September 15th, 2006

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I just bought my first pair of DPN's today! So I have 4 - Size 3 needles, and I'm ready to try doing socks! I'm so worried because every pattern I've found online is so confusing when I read it and that really sucks, and also I keep finding patterns that call for 5 needles instead of 4 :( Does anyone have a recommended sock pattern for someone who's never worked on dpn's before? Thanks so much!

Lion Brand Velvet Spun

I've just finished a cardigan for an 18-month-sized, 8-month-old child of mine. It's in Lion Brand Velvet Spun. I realize chenille sheds and cannot be expected to last, but can anyone give me any tips for keeping it nice that little bit longer? Wash by hand? Is there a product I can apply to keep it nice? I have to say I'm surprised; it's already shedding everywhere.
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*grumpy face*

Hi everybody. Can anyone please tell me how you figure out yardage for a pattern you're designing yourself? I'm making up my first intarsia project, a simple picture on a tri-corner shawl, but I'm probably going to be doing it in a bulky alpaca that is dye-lotted, so I want to make sure I have enough. So is there some kind of formula that I can use to figure out how much I should buy? 

(for any other HPL fans out there, the picture is basically Cthulu with wings)

The Knitting Garden

Has anyone purchased yarn from The Knitting Garden , which is an on-line yarn store based in New England somewhere? Last week I purchased some Debbie Bliss yarn to start up a new project and emailed the company several days later to see if it had been shipped. As of today, no response to my email and when I try to telephone no one picks up but the voice mail system.

I'd love to hear if anyone in the community had a positive response ordering from this yarn store before. I am getting a tad bit nervous.... other online yarn stores that I've purchased from have been super GREAT and I had no worries (unfortunately, they did not sell this particular yarn).

Thanks for your info in advance!

chemo hat

Hi everyone. My MIL is starting chemotherapy on Monday and I want to knit her a nice hat for in case/when she starts to lose hair. I know there are a hundred chemo hat patterns out there, and I've googled and looked thru them, but the problem is that I'm pretty new to following patterns and I find it difficult to gauge if some of them are ones I can handle. I haven't worked with DPNs before, but I intend to sit down with some tutorials this weekend and figure them out. So I thought I'd ask if anyone has knit any really good hat patterns that would work for a chemo hat, a pattern they particularly like, etc. I'm thinking of using KnitPicks Panache for this, but I'm open to other yarns as well.

Any suggestions would be very appreciated. Thanks!

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Gentle Waters Scarf Pattern

This week I wrote, published, and posted a free pattern on Wordpress blog for a scarf my daughter designed and knit for me ... with her permission, of course. We wanted to share this pattern with other knitters in the community because it is very lovely and has been quite special to me. If interested, you can find the pattern here here. If you are interested in knowing the story behind the scarf, you will see it in my latest blog entry.

Meanwhile, it is good to be a part of this community, and I look forward to getting to know more of my fellow knitters here as well as becoming more familiar with the Live Journal site in general.


FO: Snowflake Socks

I just happened to have some yarn waiting to become a pair of lace socks the day that the new MagKnits came out. These were definately a lot of fun to knit, although the combination of color and perhaps knitting them toe-up makes them seem a little different than the original. (Brrr this picture looks cold. Oh sun why had you forsaken the Boston area when I took this photo?)

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Homespun as a sweater...Anyone have any thoughts on it?


I just bought the newest copy of Knit.1., which as most of you know, uses Lion Brand yarns in their patterns. I'm interested in making pattern #3, V-Neck Pullover. It's pretty cute, has some cables & seems like a very quick knit! It calls for homespun, which I like for making simple scarves for friends & the occasional throw. I'm wondering how it would be for a sweater & what your personal experiance regarding garments where. I know it's a "cheap" yarn, it sheds, pills, etc, but I'm more concerned with how it looks in a finished garment, if it adds an abundance of pounds since its a bulky, if it changes shape like cotton, etc. Really anything :D The sweater only calls for 4 balls, so if it doesn't look nice, it's not a huge investment & I could frog for something else but any opinions would be great!
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cardigans and kitty-cats

last time i posted, i asked for help on a cardigan that i've been trying to do. well . . . thanks for all the great advice, but i went and ripped it out. :-D that ribbed edge i was working into the thing just didn't seem quite right, and i was getting bored with plain stockinette, so i took the whole thing apart and started over.

this time, i'm doing 200 stitches across, size 8 needles, worsted yarn (just like i did before), with a few cables to break up the monotony (two little ones at each end and a big braid-thing up the back--pictures when finished, i promise :-) ). my big endeavor is still to make the thing seamless, since i'm no good at sewing-up and have no desire whatsoever to sit around, looking at all the nice pieces i've made, swearing under my breath while trying desperately to connect them. things are going well so far, and as for the collar problem, i plan to pick up and knit along the edge of the whole shebang once the arms are attached and a neck is coming into view.

i don't know what that's supposed to look like, exactly, but maybe i'll know it when i see it? :-)

anyway . . . a question for you wonderful folks. i searched the archives and google and everything, and i can't find it . . . but does anyone know of a charted motif for a lucky cat (maneki neko)? i'd love to make a bag with one of those neato kitties on it and give it to a friend for a present. picture of what i'm talking about behind the cut. :-)

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dog knitting

Paton's SWS

Has anyone worked with this yarn yet? I bought 6 skeins on Friday to make my second clapotis(I gave the first one away). So I'm about halfway through the increase section last night and my fingers started feeling....I guess greasy is the only way I can describe it. It wasn't a lot, nor did it make the yarn unpleasant to work with, but I definitely felt like something was getting on my hands.

I assume it is residual oils used in processing the yarn. I was just wondering if anyone else has used this yarn and had the same feeling, or it maybe it's just a fluke.

Daisy from

I have another quick question about Daisy from

I'm about to work the left side of the sweater, and the directions read:

Begin raglan shaping:

Row 1: K1, ssk, k to last 2 sts, p1, k1.
Row 2: Purl.
Repeat these two rows until work measures the same as right front to neck shaping. Work neck shaping to match right front, reversing all shapings.

When I did the right hand side (with the button holes), I added it up and it looks like I worked 20 rows total before the neck shaping part. Does that add up correctly to you? Also, the next section says to reverse the shapings that I did on the right side. Just to confirm, I'll be doing what's behind the cut- does that look correct to you all? Thank you in advance.

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yarny goodness

And she gains a grain of sense

So, the other night, I posted about how aggravating the intarsia cable I was working on was being. emmacrew suggested stranding it, which I had considered and discarded because I find I'm better at maintaining an even tension with intarsia cables.

Then I found an error in my motif transcription and had to rip out to the beginning. And then the different strands tangled and I got too frustrated to pick out the last two inches. So I cut off the mess and put the little bobbins away. Now I'm stranding and it's much more pleasant to work. I am having tension issues, specifically that I've loosened up considerably since the first inch or two and the inside edge stitches are very irregular, but I hope to cover that up in the blocking.

Here it is not quite half done.
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Hello. This is my first post to this community. V exciting!

So I decided to make my first pair of socks using the Magic Loop method of two socks one needle on a 100cm circular needle. After re-casting on five time to get both of the socks facing the right direction (yes, I can be a little slow sometimes...) I ended up with massive 2cm gaps at the joins after two rows. It looked totally messy and not sock-like at all, so I had to put it down to prevent me from throwing at the wall! I then ate some chocolate chip cookies to make me feel better. Can anyone help me? Much appreciated :)
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Knit It! Correction

Hey guys!
I recently bought the new issue of Knit It! Magazine (from Better Homes and Gardens) Specifically for a couple of patterns, but when I got it home, I realized that the patterns I wanted had errors that I couldn't figure out :(. Well, I emailed the editor and she gave me at least one of the corrections, so I wanted to pass it along, in case anyone here has that magazine.

In pattern #30, the baby booties, it lists size 6 needles as the only needles needed for the pattern, but then the beginning says, "With smaller needles and MC, cast on 26 sts." The editor said that size 5 needles were also supposed to be included with the materials for that pattern.

The other pattern I had trouble with was #19, the boy pullover, but she said she would get back to me on that one.

Just FYI!

The Fall issue of Knit 1 is AMAZING. I want to make EVERYTHING.
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Hi everyone. It's been awhile since I posted here, and I don't even have an FO to share! I have a question though. I don't think I could go on to anything too complicated at the moment, so I'm going to attempt something that looks a little harder, but the pattern says it's easy.

I don't quite understand some parts of this pattern, however, and I'm hoping someone can help. I want to make this cami.

I am a little confused by this: sl-k2tog-psso - slip next stitch knitwise, knit 2 together, pass slipped stitch over.

I think I can figure out how to do the slipped stitch and I know how to knit 2 together, but what does it mean to pass slipped stitch over? Does it just mean to put it back onto the left needle and then knit that stitch again?

I'm also confused by this:
Divide at armpit:
Patt 78 sts (half your stitches, if you resized) and turn, leaving rem sts on a holder. switch to straight needles if you like.
Cont in pattern on these 78 sts for 3.5". BO.

I looked for "patt" at knittinghelp, and it says it just stands for pattern. So I should just divide the stitches in half and put them on a stitch holder or something while I do one half at a time?

It seems harder than I thought it would be :(

Sea Silk


So my fab secret pal got me two balls of Hand Maiden's sea silk, and I can  only find shawl patterns for it.

Are there any fingering weight fingerless gloves patterns out there?? I am looking for the kind with the fingers, cut off at the knuckle, not the slot for the fingers kind. Make sense???

Thanks in advance!!!
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Finished Soaker

I knit a soaker for a friend's baby shower. It's knit out of grey cascade 220 for the cuffs/waist and a variegated yarn called Andes for the body. I held the Andes doubled and I think it made the yarn AMAZING. It's really lovely this way, but without the doubling it was pooling and generally looking not-nice. (It was originally a hat - but it looked awful. Seeexamples in my blog.)

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kids garden

us 12 DPNs?

I'm on what i thought was a fairly simple quest to knit a hat. and i've knit it 3 times now, and it hasn't ended up quite right. anyways, twice on 10.5's and once on 15's (what i had laying about). too tight on the 10.5's much too loose on the 15's. yesterday i went to my LYS, thinking i might get some size 12 dpn's but they didn't have any. she made it sound as if they don't exsist. i bought 13's which i think will be fine, but do 12's really not exsist? i've looked a little online and haven't found any. i'm just curious, are they out there?
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Bucky Giving the Bird

Cable Wrap Pattern

Hi Everyone

When I first started out knitting I found some gorgeous Jaeger Extra Fine Merino Chunky on sale and I'd really like to make a wrap with a cable pattern on it and I was wondering if anyone knows of a good pattern. I have seen some wraps that are just a rectangle and others that are in a V shape, like a shawl but with long ends.
I'd suppose you would say that I am an intermediate knitter, and it will be my first cable garment so nothing too complex. Other than that I am open to anything :)

I have had a look on Google and only found things that are either really complex or lace weight
Thanks :)
confused, purple braids

ISO: Chart for Hebrew Alphabet

I'm making a kippah for a friend, and his fiancee suggested that I include his Hebrew name in it.  Sounded like a good idea to me.  I've googled and found several charts using a square grid, but I can't find a knit chart.  I've printed up some knitting graph paper, and have some examples, but I thought I'd ask if anyone already has a chart before I start the process of charting it myself.  I'm not that familiar with the alphabet, so I'm a little nervous about trying to chart it myself.

Thanks in advance!

Is there any hope for my hat?

I just made the Brooklyn Cap from this summer's Interweave Knits. Collapse )

I subbed in Patons Up Country for the Valley Yarns Berkshire that they recommend, but it's almost exactly the same width and all wool. The knitting went well -- it was fast, and fun, and I was really excited to see how the enormous floppy thing (no before pictures, sorry) would magically turn into a lovely, head-huggingly snug cap.


...but it was not to be. I felted and felted and felted, Collapse )

Is there any hope for my hat? As you can (sort of) see, the stitch definition is pretty much completely gone. However, I felted it by hand, which gives me a little hope. What do you think? Should I just give it away now to someone with lots of dreadlocks to put under it, or could I possibly salvage it with a run through an actual washing machine?