September 11th, 2006

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Silk Rhapsody is *amazing*.

I bought one gorgeous skein of Artyarn's Silk Rhapsody today, and I'm trying to decide what to do with it. At the moment I'm thinking of either this scarf or Glampyre's One Skein Wonder; I'm leaning towards the OSW, mainly because it's more interesting than doing yet another scarf, but I had a couple questions.

Would the mohair make it too fuzzy-looking (and possibly shed over everything)? Also, most of the pictures that I've found of people who have made it have fairly thin models - is there anyone who is more, shall we say, curvacious and was happy with how it looked on them?
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There's a bunch of new stuff in my knitting gallery, plus I've separated out the free patterns to a new page. I've also improved some of the patterns, added information on what yarn(s) I used, and added new patterns. All free!

And there are more Little Dudes as well (including more from Star Trek, several from Futurama, and the start of the Star Wars ones), plus a big fat free tutorial/pattern on how to make the basic ones and ones with dresses:

I'll post specifics on some of the special Dudes another time.
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Will red yarn bleed into white?

Hi, everyone! I'm thinking of knitting a couple of cardigans for my boys for Christmas, and I need some advice. The cardigans will be zip-up, red, and with a big Snoopy head on the back and their names on the front, and a hood with *maybe* little Snoopy ears attached. The only problem I'm seeing, though, is wondering if the red yarn will bleed into the white Snoopy. Sooo...

1. Will the red bleed into the white or is there something I can do when washing to make sure the colors don't bleed? I realize this may depend on the brand of yarn. Do the Shout color grabbing sheets work?

2. Would you recommend any particular brand/type/combo cotton yarn over others to minimize bleeding or for just plain quality?

3. Are there any basic child's cardigan patterns you would highly recommend, that you would consider one of the best? I know most basic cardigan patterns will be easy to add modifications/embellishments like I'm planning.

These will be my first sweaters, so I'm not sure exactly what to look for, but I am going to be looking at Knitting Pattern Central and Googling. I'm an advanced beginner/intermediate knitter technnique-wise, and I'm always interested in learning new things. I would need sizing for 3T and 5T.

Thanks in advance for all the help! I really, really appreciate it. I'm off to look at patterns!
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Viking Knitting


I have recently joined a Viking re-enactment group and I am looking for a craft to occupy my hands while I'm in the Living History encampment. I immediately thought 'knitting!' but it appears that knitting is too recent for Vikings (according to THE INTERNET). I have a lucet for french knitting but can't really see much use for what I produce which is rather demotivational, I have heard of a skill called 'Viking Knitting' but as far as I can tell it is a way of making jewellery chain - does anyone have any other news on this and if it is indeed for chain or actually knitting?
If all else fails I would like to weave decorative braid by tablet weaving, which is very Viking, but I can't find any information or place to get instructions or equipment for this - again, any ideas or leads to follow?


Opinions on Knitpicks Swish?

It's a fairly new yarn, but I'm wondering if any of ya'll have had a chance to knit with Swish superwash yet. What did you think about it overall? More specifically - how do you think it will hold up to wear and tear, does it pill and would you recommended it for next-to-the-skin wear?

Thanks! :-)


Trellis question

Okay, so I decided to knit a friend of mine a baby sweater and I picked Knitty's Trellis and I am having some trouble with the cabling.

In particular, I don't know how to do the "left twist" cable. The directions go:

K 2nd st on LH needle tbl, then k first 2 sts tog tbl.

It sounds like I need to knit the second stitch through the back loop -- and then I get lost. Any idea what's meant by "knit first 2 stitches together through the backloop?"

Help please!

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date started: 23 august, 2006
date finished: 27 august, 2006
materials: Gedifra Top Soft (in pink), Lang Zoom (dark purple), Jo Sharp Tweed (in violet/pink tweed). size #7 bamboo needles.
pattern: recipient is six years old. basic ribbed hat in this month's Knit Simple. stripe sequence in Gedifra Top Soft and Jo Sharp Tweed done in Fibonacci sequence. embellishments: crocheted flower top. more details can be found here.

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Mister Joe Sangria

I tried Google and Yarndex to look up Mister Joe Sangria yarn to no avail. Does anyone have any experience with this? It is the new yarn at I don't need it but I sure am wanting it.


ETA: I can't even find a Mister Joe yarn company...maybe they are a line under someone else.

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Let me apologize in advance for my rookie posting.  I tried to do links to the patterns and cuts to the photos but if they don't work I am very sorry and will try to fix them right away.

I finished the Anthropologie-inspired capelet from Craftster a couple of months ago but just found a brooch I like for the neck closure.  I took a picture when I put it on this morning.
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Last week I posted a picture of the shawl I made for my mom to wear at her wedding.  I thought I would send in pictures of the shawl and bag that I made for myself.

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Hope you like them.
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DMC Senso Weight

I've been eyeing that DMC Senso Crochet Cotton. The website says that it's a size 3. I'm not sure how that relates to the types of weights that knitting patterns use. I'm pretty sure that it's smaller in diameter than worsted, but not sure what it would best relate to. I'm buisy grading depressing freshman lab reports and I need something pretty to cheer me up, and some of the colors on the Senso look pretty. Thanks for any help you can give!
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Hi All, my name is Esther, and I began knitting...last night!! I can cast on pretty well lol. :p (The was very helpful!)

Question 1: Where do you all find your adorable knitting icons??

Question 2: I am planning on making a scarf, but I cannot find one for beginners using a size 7 needle. (The size was recommended to me by the teacher of the knitting class I am taking)
I have searched far and wide on all sorts of websites! Including the ones you listed here.
So in explaining that, Do you all know of a fairly easy scarf pattern that is for a size 7 needle?
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I am planning to make a sweater from Malabrigo Merino. I have heard, however, that it pills dreadfully, and seeing a swatch knitted up at an LYS confirmed these doubts. However, perhaps that swatch was just handled abnormally often. Can anyone offer any input about Malabrigo pilling a lot?

Thank you!

Bermuda Yarn Shop?

Hello All!
I will be in Bermuda from September 26th to October 1st and wa wondering if anyone here knows of a yarn shop on the island? I realize it may not be the best place to buy things, as they would all have to be shipped in, but I would still like to stop by.
Any suggestions?
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Fall Knitty's Ivy

I've been hit with the passion to make a sweater, but I find it a bit tedious to start and work on straight needles, simply because I always end up with more stitches on the needles than what I feel comfortably fit even though it's the correct gauge and stitches fall off of circular needles in transition less often. I've fallen in love with Ivy from the new Knitty but it call for straight needles. I was wondering if anyone else thinks it would be possible to just knit on the straight needles and *face palms* I was going to say knit stockinette in the round. >__< I guess I'm wondering if any of you have experience converting a pattern on straight needles to circulars and if it's that hard or if I should just suck it up and buy longer straight needles. How long is the longest set of straight needles anyone here has seen?

EDIT: I think I've got the idea to knit it on circulars, but there's another smidge of a problem. The thing I love most about knitting on circulars (actually just knitting in the round really) is that stockinette is easy and it's just knitting or purling depending on what side is facing out. There's no way around regular stockinette is there?

Sorry if this is silly of me to ask. I'll have pictures of 1 SnB Nation's Hurry Up Spring Armwarmer to make up for it soon. :) TIA!

Favorite bobble stitch patterns?

Hi all,
I'm about to start on a scarf for my boyfriend, which I've decided to make as a sort of sampler of different stitch patterns. I saw a swatch at a yarn store the other day that was just meant to show how the yarn looked in different gauges and patterns, but I really liked how the end product looked. Anyway, I thought that as part of this scarf, a bobble pattern might be nice, but I don't have any specific ones in mind. Are there any that you've used and really love?

WIP - Swallowtail Shawl

I decided I didn't like the look of the yarn they used for the photoshoot in the magazine, so I substituted something else.

WIP: Interweave Press' Fall 2006, Swallowtail Shawl
2 balls Kidsilk Haze, in 'Hurricane'
Size 4 circs

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That's about eight repeats of the first lace pattern; now I'm on the second row of the lily-of-the-valley dealie-bobbles. I think it's going to be even prettier when blocked.

Rowan - worth the money?

I recently borrowed a few Rowan knitting magazines from the library, and I fell in love with many of the designs. I also really like the yarns produced by Rowan, though I've never actually held a single skein in my hand.

In a month or so, my student money is going to come in (yeah, in Denmark we get paid for getting an education :P), and I'm thinking of knitting me a Rowan sweater. With Rowan yarn. But when I looked up the prices on Felted Tweed, for example, or Kid Classic, it made my eyes pop. It's insanely expensive!

So what I'm wondering is whether this yarn is REALLY worth it, or if I should find a substitution. If I'm going to spend THAT much money on a sweater, it better last me decade. ;) No, really, my question to all you knitters who have ever made a sweater (or other yarn-consuming garment), is if Rowan yarns are really worth their price. I'm not sure if they cost as much in America as they do here in Europe/Denmark, but I'm pretty sure that it's not all that cheap!

"Helga" from Rowan 36 is really calling out to me, so I'll probably end up spending my first check on yarn for her.. *sigh* Or maybe it'll be "Bay", or "Fern".. We'll see. :P
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A (relative) plethora of finished objects

So, I can be a very lazy person. I only recently rediscovered my digital camera, and it's taken me several weeks since the rediscovery to actually dig up some of the things I've knitted over the past year or so and take some pictures. But tonight was the night that I finally buckled down and got to it. Collapse )
Hope you like 'em!

Bind Off Tricks?

Imagine that I'm knitting a square with a square hole in the middle. I've done a few rows in stockinette, and on the next row, I knit the first few stitches to form the right-side border. I'm binding off the stitches in the middle to create that square hole.

Question: Is there a way to make that transition from the border to the first bind-off stitch look more consistent with the rest of the bind off? There's a slight "jump" in that spot (I don't know what to call it).

I swear there's a trick for this, but I don't recall where I've seen it and I can't seem to replicate it by experimentation.

Thanks for any help you can provide :)
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Drop stitch scarves...

I really love the drop stitch scarves pictured in this post and this post, but I'm really adamantly against curly scarves (not to mention I'll be doing it in unblockable acrylic to kill some of my stash), so I wouldn't want to make one in stockinette. If one wanted to knit a scarf with the same ladder effect from the dropped stitches, but without the tube factor, what stitch pattern would you recommend for the stitches that would remain intact?

I guess ribbing would work, but I think garter or seed stitch might look interesting. Opinions?

felted clogs--help??

I'm making a pair of felted clogs using the Fiber Trends pattern. The pattern calls for a double strand of worsted weight yarn on US size 13/9mm needles. I substituted Lamb's Pride Bulky for the worsted weight yarn.

The slipper came out beautifully except for the size. I followed the directions for the woman's large slipper, but it's far too large for me. (I had the correct stitch count for the women's size.) I ran the slipper four times through the washing machine; there was no change in size between the third and fourth washes, so I guess it's felted as much as it's going to felt.

Any ideas what went wrong?

Was it the yarn? Lamb's Pride felts really well, and the felted slipper is wonderfully thick. Should I have used a 100% wool yarn instead of the Lamb's Pride (85% wool/15% mohair)?

Should I follow the directions as written but use smaller needles? If I do that, should I use a single strand of worsted weight yarn?

Happily, these slippers will fit my brother's feet. He's always complaining about cold feet so I hope these will keep his feet toasty warm.

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First post for me, but I've been reading for ages.

I'm posting because after doing my last 3 FO's and current WIP all in Simply Soft and Homespun, I just splurged and bought enough superwash wool for a Ribby Cardi for me, and alpaca for a hat for my boyfriend. In beautiful colors.

I tried to explain to my BF why this was so exciting, and while he's very happy for me, he doesn't get it.

New yarn! I'm so excited! I'm going to be going nuts until my box gets here :)