September 17th, 2006


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Ok, this is a shot in the dark, but if anyone can help me, I know someone here can.

Has anyone seen the film "Unleashed" with Jet Li? The film was fairly wretched (IMO) but he wears a sweater in some scenes with Morgan Freeman that I really want to knit for my husband. I tried to find a photo of it on with zero luck. There is a photo of Jet Li and Morgan Freeman, and he's wearing the sweater, but you can't see any more than a bit of the shoulder. *grumble*

It's a grey sweater with a somewhat unstructured shape, raglan sleeves (I think) with a wide neck, no collar or ribbing at the neck, and some intentionally dropped stitches. If anyone has seen the movie and knows the garment I'm talking about, or if you think you have an idea without having seen it, can anyone reccomend a pattern? I've searched through most of the pattern resources I can think of and can't seem to find what I'm looking for.

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couple of questions

Have tried some googling but haven't found any suitable answers for the first and the second is more subjective.

First: Has anyone made or seen a pattern for a knitted hat that has a Spiderman motif of some sort? I'm thinking i might have to make one up using a basic hat for a base and maybe making the brim blue with ribbing and the rest red, and then embroidering some web over the top. Anyone seen anything that might be better?

Second: For anyone who has made or intends to make Knucks from Knitty's summer issue; The yarn called for is Rowan Wool Cotton or Felted Tweed. I'm going to check my LYS for those but it seems like Rowan is kind of pricy, and although my husband is definitely worth it, our finances are tight. I'm looking at Knitpicks yarns wondering if there's a suitable substitute there. Anyone have any thoughts about that possibility? Elegance looks really nice but I haven't gotten a color card for it yet. Swish is probably too heavy, although it would have been my first choice. However, the pattern is made with a DK weight yarn and I seem to remember a recent post of someone making them with worsted and it being difficult. This is my first attempt at gloves, fingerless or otherwise and I don't want to make it harder than it has to be, but I don't want them to fall apart either. I have some Essentials, but I'm wondering if that might be TOO light since its a fingering weight sock wool. It seems like it would be fairly durable, but not very comfy. Of course in my husband's case that might be a fine thing, but I don't really know til I try. For anyone who has tried making these and/or is familiar with that yarn, would it work or am I tempting fate to consider it?

Thanks in advance for your help, you guys have already been tons of help to me, whether reading other's posts or posting my own silly questions and I really appreciate it!
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has anyone here done the French Girl Knits pattern Zia before? it's a purchase only pattern, so I suppose I cannot post line for line here, but the pattern is really starting to frustrate me! AUGH.

not only can I not get the right gauge, but I am losing stitches, and not by dropping them! see, at one point you YO every other stitch, save for 4. I increased my amount of stitches to 300, so basically I'm YOing every other stitch of 296. another line later calls for you to K2tog every stitch but 4. this does not bring me back down to 300. I am significantly below 300 and there's really no call for any further increasing in the pattern. what?!


Lace Wings Seasilk Shawl

It's been a while since I've posted anything here (too many projects, too few finished ones..), but I thought I'd share this one.

Pattern: Lace Wings Shawl, available from Lettuce Knit
Yarn: Handmaiden Seasilk, colorway wasn't indicated, but maybe it's Vintage?
Needles: circular needles, from size 4 - 10

This was a fun knit - the yarn is beautiful, but I can't seem to take a decent picture of it. It didn't take very long to complete, and I'm still amazed at how much shawl came from this one skein.

I do have a question though - obviously, this hasn't been blocked - I kind of like how it curls up on itself. Is there any way to partially block it? I wouldn't mind if the yarnovers opened up a little, or if my stitches were a bit more even, but I don't want it to lie perfectly flat either. (There are pictures of a blocked shawl on the Knitty blog, but it looks a little too dressy for me.) Lay it out and spray it with a water bottle? Full soak for a few minutes, and stretch it out, but no pinning? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Scarf Patter Quest

Hi all. Been a lurker for a bit.  Last night I was watching Doctor Who (2005) and starting wondering about knitting this scarf.
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Would any of you know a pattern I could go off of that is close to this?  I really liked how this looked. I know I can use the photo to kind of match the colors. Not too worried about that.
Thanks in advance for any advice on this.


Thanks everyone for your imput. I did find a patter that is kind of close.

Kitchener Stitch? Kitchener ...

Y'all, there is a plague on both my houses. And it's name is kitchener stitch.

I have a bad, bad habit of trying to learn techniques in-project. So I of course decided Knitty's Coronet would be a good project despite never having done a provisional cast on, cables, a kitchener stitch graft, or picked up stitches along an edge. So far was so good. I am exceedingly proud of my pretty little braided cable. Which was much easier to pick up than the @#%! provisional cast on.

Using straight needles or two double-pointed needles, CO 17 sts with a provisional cast on. Work 16[17, 18] repetitions of Braided Cable pattern, ending final repetition on row 7 of pattern. Do not bind off. Unravel provisional cast on and graft [kitchener stitch] the two ends of the band together.

What is this unraveling? Does this mean, "remove the waste yarn that your live stitches have been sitting on and put them on a needle" (which I did) or does this mean "tear out a row of your first ever set of cables" in which case I will need to make a trip to Trader Joe's for some Two-Buck Chuck fortification?

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Also...I am looking at many, many tutorials for kitchener stitch. And most of them are just with stockinette. Knitty's directions mention a version for garter stitch. This pattern has both knit and purls where I'm grafting (the edge rows). Should I be binding off in pattern? I probably should. How do you switch between?


Pooling and Striping

I have learned a lesson which I thought I should share. I am knitting a pair of longies (Wooly Wonder's WonderPants) and using some lovely hand-dyed yarn from Irish Baby Knits.

I started out and worked a few inches (in the round) before realising the yarn was pooling like crazy - and I wasn't sure I LIKED said pooling. So, I started over - changing my stitch count by 6 stitches (it's an 8-stitch repeat at first, but somehow I miscounted and decided it wasn't worth ripping so I fudged things a little to make 102 stitches work!) - and got a MUCH more pleasing stripe pattern. Adding a few extra stitches is fine in terms of sizing, since the baby'll grow into the longies, but sometimes I know it isn't possible. If it is, however, apparently changing the stitch count by as few as two stitches will change the way the yarn pools. I've put photos behind the cut so you can see what I mean. So, if you are getting hideous pooling, I encourage you to give a slightly different stitch count a try!

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Rowan R2 Book

Does anyone happen to have a copy of the 2nd Rowan R2 magazine? I bought all the stuff for the Snug scarf, but never was able to find the book before it was discontinued, and I would rather not pay more than cover price on EBay. So if anyone has one they are done with I would like to buy it off you.
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Christmoose Knitting

Okay.. I made the bitter mistake of asking my mother and stepfather what they wanted knit for Christmas, it being a reasonable 3 months away.

My mother replied with "slippers! I don't care what kind!". Bless her soul, she is a long-ago knitter and knows the pressure of knitting for Christmas and I love her dearly.

My stepfather replied with "Ripley, and I bet you can't get it finished in time! LOLZ". I said "Bull! I accept your challenge!" THEN I looked at the pattern and nearly fainted.

Has anyone had experience knitting up this project? It is utterly daunting to me, and I'm scared. At least he only has a 39" chest and not something ridiculous (like my da's 55" chest!) and it's knit mostly in the round.

They live in Florida, so I'm looking for some yarn recommendations as well. It calls for something that holds a stitch between 4.5/5.5 sts/in.

I'm clueless.
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pattern suggestions?

My dad bought me some lace weight mohair yarn, and I have no idea how to use it. I'm thinking of doing a shawl or scarf of some kind, sort of like Knitty's Leaves/Waves. Any ideas or suggestions for a free pattern similar to that?

ETA: I have 4 balls with 240 yards / 25 grams each. I've knitted lace before and want something intermediate to advanced, since I get bored quite easily. :) About shapes of the finished project, I have no preferences.
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[Brit&Justin] let you down

winter femme hat FO

i finished my very first hat! it turned out well, to my surprise. i'm not much of a hat person, but i think i'll appreciate this come winter when i'm freezing my tush off.

pattern:winter femme (.pdf)
yarn: A.C. Moore yarn called Peru Chunky Luxury in ecru, just over 2 skeins.
needles: #8 DPN's and 16" circs
modifications: i eliminated some of the "1 round even" rows in the decreases to get rid of the point at the top. also, it's a little long, but i kind of like it that way.

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Trailing Leaves Baby Blanket

This is a baby blanket that I knitted for a friend who is about to pop any minute. I kept begging her to hold it in until I finished blocking it! You can't see the detail that well on the photos but it's a trailing leaf pattern which took me ages to finish - fine yarn and small needles to give extra detail. It was worth it all in the end though :)

Full blanket

Close up

My lovely boyfriend thinks that no knitting project is complete until he's part of it. Here's his contribution:

Man with blanket

FO: Afghan; WIP: Multidirectional Scarf

I just finished my first full blown afghan as a gift to my mother in law for her birthday. She will be receiving it a month late (not an unfamiliar story, eh?), lol.

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I also started a multidirectional scarf, as posted by others here (pattern found at:

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Thanks for looking; it's fun to share. :)
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Alternating Variegated Yarn Suggestions

I'm working on a lovely lace shawl in a hand painted variegated yarn.  The yarns are from the same dye lots but because they are hand painted the colour is not as regularly distributed as it could be.  The pattern suggest alternating the balls after every other row.  I like the idea but am not sure how to carry this out.  I've tried knitting down the side with both strands as I go but this makes the one side distinctly heavier than the other.  Any suggestions on how to do this without having loops or bulky stitches down one side?
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