September 8th, 2006

Knitting love

FO! Spiral Hat

I finished this tonight at the Sit & Knit at my LYS. I was within a couple of rows of finishing and only needed to do the kitchener and finishing work. I made it with this pattern which was free with purchase of the yarn. I think you have to pay for it from the website though. It was surprisingly easy though, even for a relative beginner like me.

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ljhs drama


I can't find my Summer 2006 issue of Interweave Knits! I've looked everywhere!!
And I really want to make my pregnant sister a "Mommy Snug"!!!
I wrote to IK but they won't send out patterns if the still have back issues of the magazine.

color coordinating

Hi all,
I'm working on a Booga Bag for my mom, using Noro Kureyon (color 92). I want to add pockets in another yarn, for things like keys and cell phone that you'd rather not spend a lot of time digging for. How would I keep the felted fabric from getting too stiff? lighter yarn? larger needles? Any tips for coordinating with Noro?
and fun fact-Kureyon is the Japanese word for crayon-at least that's what my brother the Japanese student told me.
Missing talent, Talent

Decreasing with double knitting?

A while back my brother and I were out shopping somewhere, and he picked up a simple stocking cap in his team's colors. It was black on the outside, orange on the inside, and had some very simple striping. He loved it, and predictably it did not fit his size 8 head. (When it comes to hats, one-size-fits-all is one of the cruelest lies ever. For those who don't know about specific hat sizing, a size 8 corresponds to a 25-inch circumference.)

So the solution was for me to make him a hat, double-knit to be reversible and obviously big enough for him. And so far, so good. I'm doing this in the round and without a pattern. But this morning it occurred to me that I'm going to have to decrease eventually, and I'm having trouble even imagining how that's supposed to work.

Anyone have any pointers on shaping with double knitting? Now that I'm done with all the projects for babies due before Christmas, I really want to get this done before it's cold enough for my brother to want it.

Modifying scoop neck to sweetheart neckline

I need modification advice, book sources, or someone to explain to me how I would modify a scoop neck to a sweetheart neckline.

I've made one Ballet Camisole, and I really like the look of it, but I would prefer the sweetheart neckline shown without the gathers. Because of my chest size (and the fact that my torso has more curves than normal thanks to some extra weight), the gathers don't really flatter me.

I've googled for a "knit sweetheart neckline pattern" and had no luck. Most of what I've come across are either sewing patterns or not what I think of when I think of a sweetheart neckline. I've pondered the potential value of short-row shaping to get the neckline, but I think that would add a bump, similar to breast spillage in a too-tight bra. So now I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to convert.

Thanks for the help!

pattern help

I am working on a pattern for a poncho. I have finished it and am working on piecing it together. I am stuck with how to make the collar. Any help/direction is appreciated! The pattern reads:

Split-neck collar with right sides facing, pick up and knit 60 stitches along the neck edge. Cast on 3 stitches-63 stitches. Work garter stitch until collar measures 4". Bind off.

Do I pick up stitches on both the front and back of collar, working in a circle?
I am not sure I understand why I have to cast on 3 more stitches.
I can figure out how to pick up stitches, I have done this before I am just rusty on this.

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My name

(no subject)

I checked the tags but don't see anything for SnB groups around the country/world. I'm interested in meeting up with other knitters in Boston and doing what we knitters do together- knit and talk! Anyone have information or know a better place to look?

EDIT: Sorry, I should have been more specific that I did google and know of WickedKnitting. I was hoping to find an active group someone in this community knew of and/or attended. And I did. So yay! :) Thanks again.

cardigan questions . . .

for some reason, even though i'm a high intermediate/advanced knitter, this is my first venture into the world of sweaters. i'm doing it completely without a pattern ('cause i'm weird like that) except for the guidelines given in ye olde knitting without tears. 'course, that book doesn't say much about cardigans, and i decided to make one before i really knew what i was doing.

here's what i've been knitting, as far as the body of the sweater: i cast on 200 to knit to gauge (worsted, size 8 american needles), did 1x1 ribbing for the first 4 rows (i actually used my 6's for that, come to think of it); then on the way up, i do 1x1 ribbing for the first and last 9 stitches on the row, with the majority of the sweater being in plain old stockinette. in other words, the body is being done in one piece, 'cause i don't want to mess with seaming a front to a back.

my question is this: eventually, i'll be joining the sleeves to this puppy. i know how to do that all right. but very soon after, the collar approacheth . . . and i haven't the foggiest clue how to make a cardigan collar. (not exactly the same as this one, but a similar look.) if someone could help tell me what i'm about, i'd appreciate it. :-)

. . . by the bye, i know i'm none too good at replying to comments. i'm sorry. :-( they really get away from me, and i'm not trying to snub anybody. all of you are faboo knitters with swell advice, and thanks for any suggestions you've ever given me. :-)
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tan lines

Knit Picks Praise

A few weeks ago I was looking for a quick and easy baby sweater that I could knit up in relatively inexpensive yarn for a pregnant co-worker. Since we're not very close, I didn't want to invest to much time or money in the gift and found the perfect sweater on the Knit Picks website. I ordered the yarn (on sale!) and needles and waited for everything to arrive. The package finally came in today so I went back to the website to print out the pattern, with the intention of getting started this weekend. But the pattern had disappeared!!

I called customer service and dealt with a very nice, patient woman who found the pattern saved on someone else's computer and emailed it to me. The email wasn't coming through so she offered to print out the pattern and fax it to me. Apparently some patterns are given to Knit Picks by the designer but only for a short amount of time. That, or the yarn was selling out so they pulled patterns. Either way...

Lesson #1: Print out the pattern immediately!
Lesson #2: For once, I had the pleasure of dealing with a helpful customer service representative.

Just wanted to share my story!
cheerful toon

Marianne Kinzel "Trifolium" Help

I know that there are several reports on the internet that no one has ever found an error in Marianne Kinzel's patterns, so I think I'm doing something wrong here. ETA: I'm making the Square Table Cloth version.

On rows 31 and 33, I seem to be picking up an extra stitch somewhere:

Row 31:

YO2, k1, yo, (sk2p, yo) twice, k1b, k8, yo, skp, k1, k2tog, yo, k8, k1b, (yo, sk2p) twice, yo, k1, yo2, k1b

By my count this creates 40 stitches.

Row 33:

(yo, k3, yo, k1b) twice, k9, yo, sk2p, yo, k9, k1b, (yo, k3, yo, k1b) twice

This only takes up 39? Am I counting wrong or is there something weird going on?

(Note: sk2p is "slip one, knit two together, psso," k1b is "knit one through the back loop." It says in the instructions that you're supposed to k1p1 into a yo2 on your next plain round, so I know that's meant to create 2 stitches.)

I've been fudging left, right, and center to make up the stitch counts, so I'm sitting down and creating "stitch count per motif" charts for each line of the pattern and this one just seemed off to me. Google tells me nothing of any use about this particular pattern. (If it makes a difference, I have the Dover reprints.)

ETA2: emmacrew to the rescue! It turns out that it's 38 stitches in row 31 (as well counted by tersa) that are used up by the two bits of instructions I was ignoring on that row. This pattern is otherwise beautifully clear and lovely, if anyone else wants to knit it.

Fiber Indecency and Minor Destashing

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending my first fiber festival, the Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair. This was the first year it was held, and while it was relatively small, it looked like they got off to a good start. My daughter and I had fun and spent much more $$$ than intended, at any rate. :P

Her favorite thing was the children's crafts, where the nice folks from Spinderella's Creations provided make-shift drop spindles and wool for spinning. *MY* favorite booth, however, was run by The Sheep Shed Studio. I stopped by three times to ogle (and buy!) their discontinued colors of Brown Sheep yarns at 50% (OR MORE!) off. My favorite score from them was 10 hanks of springy, soft, gorgeously red Waverly Wool for $40 -- this is destined for the Central Park Hoodie. They're also Paypal-enabled, if any of you would like to check out their offerings.

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(no subject)

I'm normally pretty good at following pattern directions, but this has me baffled.

From Magknits' Alice:

Front neck and shoulder shaping:
(blah blah, decrease for the neck... 23 stitches left for smallest size... then:)
Work even until armhole measures 7 (8, 8.5, 9)” / 18 (20, 21.5, 23) cm.
Cast off 6 (6, 7, 7) sts at armhole edge three times, then cast off rem 5 (7, 6, 8) sts.

How do I cast off something 3 times? Does this mean

Cast of 6, k to end
Purl back
Cast off next 6, k to end
Purl back
Cast off next 6, k to end
purl back
Cast off last 5 st

? I can't see how doing it this way wouldn't lead to a shoulder that wasn't terribly sloped; 7 rows at pattern gauge is over an inch, and that's quite a lot for about 3" worth of stitches.

Can anyone help? Thanks!
bye bye

I Bring Gifts of Knitting (1 FO & 1 WIP)

'Ello. Just wanted to share the wealth of my most recent knitting adventures. While at the beach last month, I finished up a scarf for my mom (gotta get started on my holiday knitting!). I told myself that if I finish this scarf, I can start on my first sweater.

Photos and specs put under cut for your convenience.
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