September 12th, 2006

FO's: Spiral Shell from Wrap Style and MD bibs

I finished the spiral shell from Wrap Style. This was done out of Misti cotton silk which I picked up at Stitches Midwest. This is simply gorgeous yarn... beautiful color and with a soft silky hand. I used smaller needles and made the very smallest size, but even so the cotton stretched out so that it just fell off my shoulders. After doing a blog search for other people who have made this pattern, seems like it's a common problem.

In any case, I improvised and used an organza ribbon to go through the yarnovers at the top lace row and this worked perfectly. The lace pattern was quite easy to memorize and this was a pretty easy project (except for the angst at the end before I put the ribbon on). I knit an hour or so a day, and this was done in a week and a half.

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my hair

Yay, Noro!

I just bought some discounted Noro Kureyon to make my mom a Clapotis for Chistmas. Hooray! I've been wanting to try Noro yarns out for a while, but they are so expensive (and I am so broke). Luckily, someone on the punk_knitters community pointed out a Noro overstock sale going on over at :D So I got 4 skeins for $23 (before shipping).

I'm thinking I'll knit my sister a Branching Out scarf after that. I think along with the scarf I am knitting now (Mom's Sophisicated Scarf from Stitch n' Bitch Nation) I won't be able to make anything else before Christmas, so everyone else in the family will have to get crappy non-handmade presents. :p Since I mentioned it, here's how the current scarf is going:

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Length of color runs in Noro Kureyon

I adore the pattern Lizard Ridge from the new issue of Knitty. Unfortunately, my knitting ADD prohibits me from making projects that huge, and my broke college student budget prohibits me from running out and buying tons of Noro Kureyon. However, I've been wanting to try Kool-Aid dyeing for some time now, and haven't had a project in mind. I'd like to dye the yarn (KnitPicks' Dye-Your-Own Wool of the Andes) with Kool-Aid to get the same striping effect as the Kureyon, and knit probably 4 blocks of the first version of the blanket to use as a wall hanging.

My question is: I've never even seen a skein of Kureyon, and I don't know how long the color runs are, but I get the idea from the pattern that they're quite long. Would someone be able to tell me about how long they are, so that I can try to achieve the same effect when I dye the yarn? Googling has only produced pictures of the yarn in the skein, or small images of it knit up, but those pictures haven't been helpful for dyeing purposes. Thank you!
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joe sorren 2

(no subject)

I feel like my scarves often need something at the ends, but I hate the fraying look of fringe. Can anyone give me some other alternatives to tassels on scarves?

Edit: Thanks for all the ideas everyone! I'm going to try a few different things.
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Fo - girl's best friend shawl

I'm glad I'm done with this shawl, I feel so accomplished, and this was my first time working with lace weight, my first triangular shawl, and my very own design.
There were a million and one times while I was knitting this that I wanted to throw it away, thinking it just wouldn't work.

Design: Girl's Best friend shawl
Yarn: Crystal Palace, Kid Merino, in painted iris, about 2 1/2 balls.
Needles: US size 4 (3.5mm) 40" circular needles.
Time: a little over a month, but I was working a lot of overtime, so I was sometimes only able to get two or three rows done a night. Although by the end I was so eager to wear it before it got too cold, that I stayed up late and worked on it double time.
Problems/Notes/Things I would change: I originally wanted this to have several more patterns kind of evolving, or going through a metamorphosis, from the sharp diamonds to soft leaves and finally to gossamer feathers, maybe with a light fringe, or a sideways knit edging. Yeah, that didn't work, I had a limited stitch library available, and I just could not find the right patterns that would match the way I was envisioning it, and also keep the dame drape and openness. So I decided to change the name and just go with the diamonds.

Then once I finished it, my original plan was to do a sew bind of, because I've had a lot of success with making really loose and stretchy edges with it, but the prospect of sewing up so many stitches was quite daunting, so I wimped out and did a k2tog bind off listed in my knitter's handbook. I chose that one because the other bind offs it suggested for lace just wouldn’t work, I didn't want a crochet chain bind off, and didn't really want to put a sideways edging on it either, I just wanted it to be done. And since the suspended bind of makes absolutely no difference in my cast off edges I went with the k2tog. Unfortunately, I don't think I did it loose enough, while it was quite stretchy, I still had trouble blocking the shawl, and once I un pinned it, the bottom corner bounced in on itself, and keeps cupping up. I don't really mind how it looks, but I really would have liked to have made the edge scalloped as well, but it was just too darned tight and I couldn’t make it look right. I'm contemplating going back and re-doing to bind off, but I'm not really sure what else I could do to make it looser.

And now after all that:
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under your lick

blocking mohair/acrylic blends

I've searched the memories, googled to death, referenced all of my knitting books, and I'm still a little in the dark.

I just made a simple lace project (headband) out of a 50% mohair 50% acrylic blend. Now that I'm done, I want to block it, and this will be my first time blocking a mohair yarn. I've read so much contradictory information and several varying techniques on blocking. So many, in fact, that I'm afraid to do anything at all. I'd prefer not to do anything potentially stupid before consulting all you experts. Does anyone have any specific tips or warnings for blocking this blend? Should I rinse it with a mild soap? If so, what is gentle enough? Should I pin it? The piece is pretty skinny and not as long as a scarf, so it wouldn't take long. But would pinning create an undesired effect to a lace pattern? I'm sure it's a simple process, but all of this conflicting information has made it feel intimidating. I thank you in advance for any clarity you may be able to offer!
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needles preference

hi !
just a quick question : i knit ALL my projects (except for those who require DPNs) on circular needles (my latest projects i've recenlty shared are here). when i try to work on straight ones, i feel awkward and uncomfortable with this rather large "span" of a needle. my habit was formed several years ago when i restarted to knit, and then i was taking circulars from my Mum's resources and got used to them.
am i the only one of a kind?
Sticks and Strings

Purse Handles

I am working on making a purse (almost done, in fact) and I need some handles for it. The pattern calls for wooden rings (HW-OR20 from UMX, if that means anything to anyone), and I think that would look really nice. However, I looked at JoAnn's and Michael's and all they carry are junky plastic ones. I checked at my LYS, too, but they don't carry handles. Does anyone know where I could order some good quality wood handles? Or do you think if I try some other nearby yarn shops, I'd be able to find some?

FO: Vogue Knitting Hooded Pullover

Hi, my name is Nichole, I have been reading this community for awhile and have learned so much from all of you. I live in Northern VA and have been knitting for a little over a year. I've wanted to make this pullover ever since I started knitting and have finally done it, just in time for the cool fall weather too.

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Yarn: Cascade 220, I believe the recommended yarn (Trendsetter Yarn Spiral) has been discontinued. I probably wouldn't have used this yarn anyway since it’s an acrylic/polyamide blend and I prefer working with natural fibers. My gauge was off considerably with the cascade though so I had to make a lot of adjustments to get the proper fit.

Needles: US size 7

Time: It's hard for me to gauge how much time this project actually took considering school and work got in the way of available knitting time. I also haven’t done much seaming so the pieces sat around awhile before they were actually put together.

Problems/Notes/Things I would Change: The hood turned out to be fairly pointy. I tried to round it off as much as possible when I seamed but I wasn't very successful. I think this is mainly because the front was knit as one piece, from the top of the hood on one side, down and back up to the top of the hood on the other side. So the hood was basically two rectangles. I don’t know if anyone would have suggestions to fix this problem, or a way I could have modified the hood portion of the pattern to make it more rounded.

If I made this again I would probably also make the sleeves less baggy. I realize they are supposed to a slightly big sleeves but I would have preferred them to be a little smaller, this could have a lot to do with my gauge issues as well.

In addition to the modifications I made due to gauge I also made the body and sleeves slightly longer than suggested. The pullover was a little shorter than I like and I didn't want my stomach or wrist getting chilly.

All together I am really satisfied with the outcome. I LOVE the lace on the pullover and actually used the same lace pattern on a scarf I made as a gift for a friend. It was perfect for a the scarf since it's a reversible lace pattern.

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pattern ideas?

Okay, so I am starting on my Christmas knitting, and I dont think I will finish it on time.  But I am certainly going to try!  I am looking for something to make for my boyfriend's brother, who is college age.  I decided to make really nice things for his parents (a lace shawl for his mom and a nice cabled scarf for his dad), and then realized I would have to make something for his brother too.  I want it to be really easy but something he would like.  I have been looking at knittingpatterncentral and everywhere else, but I want your suggestions.  Should it be a simple scarf?  a hat?  something else?  thanks for your help.
Kid knitting

Helpful hint for fixing mistakes

OMG, I can't believe I haven't thought of this:

Usually when I'm faced with ripping out stitches, I either a) get to the row above where I want to rip to, and then one stitch at a time, rip out a stitch as I pick up the stitch underneath.  Tedious?  YES!, b) decide that a) is too tedious and not worth the effort, so I live with the mistake, or c) decide that a) is too tedious but I can't live with the mistake, and start the whole darn thing over.

I can't *believe* I didn't think to do this.  This is perfect for me...I was looking up stuff on lifelines and thinking to myself "that's great, but I'll never remember to use them".

Off to eat dinner...reheated Chinese (but I reheated it very well ;) ).  Mmmmm.
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Knitpicks cabled purse

OK, after MONTHS of sitting on my shelf (or so it seems), I finished my knitted purse. I do still need to stick a magnetic clasp or some other closure on it, but I'm very pleased with how it turned out. In retrospect, I wish I dyed the liner black, but maybe next time, or maybe I'll overlay some black silk on top of the canvas. It's still very cute and I love the contrast of the black strap with the turquoise blue bag. I also want a cute fish charm to hang on it, which I'll keep my eyes open for.

Enjoy! (btw, the measurements of this bag are about 10" wide x 8" tall, maybe 2" deep. Some of the pictures make it look bigger.
From this free knitpicks pattern:
Chunky Cable Purse:
Done in Knitpicks Sierra in the color "Pool" (which, by the way, is quite a few shades darker then the color appears online, and I looked from several different monitors.

Skills learned/notes
No new real skills, but one thing I learned is to PAY ATTENTION when you're doing a project like this. I had to rip it all the way out TWICE because I wasn't paying close enough attention to what row I was on. This is a pretty easy first cable project for any newbies out there that want to cut their teeth on a fun cabled project. Just pay very close attention to which row you're on.

The liner is different- they have you use a 9x9x3 plain canvas tote bag. Well, good luck finding one. I found a 10x8 bag and used that instead. You could probably do some cute fabric painting on your liner if you want, and if you don't like the look of the canvas, you can line over it in any fabric you like. You really do need the stiffness of the canvas, though, or the bag will be too floppy. Another thought I had was to make it much, much bigger and felt it down and see how that comes out.

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Falling behind

My red purse is finally done! It was just too red so I added some cute little "flowers" to it. It took me forever to get the lining back in. I really loved the comments on the purse before I added some stuff to it. But here it is. And I won't add anything more :-)

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Christmas is in only three months away!! I'm falling behind! I have no clue what to make for my family and my boyfriends Grandmother. I know how to knit, purl (I know cabling and basketweaving) but I can't figure out how to make the wonderful patterns (for lace projects). I want to wow them with my knitting ability, which is, I'm afraid to say lacking just because I haven't picked up needles and yarn for a couple months. (I've been busy.)

So that's why I'm coming to you all. Any ideas or patterns out there for a semi-quick knit that looks pretty nice? I try looking at knitty but I get so overwhelmed and give up :-( But I'm thinking for my Mom a sweater or something that's not a scarf. I made her three.

Thanks in advance for the help.

lots of little FOs

ok i don't have any patterns for practically any of these.. i saw the chemo cap pattern and memorized it, made some changes here and there.. but that's where i got the basic plan for the hats.. and of course just a few other little knick nacks i've made..

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cupcake hat?

can anyone please point me in the direction of a cupcake hat pattern? i think i've seen them in child size before.. but has anyone seen/made an adult sized one? i think it'd be kinda cool to make one

MUCH MUCH MUCH thanks in advance! :)