September 19th, 2006


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I'm working on a very basic top-down raglan mostly based on a pattern from Knitting To Go.

The pattern is mostly knit in the round, but it calls for the sleeves to be knit flat then seamed. Given my hatred of seaming and my love for DPNs (yes, I'm aware that I'm a freak), I was wondering if there's any reason not to knit the sleeves in the round instead. That is, is the pattern written this way for a specific structural reason, or is it simply the author trying to avoid DPNs and the listing of a third set of needles for the project?

Yarn Sub for Kid Silk Haze

I really love Cactus Flower from the new Knitty, HOWEVER, I am allergic to mohair (&wool &angora), and if I use the yarn called for, I would never be able to wear this sweater. Does anyone know of a passable substitute that it not made of these materials, but has a similar fuzzy texture?

New Patterworks catalog

I received the new Patternworks catalog yesterday, and I'm very happy. Unfortunately, the website isn't updated as of right now, they still show the summer catalog and not all the new stuff. They have eliminated the emphasis on furry novelty scarves, they are introducing their own brand of yarns, and they are offering some of the old Martha Hall patterns, which have been unavailable for years. Look for your catalog in the mail, and if you don't currently get it go to the website and ask them to send you one. No affiliation etc, just a happy customer for the last 20 years.
Ping Pong ORLY

FO: Cat Toy

Pattern: Felted Catnip Mouse Toy

Yarn: Plymouth Galway worsted wool, dark brown. Only a small amount used to make one, pattern says 5 mice + wool left over out of Brown Sheep Nature Spun (sport) 50g ball

Needles: US 8 (2 dpn's, body knit flat, continue with I-cord tail)

Other: Even though it's felted I changed the M1 from a backward loop to Kfb to avoid holes. Pattern calls for US 6 needles, but I used US 8's because I used a worsted wool. I might even go up to US 9 next time, but the little guy felted nicely with one run through the washer. He could have gone through again, but I wanted some stitch definition to let the catnip pepper out a bit. I opted out of sewing on eyes, nose and whiskers because I'm lazy, er, simplistic like that.

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FO-Jaywalkers (again)

Pattern: Jaywalker, by the lovely and talented Grumperina
Yarn: Lisa Souza sock yarn in "Little Devil"
Needles: #2 Brittany Birch DPN's
Special Information: These are my September contribution to Knit the Classics in addition to being a birthday gift for my Mother-in-Law. The book this month was The TIme Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. You can see my reasons for choosing this pattern for the book on the web site.
Pattern and Notes: I LOVE THIS PATTERN! It is an easy, quick knit. It looks wonderful no matter what yarn I knit it in. It isn't overly feminine or masculine, but that perfect middle-ground where the project can be knit for somone of either gender. Please, knit this pattern, you won't regret it!
ETA: My Mother-in-Law has teeninesy little feet, so if these look a little funny, that's probably why. She wears a 5.5 and her feet are narrow as can be, so these look like a pair of socks knit for a child.
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anime girl


Quick question: Are doilies only crocheted, or can they be knitted? Normally I really don't like the look of them (very old lady) but recently it occured to me that it might be cool to sew a couple hot pink ones of various sizes onto a black sweatshirt. Only problem is that I can't crochet. At all. >_< So...any help would be appreciated.
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What to knit with cotton? Shrinkage?

I recently put in my first order to Knitpicks (should be here any day now...) and I went a little click-happy in the Shine Worsted section. I blame the pretty colors.

In any event, I ended up with three balls each of four different colors (black, cream, green, and pink, if memory serves) and I realized that I have absolutely no clue what kinds of things to knit with cotton!

So, if you had three balls of cotton yarn in one color, what would you make out of it? Keep in mind I'm still getting the hang of knitting, but I'm willing to give things ago if they aren't terrifyingly complex.

I live in Southern California, so I guess I could use it for scarves and the like, but it just seems like an odd project for worsted cotton.

Also, regarding knitting with cotton... I've noticed that the patterns I've seen for projects calling for cotton (usually tank tops, I guess) never mention anything about shrinkage. Do the sizes in the patterns take shrinkage during the wash/dry process into account, or are you supposed to knit things big in cotton?

EDIT: Thanks so much for all the suggestions! I just got my yarn today, and the Shine is waaaay to soft for dishcloths! I think I'll make a go at some fancier scarves, maybe for gifts, if I can bear to part with them.
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Afghan question

I've been thinking for awhile that I want to knit an afghan, but I'm having trouble finding the right yarn. The book of patterns that I'm working out of knitted up all the examples in Red Heart Super Saver, which is pretty cost effective.

My question is: Yeah, it's cheap, but is it worth investing that much time and energy into something that's going to come out wretched because I cut corners on the yarn? Has anyone knit up an afghan with cheap acrylic? Did it work out okay?

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I'm knitting a pair of Mata Hari Socks and I just need to bind off...My problem is, they're toe-up and I can't decide what bind off to use, so my question to you lovely folks is what is your favorite stretchy bind off for toe-up socks? I'm not completely opposed to the kitchner-style bind off but my yarn is kind of nubbly (similar to Cascade Fixation but thinner, a yarn by Greenwood Fiberworks) and stretchy, so I'm afraid that may be kind of tough. Plus I've never been able to do it successfully. So, any suggestions? Thanks!
kuzco D:

Mother Bear

I haven't been able to find anything in the community rules against this sort of thing, so, how about if I share about a non-profit organization that helps kids with knitting?

I just found Mother Bear, so I haven't contributed to it yet, but I want to. I wanted to ask if anybody here has made a bear for it? Basically this organization asks you to buy a pattern (which I already did) for $3, and make a bear, send it in with another $3 for shipping, and they'll give them to kids in Africa who have suffered from AIDS or various other harsh living conditions.

I'm wishing there was enough interest in my area (southern California) to set up our own drop-off for the bears or something, this sounds like something I'd like to work on!

Anybody else done this yet, or would like to?
hat, owl

Nice things to knit for a wedding?

Can anyone help me brainstorm something nice to knit for a wedding? I have a specific stitch pattern I want to use, in festive red and gold silk.

My male cousin is getting married, and while I do know his fiancee, I don't know think I know her well enough to give her something like a shawl or a garter and expect her to wear it on their wedding day. Maybe if they have a banquet afterwards with a change of clothing (not sure if they will do this; cousin is half-Chinese, fiancee is not).

All I can think of is:
- afghan: I think this would be too pricey to knit with silk, even if I only use it around the edges.
- matching pairs of slippers: seems like a shame to use silk on slippers, and I don't know their sizes.
- wall hanging: wouldn't it be sad to have something soft and nice hanging up on a wall where nobody can touch it?

They like food and wine a lot, if that helps. A table runner? A photo album cover? I am really having trouble thinking of something appropriate and heirloomish that would be a nice gift for both of them and not just one of them (like most articles of clothing).
minnie and zeus

how much yarn to order / DNA scarf ?s

I'm hoping to figure out how to do the DNA scarf in time for xmas for my bf.  I'd like to do it in Knitpicks Swish, as it's superwash.  The pattern calls for sport weight, Swish is worsted. 

It's been a long time since I've knit, so can someone pretty please give me a refresher course on determining how much to order when switching weights?  I'd like to do it entirely with cables, not the ribbed neck part, in case that affects how much I'll need.  thank you!

Also, does anyone have any suggestions or tips for knitting this scarf (especially considering I've never cabled and still occasionally have issues doing ribbing/switching between k and p)?  i'm trying to be ambitious and challenge myself, thus the way early start.  ;)
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