September 4th, 2006


Differing row gauges... will this be a problem?

So I'm planning to make the Dragon Scale Gauntlets. (Some of you may remember my earlier post with a couple of questions about the pattern.) I haven't even started the actual gauntlets yet and I'm already having problems!

My issue is this:

I made two gauge swatches, one for the p2k2 ribbing and one for the chart. My gauge on the first came out to 6.4 rows/inch; on the second it was 7.4 rows/inch. I was hoping that this wouldn't be problematic, but when I did the calculations I found that this would mean that the ribbing section of the gauntlets will come out to be 15" long while the charted section will come out to be 13". I'm worried that this difference in gauges will make the gauntlets look puckered or otherwise weird, since the chart is on half of the tube and the ribbing makes up the other half.

My questions are:

1) Am I right in thinking that differences in row gauge between the two halves of the gauntlet will make the fabric look strange?
2) If I am right, can I do anything to fix it?

I suppose I could just give it a try and see what happens, but I'd rather not have to rip out a few inches of knitting if I could have known in advance that it wouldn't work.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!
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Has this happened to anyone else...

I hope this is okay for this community, because this is where I know to ask the most knitters :-)

I haven't lost any serious weight lately, and suddenly none of my rings fit on my fingers. They have all become loose and too big.

I have been knitting off and on for about a year, but knitting seriously for about three months now... this is the only thing I can think to attribute it to... working out my chubby fingers in a way they have never been worked before.

I'm not concerned, it's just odd and I was wondering if it has happened to anyone else once they started to "knit hardcore" Lol.

cable cast on?!

I'm having some major frustrations trying to do the cable cast on. My yarn is splitting and I'm having troubles pulling the yarn between the stiches. Can anyone offer any tips to make it easier?


Double Wraps Necessary?

About 2 weeks ago I was putting everything into some socks I was knitting. I was doing toe up on magic loop just in plain stockinette when the dreaded heel came. I wasn't too worried- I had looked at many demonstrations online and in person on how to wrap a stitch and then knit the wrap- it looked easy enough. But I didn't scrutinize the pattern enough because I then saw that there would be double wrapped stitches. I kept on plugging away thinking that it wouldn't be much different.

But for some reason it was- I wasn't able to really *see* the double wrapped stitches and had a problem with them even when I practiced on another yarn. I'm wondering how necessary it is to double wrap the stitches if I pick up the wrap with my right needle, put it on my left one, and then knit the two together and then turn without wrapping the next stitch? Will that leave significant holes?

Thanks so much!

Blocking question re: Noro Iro

I have been burnin' up the net for 2 days, and I have yet to find the exact info I am looking for, so I have a question for you all:
Has anyone out there ever blocked Noro Iro? I just finished a nice skinny scarf out of 1 skein of it, and while it is just about long of enough for my petite SIL (the intended recipient), I would like block it out a bit so that it looks more finished.
Does anyone have any experience with this yarn? Is it better to wet block (my favorite!), or steam? I am leaning towards giving it a gentle wash, then pinning it out to dry, does that sound sensible? I haven't ever blocked anything with silk content, so I am a bit tentative.
Here's a link to the Yarndex entry for it, for those who are not familiar:

Thanks in advance!
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pattern question

I'm working on Lorna's Laces "justin's hat" and I'm towards the end where I'm doing the decreases, and having a problem. it is a pointy baby hat, I'm doing the 18 inch size. I've already done a lot of decreases, but it's at the point where doing it the way they suggested, decreasing 6 stitches per row, has run me out of stitches to subtract in the way they are doing it.

slip marker, k1 knit 2 together, k 28(subtract 6 on this each time) ssk k1 place marker, k1, k2 tog, k 28, ssk, k1.

so the next one was 22 stitches, the one after that 14, then 8, and I still have a honking lot of stitches on my circular (60 I think)

can someone tell me what to do next who has done this pattern?


Behind the cut, I think it's my best finished object so far.

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Pattern: Fetching

Yarn: Laines du Nord Cashsilk in slate blue. My monitor makes the color look brighter than it actually is--the yarn is grayer than the picture shows.

Needles: Clover Takumi bamboo DPNs, size 6

Comments: I loved working with this yarn; it was a tiny bit splitty, but so soft and luxurious. I used the better part of two 70-yard balls. It's a great pattern, too--fun and quick. I'd definitely work it again. I have two stories about these gloves. First, when I picked up the yarn and the needles, the woman at the cash register at my LYS looked at me and said, "Are you making a scaaaarf?" Not that there's anything wrong with scarves, but I was standing there with two very small, expensive balls of yarn and a set of DPNs--not exactly scarf material. I thought it was funny because I remember reading a thread here about how everyone always thinks knitters are making scarves, no matter what the physical evidence to the contrary may be. It's kind of bizarre that I got it from a woman who works at a yarn store. Second, I brought the gloves into work to keep my hands warm while typing, and my coworker was like, "Oh my god, I can't believe you made those! You should make a bunch and sell them! I would buy them!" I said, "Well, the yarn and needles for these cost me almost thirty bucks, and if you factor in the cost of my time, they would probably be hundred-dollar gloves." "Oh. I wouldn't pay a hundred dollars for them." "Exactly." Aagh. Why do people assume that handknitted objects are cheap and/or free to make?

Since I've Never Knit for Children...

I have a question (of course!):

I just finished spinning a skein of pink and white yarn. As soon as I finished it and was showing it off to my boyfriend (haha, I'm a proud creator) I suggested making something for his 3 year old niece out of it. I mean, I like the color pink, but really, I have nothing to make for myself that I don't already have and the yarn wouldn't really match anything that I own and would wear often.

So anyway, my boyfriend is gung-ho about the idea and immediately chimed in that I should make her a kitty hat and some mittens to match. I'm all for the idea, but I'm afraid there isn't going to be enough yarn. Having never made anything for a child before and not seeing any yarn lengths/amounts given for the patterns I've been looking at I don't know if the amount of yarn I've spun is enough for a hat and mitten combo.
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Help?? Do I have enough? Does anyone have any really good patterns?
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Yarn Suggestions

I'm looking to make a pair of knitted yoga-type pants, but the yarn suggested for the pattern is Artful Yarns Candy - which runs about 7.00 a balls. While normally this isn't too much to spend, the pattern calls for nearly seventeen balls of yarn. Which would make these very expensive pants indeed.

The yarn in question is a cotton/acrylic/lycra blend. Basically I'm looking for something cottony, bouncy, and, hopefully, half the price. Any suggestions?


It's here it's here it's here! *squeal*


3 months ago I placed an order with Knit Picks for a bunch of yarn. Since I live in England, I had it shipped to my mother, and then had to wait forever for her to forward it on to me. Well, she finally got it shipped off, and it arrived today! If the box had been big enough I might've just crawled in and wallowed in the yarn for a while, mmm yummy.

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Knitting overdose, here I come! (It's like a chocolate overdose without the calories.) ;-D
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knitting fun at Dragon*Con

Dragon*Con 2006 ended today. It was big fun even for the textile-impaired :-) ; but for those of us on the lookout, there was a lot of knitting-related amusement to be had.

My personal tally...

Dr. Who scarves: 3

Harry Potter scarves: 7

Knitted Chain Mail full-length skirt (!): 1

Jayne Hats: 24, including this twofer! A Jayne Hat-wearing guy knitting a Jayne Hat!

(Sorry if this isn't the most effective way of sharing photos...most of my pix aren't knitting related but I wanted to get this picture posted quickly since the [really nice] guy said his girlfriend reads this community!)