September 14th, 2006

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My brain, she is not quite right

So this week I got the idea to make up some quick hats as gifts to some folks who are having a bit of a time of it. Quick, I thought. A day or so at most each, and easy peasey. I'll have 'em in the mail by Saturday!

Um, no. I suddenly decided to give one of them an intarsia cable.

Now, intarsia cables are not usually that difficult. Actually, they're really quite straightforward. That is, until one does a four strand braid on a contrast color background. *facepalm*

So now this hat is taking 2-3 times longer because I have to keep track of the different yarn feeds, and because I'm being anal about not crossing those feeds around the cables on the wrong side. And, of course, they keep getting mixed up and tangled. And sometimes I can't find the right one because, of course, one of the colors I would be knitting with is black. *headdesk*

Anyway, there's no real point to this post other than I can't vent about it in my own journal because it's a surprise. And I haven't even started the other one yet. I can't even imagine what my brain will tell me to do for that one.

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gromit knits

my second adult sized sweater

Pattern: Boogie with some alterations
Yarn: Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Evergreen
Needles: US10
Notes: For the most part I followed the pattern for the size XL but added a few modifications for to make it more masculine for my husband. LOL

First, I lengthened the body of the sweater by a couple of inches. He wanted something that would fall to his hips.

Second, the neck shaping in the pattern as written is just to 'split' the front into two parts. For my version I wanted a more traditional v-neck so I added decreases every other row.

Once the front and back were seamed together, I picked up stitches around the neck and arm holes and added a little over an inch of ribbing to match the bottom of the vest.

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It's a tad bit big in the shoulders, but I'm hoping that a little blocking will fix that.
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Mei Mei needle review

Recently there was a post asking about an eBay seller who had large sets of MeiMei bamboo needles up. (Seller and auction here:

I received the needles in about a week, not the 2-4 weeks stated in the auction, so I was very happy. This seller has the regular 4-needle sets and then adds a package of single needles to make a five-needle set for each size. It appears this person really knows knitters. S/he also sells yarn as well.

The needles themselves, at first I was a little worried about them. They seemed rough, and the points TOO sharp. I was worried it would split the yarn or that the roughness would grab at the yarn too much. They didn't have the nice finish that Clover has. I started using them earlier this week on a pair of mittens that are to be felted, sizes US 7 & 9. To my suprise, the needles very, very quickly got smoother as I used them and the points rounded out. I personally have a hard time with cotton on DPNs, and I think the unfinished bamboo would definately help "grab" smoother yarn. I was using a yarn I got at the state fair I hadn't heard of before, but that ended up being particularly slubby and fuzzy, and it never once got caught on the needles due to the lack of finish. These needles seem to be a happy medium of unfinished roughness that helps hang on to yarn and just enough finish to not snag.

If its a bother to have rougher needles, a run through some wax paper would be all they need - I wouldn't even bother with fine-grit sandpaper, personally.

So, I am pleased. If I had a need for other needles, I would consider this seller again.
Spaced - Yaaaay!

Quick heads up- FYI

for those of you interested in a big yarn sale on 100% wool that's value for your money- 242 yards per skein!-
There's a closeout on Araucania Nature Wool at WEBS both worsted and chunky. Only $4.69 per skein!!!
I ordered enough to make the Central Park Hoodie from the new Knitscene for only $47 with shipping!
They aren't really a tweed yarn like the Tahki Donegal but I think its still going to look awesome.
So- QUICK! Before the only colours that are left are yellows and browns!
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(no subject)

I am trying to make Boogie from, i guess im just confused with the armhole directions. This is my first sweater, ever! So i hope you guys can help me.
ok, the directions go as followed:

CO 56[60, 68, 76] sts
Work even in 2x2 ribbing for 2 inches, ending with RS facing.
Change to St st and work even until 13[13, 14, 15] inches from beg.

Shape Armholes
BO 2 sts at beg of next 4 rows.
Work even until 21[21,22,23] inches from beg, ending with RS facing.
Next row: K 12[14, 16,18], BO 24[24, 28, 32], K 12[14, 16,18].
Break yarn and place rem. sts on holders.

The bold part is where my question comes in, "work even" does that mean keep with stockinette stitch, does it just mean continue, i feel silly asking this question, but i just wanted to make sure.
Thank you!
KH bats

Yarn Breakage?

I purchased Lion brand's Chenille Thick & Quick last night; I had made my younger daughter a blanket out of some chenille yarn way back last year (it was my first FO) and it is now holey and dying a horrible death. I had used some Jo Ann's generic chenille, so I thought Lion might hold up better. I need to make her a new one so she won't miss the first so much. The problem is, after I cast on, I started to knit the first row and the yarn broke. I wasn't paying complete attention (History Channel is grabbing my attention these days), so I frogged and started over. This time, it happened again. I used to be a really tight knitter, but I've loosened up a lot, so I was surprised to have this yarn breaking. Has anyone else had the same issue, or am I simply needing to loosen up more? I feel like Atila the Hun of knitting!
Kid knitting

Mary Thomas's Knitting Book

Anyone have this book?  What do you think of it?

I was at my LYS last night and asked her for her recommendations for a good reference book.  This is the one she recommended.  It is very does have pictures, and is black and white.  There are stitch guides, a section the history of knitting, and some sections on techniques.  It talks about shaping your own garments, socks, mittens, and gloves.  All around a great value for $9.99, and small enough to fit in my knitting bag. I  bought it on the spot because a) I wanted instant gratification, b) she has referenced that book before when I was in the store and had questions, c) I love my LYS and like to support them so they will stay around, and d) hey, it was only $10!!!

The one thing she did caution me on is some of the terminology is a bit dated.  I guess some stitches/methods have changed names over time. I can't remember the specific example she gave me.  I'm ok with that, but thought I'd point that out.

Edit: I've had a chance to look through the book some more, and while I still think it's a good book and worth having, it doesn't detail as many different stitches as I had hoped.  I'm still going to be looking for a stitch dictionary, and welcome any recommendations you may have.

Looking for a similar pattern

I want to knit this. I'm willing to pay for a pattern if necessary. If there's a plain pattern out there, I'm sure I could figure out how to add the cables.

This is from Gap, btw, and theres a matching sweater and bunting just like it - they are so adorable!

Any leads appreciated!
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vor honor 2

Jimmy Bean wool

so, i was lookign for some yarn specified i na pattern, and having Googled it, i found a link to a seemingly random yarn store in Nevada.


they rock. when like a dork i typed my credit card in wrong, they called me within the hour. i placed an order on tuesday, it is at my house already. i placed another order today, they gave me free shipping for ordering from them.

they are the awesome, and i just thought i'd share. even their colors ont heir website are fairly representative of the actual colors.

(no subject)

Every since I encountered skeins of it at my LYS, I have been obsessed with recycled/sari silk yarn. I would love to make a bag with some, but the only free pattern I can find it the Unbiased from knitty, which is not what I want. I'd like a smallish rectangle shaped bag (like an envelope almost), with a long strap I can put over my shoulder. I've seen patterns for bags like this, but I have no idea of knowing what would work well with the yarn.


Sub for Rowan Cork

I am contemplating working on the cabled socks in Handknit Holidays and the yarn used was Rowen Cork. Normally I would go to my lys, check out the reccommended yarn and find a sub based on what I saw at the LYS. But...since Cork is discontinued and I am finding conflicting info on its gauge I am having a hard time deciding on a sub.

Any suggestions?

Lizard Ridge holes

I recently found the (absolutely gorgeous!) Lizard Ridge pattern in the most recent Knitty (, and have eagerly begun planning to make it. I have started a trial block and am using the backwards knitting technique for the short rows. However, this technique results in small holes forming in these areas. As far as I can tell, it doesn't require the wrapping and turning and thus there are no stitches to knit to close up the holes. Should I be wrapping and turning even with the backwards knitting, or is there another method for closing the holes? Are the holes just inevitable? Thanks!
tan lines

Pattern assistance

I'm working on a supposedly 'quick' sweater pattern and when it comes to the shoulder shaping segment, the pattern reads...

knit 13 sts, k2tog, k1. put remaining 44 sts on a holder (note that I'm starting this row with 59 sts, so the pattern is clearly wrong here anyway).
Purl next row.
Knit to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1, turn.
Next row purl.
Repeat last two rows until there are 14 sts left on the needle.

How exactly do you end up with 14 sts after decreasing every other row, starting with 13 sts? Am I completely dense?

(no subject)

I finally sat down and tried Fair Isle today. It wasn't nearly as hard as I expected, and I ran into only a few problems.

The problem that I am not sure of is about tension, I'm thinking. There's a picture under the cut of what I'm talking about. I'm doing 3 stitches of one color, followed by 1 stitch of another, and then switching the two every two rows. This isn't from a pattern or anything, just me fooling around.

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Lace lace lace

Okay, I scrapped the belt idea for that skein of Koigu. I would like for everyone who sees this to post their favorite lace pattern, though, because I want something light and lacy.
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