September 2nd, 2006


Memorial knitting and a FO

Hi all, just wanted to let you all know about a memorial scarf project being run out of Beaconsfield, Tasmania. Here is the article in case anyone wants to have a read.

And just so this isn't boring for the non-aussies, I made a scarf for my grandmother (my Mom-Mom if you're Cajun like me ;) and I call it Hey Lady, I'm Eighty! The red and green yarn were Cleckheaton's Gusto - I actually had to make a set of circs big enough to knit this stuff, it was like knitting with rope. Annoying as hell, but a good effect overall.

She loved it!

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Quick Pattern Question

If someone out there has a copy of "The Yarn Girls Guide to Kid Knits: Patterns for Babies and Toddlers", could you please let me know what the sleeve length is for the 3-6 month size in the "Julie's Itchy Fingers" pattern (I'm pretty sure that's the name)? I'm housesitting and didn't think to bring my book along.

Thanks in advance.

(no subject)

I'm not exactly new to knitting, but I'm a little too nervous to try out more difficult patterns... I do however really want to learn how to knit cables but I feel like they're a little beyond me... I was wondering if anyone had any tutorials or suggestions on how to get started?
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Advice on turning a sweater pattern into a cardi sought

As the above, really.

I saw the photo of Rosa (I think it wsa Rosa) in #40 Rowan magazine, and it's just what I've been looking for to use the 6 balls of Kidsilk haze my parents gave me for my birthday. So I bought the magazine, got it home, read the pattern properly, and instead of what I thought was a cardigan, it's constructed more like a vneck jumper - back is one piece, front is another, and then you set the arms in, then make the collar and attach that around the neck and down the front.

What I wanted was a cardigan - and I can see how this would still work as one, but for the fact that I've never knitted a sweater before (hats/scarves/shawls/socks/booties requiring seaming I have done, and am working on a cardi for a baby that'll also require seaming), nor altered a pattern before. I have used kidsilk haze (well, spray actually) do make the Kiri shawl, so I'm used to working with the yarn, albeit in open lace type knitting rather than regular knitted fabric, so I know a bit what I'd be dealing with here, leaving just the practicalities of altering the pattern, and the ability of the yarn to stand up to buttons/buttonholes to be determined.

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Girls Say Yes

Giraffe - Knitty - Yarn Question

Hi Knitters,

Every once in a while I entertain the idea of knitting Giraffe from Knitty:

The first picture kind of scares me, but I really like the way it looks in the second one. It looks very comfortable and I dig the huge turtleneck collar.

Anyway, I've gone so far as to try and find the yarn that is used - Cleckheaton Angora Supreme [70% Lambswool, 30% Angora; 152 yds/139 ms per 50g ball]. Unfortunately, it looks like they don't make it anymore.

I've looked on the Knitty bulletin boards and it doesn't seem like anyone else has made this (or at least, they're not talking about it there). Has anyone else made this? Does anyone have a substitution yarn idea for it?

Thanks in advance!
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I want to make my fiance a pair of socks for Christmas, so I need to start on them now. I will have to knit these on the sly so I wont be able to to a lot of knitting.

I have never knit a pair of adult socks before, just baby ones. He wears a size 10 US shoes with pretty normal width. Toe up or cuff down? Toe up kind of intimidates me with that weirdness at the toe.

I'm looking through KnitPicks and I saw this yarn

It looks pretty standard. But the thing is I want to make him socks he can really wear. Will this hold up to being worn a few times a week? I will hand wash them to extend their life if need be. Are there any other Knit Picks wool that is better for socks? I really don't like the self striping ones, and those aren't really his style.

I am half sick of shadows --

Rogue Advice

So. I was knitting merrily along on Rogue when I realised that I had decreased differently on the front than I had on the back.

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Now, will this be noticeable when I've sewn the sleeves in, or will I be able to escape without ripping back to fix it? Both sides of the front match, and both sides of the back, but...

Any words of wisdom?
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looking for a hat pattern generator

Hi all,
A couple of years ago, I found an online pattern generator for pretty basic knit hats. You just had to knit a gauge swatch and plug the appropriate numbers into the blanks, enter in the circumference you wanted, and you came out with a cap pattern, with a brim that could be either ribbed or rolled. I've scoured Google and this community, but I can't find it again. Anybody know what I'm talking about?

Changin' gauge...

I am trying to figure out the gauge for these:

I want to use a worsted weight yarn. I was using a size 6 dpn which gave me a gauge of 15 sts/4" and 16 rows/4". I did the math according to this website:

And came up with this by using 1.25 as my stitch multiplier and 1.75 as my gauge multiplier:

CO 52 sts
Work 17.5 rows


Now, I looked at the math, and that can't be right. It's going to end up huge. To see if I was blowing this out of proportion in my head (ooh pun unintended but damn it's a good one!), I cast on anyway, and it is freaking huge.

Where did I go wrong? Should I be using a different conversion since I'm going from a smaller to larger yarn?

FO: Mrs. Beetons. & a question.

Pattern: Mrs. Beeton
Yarn: Anny Blatt kid mohair in some green (mislabled as orange), & Knitpicks Elegance in grass.
Needles: Size 4 & 6 DPNs.
Extras: The beads were from Michael's. It was a bag of little irridescent black-green-blue-purple beads, and they are lovely.
Time: Um... quite a while. The individuals didn't take long to make, but there was a bit of a lull as I worked on other things.
Modifications: Needle sizes. I didn't have the size called for in the pattern, so I used what I had. And, of course, the yarn.
&c.: I would make these again. They're fun and quick and don't take much yarn. Also, it's fun to play with the combination of textures, and the beads.
Especially the beads.
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A Quest

Once upon a time there was a princess who loved knitting above all else. She had two sisters-in law; one was lovely and good, and the other was wicked. As the princess’ thoughts turned to Christmas knitting, she decided to knit Fetching for the good SIL. Unfortunately this meant that she would have to knit something for the wicked SIL too. She wracked her brain to no avail trying to come up with a simple knitted project which would be quick to do and could use stash yarn, but which would look comparable to Fetching. For help with this quest she has turned to you, the good folks of knitting, for suggestions.

(Disclaimer: the princess was very tired when she wrote this post so please pardon the silliness)
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