raglan? Alternatively, can anyone recommend an all-in-one raglan baby cardigan with a hood? I have been Googling for awhile and haven't seen anything that is jumping out at me. I like the simple, classic lines of this one and I like the hood. I'd like to use Knitpick's Shine Sport but might go with superwash Cascade 220 if a worsted weight would be better. I'll be adding stripes of some sort, too.


ISO pattern.

I have about 1600 yrds of laceweight wool left over after my icarus. I want to do another shawl, just with lots more "lace".

What are your favorite free patterns online to use. I'm pretty confident in my skills so I don't mind a challenge.


Fiber/Yarn Question

I reeeeeaaaaallllllly want to make the Gatsby Girl Sweater (about 1/4 of the way down) from the Fall Interweave. It's the reason I bought this issue, and I don't just love the pattern because I'm a graduated English major. Sadly, I cannot really afford the recommended yarn, Rowan Cashsoft DK (57% merino, 33% microfiber, 10% cashmere). My question is twofold: first, does anybody know offhand any good yarn substitutes? And second, what does the microfiber content do to this yarn? I know how merino behaves. I know how cashmere behaves. Microfiber, I'm not so sure. Does microfiber make it stretchy? When looking for a substitute yarn, should I try to find one that has a decent microfiber content, or does it not make a difference?

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Hey guys,
Sorry to be one of those super annoying new posters who starts right off the bat with asking questions.

I'm a busy little worker bee graduate student, and I've only been knitting for about a year. Everything I have ever knit has been with a pattern for the specific yarn I was using. The problem is I've completely fallen in love with this sweater. And they're out of that yarn in those colours, and the colours they have left just don't seem like they'd make a particularly cute sweater.

I was hoping someone who knows, ya know, something more than I do could help me figure out how to find another yarn. Oh, yeah, and I just moved to Arizona, so somewhere I can buy it online (since finding yarn for sweaters in the middle of the desert is a real trip) would be super fabulous.

I'm a math major! So I can help people fix patterns to get the size they want like nobody's business. So I'll be useful in the future, I swear!

Thanks in advance!

seeking advice on how to incorporate a design into a mitten

I'm making the Fisherman's Mittens (from Folk Mittens) and I want to include the biohazard symbol on the hand. (The mitten design includes two thumbs, so in my slightly warped sense of humor, I thought a biohazard symbol is just perfect for a two-thumbed mitten!)

I've figured out a graph for the symbol and it's about 30 stitches at its widest and about 35 stitches tall. I planned to put the design on both the palm and back of hand. The mitten pattern is knit in the round and the hand is 64 stitches per row.

But what's the best way to incorporate the design? I first thought Fair Isle, but several rows have just a few stitches, so the floats would be really long.

Should I do Fair Isle and break off the yarn where the floats would be too long?

Duplicate stitch?

Knit the mitten hand flat and use intarsia and then seam it closed?

Knit in reverse and use intarsia?

Any other suggestions? thanks for your help!