September 7th, 2006

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UnGranny Smith

I want to make UnGranny Smith for my mother, since she's been supplying me yarn for about a year and I have yet to finish something for her.

The thing I'm worried about with this pattern is the yarn that she's set on me using (she picked it out herself): it's a worsted weight 70% cotton 30% rayon yarn, and I think it would be too... heavy? My mom is deathly allergic to wool, so none of that would work (and I love wool!!! that's what's making it so difficult for me, because I've never knitted with anything cotton before). I'm just wondering whether I'll need to alter the pattern, or whether it's not very... possible to make. :(

I've been knitting a year, and large objects are definitely not my fancy, but it's for my mom, so any suggestions would be helpful. :)

Oh!!! ETA:

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WIP: Kiri

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I think.. this is NICE.

I'm using Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud in their 'Stream' colour. scrumptious!

:D Now, I know I PROBABLY won't have it done and ready to send to Newfoundland by the 15th for my grandmother's 75th birthday.. But I'm still gonna try!

ps: Find it here!
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Silk Garden/Andean Silk Comparison

I am planning on making the klaralund sweater, here is a picture, in a month or so. (Gotta save up to buy the yarn first)

Though I love the sweater and am really excited to try out silk garden I'm not crazy about horizontal stripes of any sort around my torso. I'm quite busty and just don't need that accentuated any more. So I was thinking of making the sleeves in silk garden and using a solid co-ordinating yarn for the body of the sweater.

The closest yarn I've found is knitpicks Andean Silk. The Andean is 55% super fine alpaca, 23% silk, and 22% merino wool. The Noro is 45% silk, 45% mohair, 10% wool.

Have any of you used both of these yarns? Would the drape and weight of them be simular?

I don't mind some differance in the body of the fabric...but I want them to flow together nicely at the least. I'm worried that the Andean would make a much heavier fabric than the Silk Garden due to the extra amount of wool.

Any advice?

yarn substitution question

I'm wanting to do Knitty's Broadripple (it's a cute pattern and doesn't look too scary) but I'm looking to substitute the cascade fixation used in the pattern for some Trekking XXL I recieved in a yarn swap.

The Trekking is a wool/nylon blend (75% wool, 25% nylon), the fixation is a cotton/elastic blend (98% cotton, 2% elastic.) I've never done much with yarn substitution before, particularly where the fiber content is different; is this likely to work, or just a bad idea? Is there anything I should be aware of in working with the Trekking? I've never used this yarn before.

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First Post - FO lace shawl

I've been lurking here for awhile sort of scared to post anything that I've made.  (not sure what scares me more my knitting or my computer skills)
I have been knitting since January and just finished my first lace project.  It is a lace shawl I made for my mom who is getting married on Saturday.

I made it using a two-ply wool/silk blend that I bought at a farm near her house (Rosehaven Farm in Picton, ON).  It was originally a natural ivory colour but after seeing the outfit she bought for the wedding I decided to dye it dark brown to match.  I just used a package of cheapy Rit dye but I was really pleased with how the colour came out.
The pattern is just 3 reps of a horseshoe lace pattern from an old Reader's Digest stitch book that someone gave me.

I have tried like mad to get my picture hidden behind a cut but when I hit 'preview' it looks as though I didn't.  I apologize profusely if the picture is not behind a cut.  I tried searching for help with cuts but just kept getting the same tips that aren't working.  If anyone has any advice I would love to hear it.

Thank you.

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Switching from circs to straights

This is probably a simple question, but I don't even know the word for this problem/how to search for it...

When I switch from circs to straights (after making the armholes for a sweater, for example) my stitches go from lovely little V's to twisty, feathery and not as perfect stitches. It is really obvious and looks really bad. How do I fix this? What am I doing wrong?

question about Koigu

I bought two skeins of Koigu KPPPM to make socks, and I have to admit that I am really disappointed with this yarn. I'd heard such lovely things about Koigu but two things really stand out:

1. The color--what looked so lovely twisted into a skein has knitted up into an absolutely garish sock. However, the color(s) might just be too intense on their own but I'm going to knit the sock in a mosaic pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks (by Charlene Schurch). I think it will look pretty nice this way.

2. The second thing is that the yarn seems really overspun. Instead of feeling soft, it feels like rope. (I've got dental floss that feels softer than this yarn.) Is this a characteristic of Koigu yarns? I'd read on a yarn review site that sometimes merino yarns can seem overspun but they "soften up" when knit at a normal tension. Has anyone else experienced this with KPPPM?

As always, I appreciate your feedback!
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another felting question

Hello all;

Another knitter just posted a question about knitpick's "Wool of the Andes" for felting (and if it bleeds).  I have a somewhat related question.  

I have some "Wool of the Andes - bulky" which I would like to knit up and felt for a bag.  The typical needle size is #10-11 needles.  I know that it's recommended to knit up a looser fabric than usual for felting.  

In your estimation, those of you who have done bulky yarn felting, would #15 needles be an acceptable size, or do you tend to just go up a small amount in needle size?

(If you can't tell already, this will be my first felting project.)

Thanks!  :)
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(no subject)

I know, always buy enough yarn to finish the project.

I did.

Then it sat in my stash for a while.

Then I decided to use it for a different project..

Oops. Halfway through, and getting short on yarn.

Haven't managed to find the yarn anywhere, online or off.

Maybe you've got a ball in your stash?

The yarn is a fingering-weight synthetic baby yarn. No brand that I recall, just generic baby yarn. I'm pretty sure I bought it at Wal-mart, several years ago; if it wasn't Wal-mart, it was Michaels. Neither has anything like it now. It's got one ply of something a bit shiny; the rest is standard acrylic. What I need is a pastel variegated -- pink, blue, yellow, green, maybe a hint of a purple. It was sold in a ball similar to crochet cotton balls -- yarn around a cardboard center, label tucked in at one end. No telling where my cats have hidden the label, alas, or I'd scan it.

Will buy or trade, if I've got something you'd like.

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(no subject)

Hello, I'm currently on my first attempt at knitting cables and I'm having some problems. I haven't been knitting long but I've done some different patterns and feel I'm ready for the next step. Any help would be wonderful and I'll try to keep this short.

I understand the technique involved but I'm having a problem related to the actual knitting needles. It occurs if I transfer the yarn from the cable needle back to the knitting needle or attempt to knit off the cable needle itself. Basically, it feels like the yarn is pulled so tight that it becomes impossible to knit without pulling it out of shape. I have to knit with the very, very tip of the needles and hope the yarn doesn't slip off (it usually does). Often I have to physically lift the yarn with my nails in order to force the needle under it. I have a feeling this is related to pulling the yarn too tight in general. Still, I have no problem with knitting in general, just these darn cables! I know you can knit cables without a cable needle, but I fail to see how this wouldn't result in the same sort of issue because of the two needles being next to each other- wouldn't that pull the yarn out of shape? The best way I can describe this issue is that because I have moved the yarn further down the needle than it should be, I can't quite 'reach' it correctly with the other needle, resulting in my twisting the needles oddly just to complete the next stitch. I'm using rather cheap plastic needles with a rather dull tip- would a sharper tip help?

Any help would be so very wonderful! I've tried doing this scarf about six times and I can't get past more than a row or two of cables before ruining it all!
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Combined knitting saves the day!

There was so many of you that gave me such good advice about my knitting from circs to back and forth that I’ll just post this once- Everyone was so helpful and I really appreciate it.
I tried combined knitting, and it looks perfect! There’s such a change that I’m going to have to frog a good section of the back, but that’s a good thing! Thank you all so much!
Pac Man! Noooooo!!!


Quick question for you lovely folks-
I'm making the Baby Bee set from the Jan 06 MagKnits and I'm done apart from the one part of the pattern that's just incomprehensible to me for some reason. It's very frustrating. But maybe more so because I started the booties over 4 times and found that bit of the pattern a bit vague since they are my first pair of booties (and hat!) ever.

The annoying bit is the how to make the twisted cords that go on the sides of the hat.
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So when I take the 1 yard lengths, I tie the ends together- ALL the ends together at the top and bottom ??
I've tried this the way that I *think* it's written and it all ends up falling apart. I wish there was a diagram. What in the world does it mean to slide finger halfway along length? Put your finger IN the twisted strand or on top of it?

There MUST be an easier way to explain or MAKE them. They're only twisted cords for pity's sake! Arggghhh..
I hope someone has a suggestion or could help me puzzle it out.
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all done!


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Done on size nine needles because of the clinginess of the yarn-it's a bit more open than most, but I'm happy with it.

I learned to be patient. I learned to trust patterns and that they really aren't as hard as I told myself they were. I picked up a great deal of confidence as a knitter, since this is only my third finished object and by far the biggest thing I've knitted. (that's a grand piano you see it laying on in the pictures.)

I might make another one sometime. I will almost definitely do the scarf sized one for my mother-she loved the pattern and I have the perfect yarn. I would use less clingy yarn because by the time I got done picking the dropped stitches out of the last row, I was ready to scream.
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