September 21st, 2006

Yarn substitution question

Hi all -
My friend asked me to make her Knitty's "Candy" but as I'm sure you know the yarn has been discontinued.  I found an old thread on here 
which discussed possible substitutions. I was wondering if anyone had tried ... well ANYTHING... and what they thought.  I found a superwash wool on knitpicks that I thought might be nice, as well as a wool mohair silk blend that would also be nice - but I wanted to see if anyone had made the pattern and what they used.


Sea Inspired + Random Question

Welcome to another scatterbrained question post.

First off, can anyone suggest a great lace stitch pattern that has the air of Little Mermaid, the ocean, the beach and things like that? Most things I tend to see are feather, tree, and flower inspired.

Second, do you think there's a name for the phenomenon of when you're knitting a project with large needles and then switch to a different project on much smaller needles and your hands feel huge and that you're going to break the needles? I'm curious to know!
bitch please

adapting a pattern

Someone special is getting a scarf this year for Christmas, while everyone else is getting little bitty things. I'm feeling ambitious and want to adapt the pattern for The Booty Bag (skulls) to a scarf. I've bought the yarn and I have needles that will suffice but I've got a few questions here first. First off, the bag is felted. Has anyone ever felted a scarf and Liked the results? I think it would be neat but I've never seen it done before to know what to expect. Secondly, the pattern is originally double-knit on circulars. To adapt the pattern should I just cast on fewer stitches and follow the pattern otherwise, resulting in a tube-like scarf that will be totally warm? If I do that, should I seam the ends of the tube?

I've never adapted a pattern before so I know while these may sound like silly questions, it's just my inexperience talking and wanting to be sure. :)

Swallowtail Shawl

I went to 2 stores in calgary and I picked up tons of amazing stuff. I cast on the Swallowtail shawl in Misti Alpaca and pretty much right away ran into trouble. If anyone has the Spring Interweave handy can you tell me which side is supposed to be the right side and which the wrong. I am apparently not seeing it.

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Will these yarns work for bath puff?

I've been thinking that Knitty's Bonbon would work well as a quick, easy Christmas present.  It would also be a good way to use up scrap yarns (provided said scraps are of a proper material, of course).

My question is, do you think that Cascade Fixation would work for these?  What about Sugar and Cream?  Both are cotton yarns that I have that need to be used up.

Thoughts?  Any specific recommendations beyond the nylon yarn that the pattern recommends?
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Need pattern recommendation

Hi All!

I am a pretty new knitter and would like to knit myself a sweater. I am having a hard time figuring out a pattern to knit. I would like a fitted sweater or a sweater with a empire waist. I have a 44" bust and wear a size 16 in Women's.

For yarn choices, I would like to use Knitpick's Wool of the Andes because of the great price. I looked on Knitpick's website for possible projects but I didn't see anything that I really liked.

I like the Knitty Tempting project but I need something that covers my bra straps. :) Tubey is also a great option for me but I wasn't sure if WotA would be a good choice for this sweater.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
First Human X-Ray

FO: Knitted Round Cloth

Pattern: Knitted Round Cloth
Yarn: Sugar 'n Cream cotton color 202 Midnight Magic, about 2/3 of a ball
Needles: US 6
Amount of tv watched: It took only 2 evenings, an episode of House and Mythbusters later and it was done.
Other: I went down a needle size, I wanted a firmer fabric and 10" across seemed a bit too big, but it still turned out to be 10". I didn't bother properly blocking it since it's cotton and gave it a hot steam press with the iron instead. I'm not sure what this is. It can be a dish cloth, a wash cloth, a hot pad (though it doesn't seem quite thick enough)....whatever. I've been seeing it float around the internet on a few knitting blogs (HERE and HERE, for example) and it was fun and easy enough for the lack of patience I've been having with bigger projects lately. (I will get the baby blanket done before the birth, really. Really.)

Edit to Add: I made the wrong side the right side because I liked the overlapping pleated look better than the plainer right side.

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Question about changing needle size and other stuff

So, I have been meaning to make my boyfirend something for ages. Problem is, he's not really a scarf guy, and I've never seen him wear hats. I'm too busy making sweaters of my own to start one for him, and I'm saving the afghan for when we move in together next year. But, when I finally got him to say something more than "I'd love whatever you made me" he said he wanted a hat. Because I have never seen him wear a hat before, trying to figure out what kind of a hat he would like has been interesting. All I can get out of him is "warm."

I am thinking about making this hat. Although I am wavering on whether or not the swirl makes it more feminine - any thoughts?

More importantly though, I want to make it on smaller needles. A) to get a warm dense fabric B) because my yarn (Knitpicks Andean Treasure) recommends #3-5. I went out and bought 4's today. Because there is no gauge listed on this pattern, I can't make the switch, and, since I don't know how large the diameter of ribbed hats normally are, blah blah blah... I am kind of at a loss as how best to go about converting this pattern. Because the decreases run in repeats of 16, would I be safe in just adding on 16 more stitches?

Any help would be appreciated!

probably a silly question

This is probably one of those moments where it's just not making sense in my head at the moment but there's an obvious solution.

I'm making a cabled scarf- this isn't my first cabled project by any means, so I'm not sure why this is confusing me so much. It's the cabled scarf from the book Classic knits for real women.

The pattern is fairly basic- four panels of a 12 stitch cable, separated by simple lace. The problem I'm having is that the cables don't have a border on the side, so you slip the first 6 stitches off the needle and cable back. But when I go to knit the next 6 stitches the yarn is coming from the first stitch of the 6 stitches that I slipped, so I have to bring the yarn behind the slipped stitches, which doesn't seem right to me. Does this make sense?

I really have a feeling that this is just one of those "oh duh" moments but for the life of me I can't figure out what to do.

Thanks in advance!