September 10th, 2006

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Hey all! Can somebody please tell me if there is a way to distinguish hand knitting from machine knitting? I bid on a scarf at a charity event because I loved it and it was marked hand knit. But now that I have it at home I'm wondering if it really is. Is there a way to tell just by looking at it? Its rather light and airy so maybe it is, is there something I should be looking for. Either way I still love it, but I'm wondering if I should feel silly since I'm a knitter? (albeit still a fairly novice one).

Saffron Cables

I'm working on Saffron Cables in this seasons IK (Fall 2006). I'm having a tough time figuring out the charts. My instinct is to start all four charts at the right hand corner where the numbers are. Is anyone attempting this or can help me with this?


hey local walmarts are moving out a whole bunch of their fancy yarn, for super good deals.  if you have a wally world, go see!  I think its probably moving out summer yarns for heavier stuff.

have a great weekend!
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Knit Picks Options review

I have decided to do the rogue sweater from To get the right gage I needed to buy 4 different knitting needles. That can be expensive. I decided that this was a good reason to get the new Knit Picks Options needle set. I love it. I have the boye Needle Master set too. I think that the knit picks options set is superior quality compared to the Boye Needle Master kit. Here is a comparison between the two sets.

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Shell Pattern

I just finished the neatest pattern from knitwhits heaven. it's a shell pattern for a dish cloth. i love the way it turned out. took me forever to do, but i did sections at a time.

There were so many different variations on the rows that's why it took me forever and i had to really pay attention to detail and check my work constantly.


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What I spent my summer doing...

Hello, knitterati!

Here in the Boston area, we had some humid summer days, so I didn't spend a lot of time knitting. But I was able to finish three projects, which I've shared below:

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The only current projects OTN is an Ella shawl, which I've been a little frustrated with so it's currently hiding in my knitting table. So instead I've been working on mitered squares using the samples I've collected from Yarn of the Month Club. When I make enough, I'll sew them together, line the back with fabric, and have a crazy quilt of sorts.

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SC and NC LYS reviews

We have a pretty decent LYS called the Needle and Canvas. It's been open about three years now and has stayed open even though their business is pretty slow. Their selection is so-so as they are sharing the knitting yarn space with needlepoint items. They do carry cascade and debbie bliss but most of their stock is dedicated to frilly and furry various novelty yarns. I snatched up all of their charcoal gray cascade wool yarn to make a cardigan. You can see it in the back of the pictures.

Yesterday I went to Asheville and went to the two in town, Purl's Yarn Emporium and The Earth Guild. Purl's had more variety of beautiful yarn and arranged it all by color. There was also some handspun by the owner himself. Yes I said hisself, most Yarn Stores seem to be run by middle aged ladies but this guy was holding up the male side of knitting wohoo! I picked up a skein of Malabrigo kettle dyed purple pure merino wool.

The Earth Guild was more craft oriented. They had a lot of weaving yarns and looms, as well as dyed fiber roving so you could spin your own yarn. If I knew how to do that I would have definatly picked some up. They have a good selection of books but not a very good store layout. Everything is sort of bunched up. However they had a good variety of yarn brands like Lambs Pride and Noro.

Finally I went up to the Biltmore village to Yarn Paradise. This is by far the best out of the three. The store is set up inside a little cottage and is arranged by brand. They had some sinfully soft angora and cashmere hand dyed yarn. Unfortunatly they were about 50 bucks a skein! The ladies are very helpful if not overhelpful. They have an excellent selection of pattern books and knitting kits. I glanced through the new Rowan 40 book and oooed and aaahed over the knitted mohair ballgown! I ended up purchasing two hand dyed skeins of koigu wool sock yarn in pinks and two skeins of green Blue Sky Alpaca 100% alpaca yarn.

All of the new stash yarn feels like butter, I wish I could afford to knit with only swanky yarns. Alas, until I graduate Grad school I'll be forced to save up for splurges like this.

If you need directions to any of these stores just google map them and they are pretty easy to find.

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Opinions Needed

I really hate to do this, but Googling doesn't help in this situation - I need advice. I'm working on a baby cardigan. After scouring the internet and my books, etc, I decided to just wing it. I've made several raglan cardigans before so I figured it wouldn't be too difficult. Well, it shouldn't be, but somehow it is turning out to be a huge process (the full account can be found at my blog, here, here and here) .

I'm at the point now that I have ripped more than enough times. I am going to have to rip once more and I would like it to be the last time. I know how to fix my most recent problem (neglecting to account for the button bands), but I'm uncertain about two other aspects of the cardigan and I would love advice from others. I'll put one photo behind a cut below, but more photos can be found at the above posts on my blog should you desire.

1) Sleeve length. The general rule of thumb for infant/baby jumpers/cardis seems to be that the arms are about as long as the body. Thus, I made the sleeves exactly as long as the body of the sweater. However they look a little long to me, especially now that I've started the raglan decreases. Can anyone with a baby let me know what you think about sleeve length? I'm aiming for a sort of 6-month-ish size (18"ish circumference)

2) Striping pattern. I posted on here about this sometime last week and got great advice - and then decided to ignore and TRY it this way first, just in case I liked it, to save myself ripping 10 rows needlessly. I think this pattern COULD work but I'm afraid this red might be too bright. It is bright I'm just not sure if it's TOO bright. Right now, it's 6 rows variegated, 10 rows solid red, 6 rows variegated. If It's too much, I think I will change to 3 rows vari, 6 rows red, 4 rows vari, 6 rows red, 3 rows vari. I'd just like another opinion on this one :) If it's ok the way it is, I'll only have to rip 7 rows, instead of 18. ETA: the top portion that still needs to be knit will be in the blue; there will be about 10-12 rows of blue (there are 24 at the bottom) and then another 3 rows of the neckband in blue (or the vari if I run out of blue).

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On the hunt

I just finished up another 2x2 ribbed hat, like S&B's Hothead, but my brother wanted a brown & black cap, so I used Lion Brand's chunky instead of Lamb's Pride (I like Lamb's Pride so much better, but I know my brother wouldn't like the 'fuzziness' of it) and knit it on 10 1/2 circs. Ahhh, quick Christmas knitting, I love you!

I'm going to be in the car for 10 hours this weekend (driving to New York) and was wondering if anyone has any nifty hat patterns, specifically for 10 1/2 needles?

Also: we are heading to Vermont (mainly, Burlington) and Toronto. Any good yearn shops that you might would be much appreciated by moi!

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Vogue Knitting vs. Vogue Stitchionary

I've been lurking for over a year and I doubt any of you remember me from back when I used to actually post and comment. :) I'm a college student and have been knitting for nearly four years now. Although I haven't yet knit an adult sweater, I've done mittens, socks, hats, kids' sweaters, and a shawl. I love lace and cables but have not yet been brave enough to try fair isle or intarsia. I'm hoping to start my first adult sweater sometime in January, after the Christmas knitting rush is over.

Anyhow, I have a question for you. I recently received a $60 gift certificate and am seriously considering buying Vogue Knitting with it. I've heard such wonderful things about this book over the time I've been knitting, but with the advent of The Vogue Stitchionary, was wondering which of these two you would recommend.

I have googled the community and have found various comments on each of the books, but nothing comparing the two.