September 9th, 2006

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So I'm working on this laptop bag and the stitch is a horizontal herringbone stitch. I'm sort of closer to an intermediate knitter. For some reason when I do this stitch, my yarn gets really tight and its hard to manuever. How do I get it so there is not as much tension?

Here's the pattern:

Row 1: K1, *s1, k1, raise sl st with left-hand needle but do not drop it, k into back of raised st, drop from needle; rep from * to last st, k1.

Row 2: *P2tog, then purl first stitch again, slipping both sts off needle tog; rep from * to end.

It's the 2nd row that I've been having the trouble with.

I'm using Lamb's Pride bulky with 15 gauge needles.

Does anyone know why my yarn is so tight???

Josephine Shawl in Alpaca Cloud Smoke

Pattern: Josephine from Stahman Shawls and Scarves

Materials: About 3.5 skeins of Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud in Smoke, size 4 needles

Notes: This is my first lace shawl ever. It was started on 6/27/06, and finished on 9/02/06. This shawl is for my grandmother, and she is a taller woman so it's a bit big for me. I really enjoyed working with this yarn. It did not split, nor did I have a problem with frogging.

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So, I want to knit a belt. I have this great Koigu that I want to use, but I don't know if it is strong enough for that. Maybe if I knit it tightly enough? Or does it even matter what size yarn I use? I think worsted would probably be more appropriate, but I really want to use this yarn. Opinions?

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reversible cabling

Hey. I know there a bunch of new books out there related to cabling that have charts and teach you how to do your own cable charting, and I am able to do that as well as cable without a cable needle. I have made one scarf with a single reversible cable on it from a pattern, but I was hoping to learn how to chart my own reversible cables? I would love if anyone on here knew of a book to buy or had their own explanation.

Specifically, I would like to reverse a celtic knot cable, and okay, maybe I haven't seen it done before...but anything is possible with sticks and string in my book so I know I can do it, especially with the help of all the smart knitting brains on here.
strawberry cuteness

Gift Hat FOs, Wristwarmer WIP

Holy crap, an FO post. Oh no!
Pictures are kind of big, just to warn.

First off we have Collapse )

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And with said FOs and WIPs come a couple of questions.
Question 1: You may have noticed that the stitch columns in the kitty hat are slanted. I ... have no idea why this happened. It hasn't happened to me when knitting circular with any other yarn - it happened with the pointy hat as well, but it was an awful photo so I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't notice. In any case, does anyone know of any reason why this would have happened? It completely baffles me.

Question 2: I mentioned planning to make myself a kitty hat using Suri Dream. Which is very furry. Has anyone used this yarn, and if so, can you tell me if that would be a bad idea or not? Namely, if I make a hat and wash it will I end up with a shaved hat and a sink full of fuzz?
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What do you call those things???

I've been searching for this through Google and LJ Seek, but I don't think I'm using the right terms. I'm lookin for a pattern for the flip-flop socks, the ones with a seperate compartment for your big toe and then one for the rest of the toes that you're wear with flip flops (obviously!) I'm blanking on the word other people use for flip-flops and "sandal socks" doesn't seem to be goiving me anything.

Lil help?

Noro Kureyon

Does anyone have color number 54? Im so close to finishing a purse and I like to have a longer strap. I have about 2 yards of yarn left and I plan on using that for the seaming. I contacted my LYS two weeks ago only find out the the color had been discontinued and othe LYS dont have it either. I purchased the yarn two years ago for another project but recently purcased a book that had a purse pattern that required two skeins of Kureyon. Since it was in my stash I decided to go for it. The straps were longer in the picture and mine seem really short.

Can anyone help me?
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thats me

short row question with pictures.

I am hoping that someone in this community can help me with a short row issue that I am having.

I am knitting baby shorts with short row shaping in the butt area. I use the Japanese short row method shown here : I am knitting in the round and the problem arises when I am coming off of the short row section. I can't figure out the correct way to close this last gap when in the round. I've tried using the instructions for closing on the knit side and it doesn't work well, the stitch is too tight and doesn't lay right.

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faery tat

I think I'm in love

Since I received a generous graduation check from my mom this week, I decided a trip to my LYS was in order. I've only been knitting for about 6 months, generally with unnatural fibers from Joann's and the like, and have been feeling the need to buy some really nice yarn.

Enter Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk Aran (80% baby alpaca, 20% silk). *sighs* Oh my. My my my. Happy happy. I ended up with four balls of this incredibly soft and lovely yarn in a beautiful berry color. The kind LYS lady assured me this was plenty of yardage to make a scarf. I'm almost afraid to knit with it. I might just keep it and pet it. But I did buy it with a project in mind.

Now, my question, for any of you who have knit DB Alpaca Silk before ... will it work with Brooke's Column of Leaves? Or will the yarn be too drapey to show off the lacy leaf pattern? Do you have suggestions for what scarf patterns might work better? Finally, will the content of the yarn (namely, the silk) make wet blocking an issue? Thanks for any advice!

This knitting / yarn thing is waaaaaaay too addicting!

*runs off to pet new yarn some more*


gah, so I'm working on my first major project in probably 6 - 9 months. I took a hiatus from knitting, which was awful. anyhow, I'm having an issue with the yarn I'm stitches are very uneven. I don't particularly mean in size, they almost seem...bumpy. stitches that stand out to the eye. I can't get an image to show what I mean, so I'm hoping someone knows what I'm talking about. is this something I can correct in finishing, just by smoothing it out? I've never really had any yarn I've worked with look so visually uneven before.

colbert knitting

Cardigan 101 question

I am working on the Peace Fleece everyday cardigan, my first sweater that isn't knit all in one piece in the round.

I have finished with the front right panel. After knitting for 19 1/2 inches, I began the neck decreases:
r1: bind off 4 knit across the rest of the row
r2: p
r3: bind off 3 stiches, knit across the rest of the row
r4: purl
r5: bind off 2, knit across the rest of the row

Then you continue to work in stockingette stitch, binding off 4 more times on the knitrows, and when the work measures 22 inches bind off the shoulder side, starting with a wrong side row:
r1: bind off 12, purl row
r3:bind off 12, purl row
r5: bind off the rest of the stitches

Okay, no problem with that!

The problem I have is with the directions for the LEFT PANEL:

Work as for the right front, reversing the side for neck and shoulder decreases

I get that this means that it needs to be a mirror images of the other piece, but I am trying to figure that out in my head and I'm just not there yet. Do I purl on the knit rows and knit on the purl rows? I'm sure it's really easy and I'm just not there...
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