September 18th, 2006

Max purse

Well I am heading to a real honest to goodness knitting store (make1yarns in Calgary) and I'll there just in time for a book release and the SnB. I will take my very own non-knitting knitter and yarnboy ... i may or may not being a handknit.... I am currently in St st hell and I have to confess I am having a hard time keeping my focus on it. I keep wanting to get a little excitement on the side and have a fling with a cable or some crochet.

Knowing that the odds of the sweater were, at best, 50-50 I did what anyone would do I cast on a purse and knit like a fiend. I used the new Bernat Max. Dudes, I liked it. 2 Skeins with a bit of left over. Bought some lining for 80 cents and 2 meters of ribbon for a strap.

I can't link pretty, so here is the messy.

PS this thing is soooo warm too.

Blocking Knucks

Hi folks,

I've got a question about blocking fingerless gloves. I've not really done much blocking before, so I have no idea how my gloves will turn out. At this point, I'm knitting them slightly smaller than they should be (they fit me) and hoping that they'll get bigger when I block them (to fit my cousin), but I don't know how the CO edges around the fingers and the stitching between the fingers will affect how my Knucks block. I'm knitting them with 100% merino in a sport weight. Do you think they'll be tight around the fingers, or should I just keep a-knittin' and hope for the best?

New Ultra Alpaca Scarf Pattern

Good morning fellow knitters, I hope you all had a great weekend. Ours was wonderful and busy. I managed to finish a scarf I was knitting from Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Lavendar Mix. I am calling it the Official "I Live on a Farm" Scarf, because I knitted it especially to wear here on this beautiful farm and in my new life. It is a bit of a rustic scarf, which is what I was going for.

I posted the pattern at my blog, in case you are interested. Hope it is helpful and enjoyable to some of you.

Best wishes all,
Kid knitting

FO: My first socks!

I knitted these socks out of Charlotte Schurch's book, Sensational Socks.  The cuff is done in a K3P3 rib, the ankle (what *do* you call the part between the cuff and the heel, anyway???) is a slipped stitch rib (alternating rows of K3P3 and "K1, sl1 wyib, K1, P1, sl1 wyif, P1")  The foot is basic stockinette.  This is a basic top down, heel flap sock.

The cuff/ankle part turned out a bit large, but other than that I'm happy with the way they turned out.  Next time I'll try knitting that part with a smaller needle.  I did these on size 3 dpns, and the next smallest size I had was 00, so I didn't do that.  My son loves them, so I'm happy.  And, I'm very proud that my kitchener stitch turned out *very* nicely! *pats self on back*

Oh, and the yarn is Cascade Fixations, spray-dyed "key-lime".

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my hair

Pattern Ideas?

I recently inherited a ton of yarn from my grandmother, and while most of it is novelty yarn there are a few things I'm looking forward to knitting with. Problem is, I can't think of what to make out of them. Specifically:

~180 yards of dark blue mohair

~350 yards of Alafoss Lopi 100% wool chunky yarn

Does anyone have any pattern suggestions for either of these? I'm a poor college student, so free patterns are best! Thanks in advance!


Peruvian Tweed yarn

Hi. I just used some yarn to make a scarf, and I really loved the yarn. The yarn is question is called Peruvian Tweed, and you can see some information about the yarn here: [note: I did not purchase the yarn there, they just seemed to have the best online information about the yarn]. As it says on that site, my label said it was imported by J. Galler. Now, I have googled for "Peruvian Tweed" in an attempt to find out what weight this yarn actually is supposed to be... and I found this website: talking about "Henry's Attic" Peruvian tweed, with the exact same description. Is this the same yarn, does anyone know??

My scarf can be seen in my blog at if you are interested :)

Tilli Thomas Price Fixing

I was considering saving up to buy the Tilli Thomas yarn to knit the Simple Knitted Bodice pattern with which I am in love. But a friend liunked me to the blog for Sarah's Yarns and now I just don't feel good about giving Tilli Thomas my money.

The beginning of the story.

The middle.

The end.

What do you all think about this sort of thing? As a knitter, how political are you when it comes to making decisions about the yarn you need?

(This further pushes me toward just spinning my own yarn for this sweater. I can SO do a single ply of silk.)

A question about altering the Central Park Hoodie:

Yes, I'm making the Central Park hoodie too- but, without the hood. I don't wear them, and I don't think I have enough yarn to make it anyway. (Since I'm using Rowan Cork, which is discontinued, it's not like I can just buy some more and make the hood and not be confused, you know?) So anyway, I'm a bit lost about the shoulders and neck finishing for the back and front pieces, since they're meant to accommodate the hood. Also, I'd prefer to join my shoulder seams using a three needle bind-off, but I'm not sure how to do that as the pattern is written.

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Victorian Lace Shawl - FO

what a M.D. can do when there're still 3 months left till the beginning of a PhD research ? the answer is -- knit !!
yet another finished project - a Victorian Lace Shawl i made for my grandma.
i changed the proposed increases with yo on the edges and m1 before and after the central marker. as well i didn't increase the size of needles, starting the English Mesh Lace section on 4.0mm and knitting the rest on 4.5mm.
the yarn i used is Orlis Linda (Turkish yarn) 50% wool, 50% acrylic, colour 3035 (just in case if anyone's interested), 7.5 balls in total.
and here are the Collapse )

thanks for reading and looking! :D
our house

what to make?

This is embarrassing. I have 4 balls of Noro Silk Garden that I have been saving for some sort of wrap. The first ball has been knit and ripped so many times that it is getting fuzzy and thin in spots. I am after a simple rectangle that drapes nicely and can be fastened on one shoulder with a shawl pin. I have tried big needles with yo's and k 2 tog's (looked too much like crochet), every possible design from Knitty except "clapotis" including various columns of leaves and zigzags, even the multidirectional scarf only wider - that was not bad, but the color changes were up against each other too vividly rather than gradually changing. Finally, I settled on a garter stitch diagonal on size 11's, maybe 20 to 24 stitches wide. It's stretchy with nice color changes (except those gray bits which I've been cutting out) but it's just OK, not great. Do any of you have a better suggestion for this yarn in a rectangle?

All spring and summer, I have been wearing a little wrap which I confess I bought although its construction could not be easier. It is stockinette stitch on quite large needles, apparently, with that polyester yarn made like a ladder of two fibers with little shimmery bits between at intervals. The piece is a small rectangle (probably only one ball of yarn) with fringe on the two longer sides, and the ends of the long sides sewn together for about two inches leaving a boat-neck sized opening for the head. The thing is marvelously stretchy and covers up a multitude of figure flaws! I'm trying to create something like that only warmer and larger for winter wear. I just can't think of anything else to try, so ideas would be appreciated! Thanks.

Uh, 20 to 24 inches wide.
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Brief question:

If a self-designed sleeveless sweater has armhole openings that are a little too tight (kind of up in my armpits, but not uncomfortably so) can I count on blocking to loosen them up, or am I going to have to take out the side seams a little to open it up more?

Baby stuff !!

I have some dear friends who are expecting a baby in December.. I've NEVER made any baby stuff.

What is everyone's favorite thing to knit for a baby.. besides blankets.. I'm thinking like a cardigan or something since she'll be born in the winter..
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coy, phone

"Increase every third row..."

What's up my knittas,

I have a sweater pattern that directs me to increase in the first and last stitch of every third row.
There are similar directions when it comes to decreasing.

Sounded fine to me, until I realized it meant I'd be doing slanted increases/decreases on the purl side.

How do you guys handle this situation?

Do you change the pattern and mess up the nice diagonal line of increases and decreases, as shown in Collapse )

Or, do you do the inc/dec on the purl side anyway, and if so, how? I found this nice knit/purl decrease chart but it doesn't explain how to make a right-slanting decrease on the purl side from which I understand the following:

for a left-slanting decrease on the knit side:
knit row: SSK
purl row: SSP

for a right-slanting decrease on the knit side:
knit row: k2tog
purl row: ??? (p2tog, maybe?) update: so it is! Thanks to patdev for the quick reply! Back to knitting! ♥

Looking for an awesome beaded scarf pattern

So when I was at Stitches, I bought this awesome sea silk yarn. I had this fantastic idea to knit a "Healing Scarf", the sea silk and put some hematite beads into it! So, after months of thinking and buying (I had to find beads with large enough holes for the yarn), I finally am at the point where I want to start.

Problem is that I can't find a pattern. Anyone have any good patterns they are willing to share for a beaded scarf? Anyone want to link me to them? Or tell me a book I may purchase for one?

Thanks a million!
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Fixing twisted stockinette


I'm currently working on a clapotis with twisting on both sides. I noticed a mistake on one stitch several rows down, does anyone either know how to drop down and fix it or know of a book/website/resource so I can look it up myself? I've googled and didn't have much luck.

Edited to add that I know how to fix regular stockinette its the fact that its a twisted stitch that has me confused.

(no subject)

I bought some lovely yarn and some DPN to start two different projects after I finish the baby blanket. Actually I started the one project which is making me a shrug. I just had to knit with smaller needles for a while. Oh how I love thee small needles.