September 6th, 2006

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I'm attempting my first try at knitting on dpns ( Knitty's Voodoo, and I'm quite proud of my progress.
I have one quick question and I knew the knitters here would be able to give me their opinions. I'm coming up on the thumb hole/gusset/whatever you want to call it on the first "glove". The pattern sends me to for several different types of button holes. The pattern writer says they like version 4 the best, but I wanted to get other knitters' opinions on which they liked.
Basically I'm asking you guys which of those button holes you like to use the best.
Thanks! :)
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I'm about halfway finished with a Big Bad Baby Blanket for my friends who are having a baby. This is their first, and I'd love to make the blanket more personalized or special for them. I considered embroidering the baby's name in a corner, but they haven't chosen one yet and I'm not sure I'll know enough in advance if they do choose. I thought about embroidering their last names in two corners (her maiden name and their current last name) to make it a sort of family heirloom, but I can't decide if that's the way to go.

Since you all always have such lovely projects, I thought I'd pick your brains for suggestions on what I might do to personalize this blanket a bit more.

Experience with Knit Pick's Shamrock yarn

I want to knit the Central Park Hoodie in the Fall 2006 Knit Scene as my next project. It calls for Tahki SC Donegal, but I don't particularly want to spend $60+ on yarn. So I'm considering substituting it with Knit Pick's Shamrock, which would cost half the price. I was wondering if anyone here has knit with it before and could let me know/show me how it turned out. I'm just a bit afraid that it'll come out a little too... stripey? Variegated? I don't want the other colours to be TOO strong.

Here's what the sweater looks like.

Looking for Pattern Using Yarn with Varying Thicknesses

A friend of mine has this wonderful rainbow colored yarn that varies in thickness from almost fingering weight to a bulky. She bought a pretty good amount of this yarn on a whim and now is pissed that she doesn't know what to make with it. I suggested a funky shawl.

Anyone else have other suggestions?

Sticks and Strings


How do I finish a pillow with a knitted front? I want to put a fabric backing onto a patterned square. Obviously, since it's not two knitting pieces, I can't make the seams like I would on a sweater or something. Can I just sew it on a machine? I'm fairly adept at sewing, so if there is a better way (hand-sewing?), I'd be willing to give it a try.
Thanks in advance!

Backyard Leaves Scarf - WIP

At long last, I have begun Backyard Leaves from Interweave Knits' Scarf Style Book. I've been looking forward to doing it for the last year and finally just dove in. I made a swatch of it last year and found it very difficult to remember the symbols, keep track of the chart, understand what they hey was going on, etc. I was amazed when I picked it up again at how much I had obviously learned in the past year. The pattern is amazingly intuitive and the symbols clear once you work through it. I'm over half way done after starting last Friday, although I am doing 8 repeats instead of 11 because it is for my rather petite mother. From what I found Googling, it looks like the blocking adds a lot of length. Which brings me to part 1 of my question....

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help/suggestions/a question!

Ok soo I started on knitty's tempting like.. two years ago.. seriously.. I've gotten really far on it but eh.. I really don't like the neck/shoulder in the pattern. Has anyone altered the top of this pattern? or have any suggestions?

I saw an FO someone posted a while back and I cannot find it anywhere.. it was for a cabled keyhole scarf.. the FO was green.. I would LOVE to know where I can find the pattern for that!!

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