September 22nd, 2006

knit in peace

estimating yardage, picking up stitches...

I have a couple of questions:

1. I want to make Knitty's Serrano, but I'm having trouble finding a yarn I like. I'm thinking about going up to a thicker yarn, instead of the fingering weight it calls for (I think, the gauge in the pattern is 28 sts/4"). The problem is that I have no idea how to estimate yardage with a different gauge. Is there a converter out there that I don't know about?

2. How do you guys pick up stitches? I can not for all that is holy do it without it looking like a five-year-old did it. The stitches get weird and loose and not even in any way. It hit me last night that maybe I'm doing it wrong. I'd prefer a picture tutorial over a moving clip (like Knitting Help) because my connection is slow and evil.


Blockity Block

Hello all, long time no post. I have a question about blocking, as I haven't done it on the large scale ever. I just finished a shawl thingy and was wondering if I should block it. It is chunky, knit with Manos del Uruguay in a sort of lace pattern I found online. I think I should block it since it would help the pattern to be seen better, but I wasn't sure about it. Also, any thrifty suggestions about how to go about blocking it would be good since I am in a dorm with limited space!

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Happy kitty

How will this yarn sub affect the look of Knitty's Cozy?

A friend has requested a shawl from me...she wants something warm/snuggly to wear this fall and winter, but wants it to be tailored and classy looking...I am thinking of doing Knitty's Cozy, but with a few changes. I want it to be a little smaller probably, and I also want the stitch-work to look more open. 

The yarn it calls for is "Reynolds Mandalay" which is 100% silk, worsted weight. I am thinking of subbing Knitpicks Gloss (70% merino/30% silk - fingering weight). I'm wondering how this will affect the final product. Will just switching to a fingering weight yarn (and I think Gloss is on the thicker end of fingering weight) make the lace pattern look more open? Will the drape still be attractive? And will it still be fairly warm/snuggly? 

And if I knit it exactly as written, will it come out much bigger using Gloss, since it's a smaller yarn, thus resulting in the stitches being more open? Or will it come out smaller, since it's a smaller yarn (gauge-related math & I are still not friends...) I have some Gloss at home that I plan to swatch with, but if you all thought it would be a woefully bad sub for some reason, I'd just as soon not swatch it and order a more suitable yarn online today so I can get started ASAP.

If someone can think of a better pattern using fingering weight yarn than Cozy, that would be fine too. Her requirements are that it be rectangular in shape (so stole shaped rather than triangular shawl-shaped) and that it be both appropriate to wear to work, but also good to wear with jeans on the weekend...that's why I thought Cozy would be good, because it's kind of casual, but if I can get the lacework to be a bit more open using the thinner yarn, it will still look dressy too. I am trying to stay away from using laceweight yarn because I think it will look too fiddly/dainty for her (not at all her style). I've also never knit lace before, so it needs to be something fairly simple. 

Final question: Does anyone have a color card or has anyone ordered the "Dusk" color of KnitPicks Gloss? I am wondering if it's color is more of a gray-blue, or more of a brighter blue, or more of a navy blue...she's wanting a gray-blue, so if Dusk isn't very close to that, I may have to use something else entirely anyway. Thanks!!


FO: Boogie (Spring '04 Knitty)

Pattern: Boogie
Yarn: Cascade 220 in Cordovon
Needles: Clover Takumi US10

There are some more images there as well of it, but some of them came out pretty blurry. This was a superquick knit, done in about 2 evenings or so. I did make a few changes, mainly in the neckline and the overall length was shortened about 2 inches. I've written more information about it in the comment under the picture.
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Project Runway Tim is Concerned

Bamboo Yarn and Textured Design

I have a question about how bamboo yarn is when worked up in textured patterns. In particular, I want to make the Backyard Leaves scarf from Scarf Style out of Alchemy Bamboo (40% off at Bamboo has great drape, but I'm worried that it won't hold the texture of "Backyard Leaves." I know that swatching will answer my question definitively, but I would rather not purchase the yarn if the project I'm plotting won't work.


Deconstructed look?

I'm planning a design right now for a basic raglan sweater and want to add a few deconstructed areas where it looks almost like a purposefully dropped stitch in a vertical row. The kicker is i want to have this area look more like a long skinny V. So should I start by putting in one stitch to be dropped and then work my way up and put a few more in a row to be dropped to eventually make the V of dropped stitches?
Sounds easy enough, right?

Has anyone seen a design that incorporates this before? Thanks

Holiday yarn stock up...

Hey all...

There's a Cascade 220 sale at a great seller's site on Ebay, at the store called Cedarville Landing Yarn... her username is pollybud (I think you can do an advanced search for a seller... she also has 100% positive feedback, so that's saying something.) It's on Quatro, Tweed, Solids, and Heathers. Just in time for holiday knitting. It's all $4.85 - $6.50/sk.

Like your stash needed to get bigger :)
yf - abby normal

I can't decide if it's awful or really cool

I've spent the entire evening working on this and I still can't make up my mind. Basically, I took and modded a leaf edging and added a cable to it. Then I charted out the cable and the leaf in a contrast color intending it to be the folded up cuff of a hat much like the contrast cable I posted about yesterday.

And, even after swatching it up and tweaking the color changes and how to do it (a combination of stranding and intarsia), I still can't decide if it's hideous or fantastic. Maybe it's one of those love/hate things.

It doesn't help that I swatched in two high contrast colors which were at hand rather than the yarn I plan to use. Mostly because I don't have enough of the main color to both swatch and make the hat.

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