September 23rd, 2006

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reviews and opinions

I'm moving into more things I will need dpns and circulars for, and I need some opinions.

I would really like a interchangeable circular needle set- I saw a wood one not sure of the brand, I'm curious about KnitPicks Options sets, and the indefatigable Denises. I'd like some opinions please.

Also, looking for a set with a good range of wooden dpns. Brittany? Clover? Lantern Moon? Any suggestions as to what the differences are?

And I must admit, I want a cute red leather-ish looking knitting bag with little twee pockets for knitting accessories and needles so they won't poke into other things in my backpack and such.

Any pointers, opinions, or recommendations of products will be welcome.
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Need help with short rows

I'm making and I'm having a problem. I feel like this is a "doh" moment and I should be able to figure this out. It doesn't help that I've taken a very long break from knitting.

I've repeated the rows until I've reached the 6 inch width. I'm ready to start the short rows. I've never done this before. The first stitch is knitting into the front and back of the stitch (Inc). This gives me two stitches on the right needle. Then I knit into two stitches (SSK) on the left needle. I now have 3 stitches on my right needle, with a ton on the left one. The pattern now says to turn and knit.

This is where I'm confused. If I turn the piece over, the right needle becomes the left needle, and I would knit the 3 stitches. This somehow doesn't seem right to me.

Can someone explain this to me? Thanks!

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I wanted to share this site I found when searching for merino/possum yarn.

There are some really good prices on 100% knitting wool. 200g/440m hanks of 10ply yarn (worsted weight) for NZ$10! (That's less than US$7.) Even with shipping, that's still a good deal. There are other weights available too--from extra fine (2 ply) to chunky (12 ply). And yes, possum/merino yarn, too. 200g/440m hanks for NZ$28 (about US $18.50). The company also features wool for felting and spinning.
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Magknits' Saturday Market Bag - help please

Have you made this bag before?

I'm a little confused about the strap part. I have no idea how to explain this that's why I was hoping someone who has already made the bag could help. At this point there are 6 stitches on either side of the bag (the rest have been cast off). From what I've gathered you work each side (flat) seperately and then graft together what would be the very middle point of the strap. Right now I've just completed the last line in the 'Top' section. I've just k3 of the 6 stitches and the row is even and now it says "turn work and k6". So...even if I turn the work I'll still only have 3 stitches left on the needle (ignoring those other 6 to be worked later). I'm just not seeing how to get the row to stay even after knitting all 6 sts. And I'm not sure what turning the work does? If I turn it the trailing yarn will now be in my left hand correct?

Yes, some of you may have seen a similar post in 20sknitters a day or two ago - I'm sorry - I just didn't get any comments that solved my problem (or at least that I understood).
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I adore skirts. How many cable skirts can 1 girl work on with out being officially certifiable? I just got the new knit.1 and the bodice dress is my absolute hearts desire. The problem is they only have instructions for the smallest size. I've e-mailed them to let them know, and I am hoping that they reply or post the pattern. Anyone ever ask them for help on thier patterns before?

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knitting a scarf for america


Well it seems like it's Leave in Relief day, or something. Mine, however, is a not a sweater.

For my friend's wedding Labor Day weekend I decided against my better judgment to knit them a gift. I feel like knit wedding gifts can be somewhat hard to pinpoint, since you want something they can share, but things like throws and blankets are a bit much. I decided that a pillow would be a nice touch, not to mention fairly quick and easy to knit up. Of course, then I picked a pattern, and it turned a little more complex.

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Sweater Sleeves in the round

I'm working on the Gatsby Girl Pullover, and loving it. I've nearly completed the back (or the front, they're identical), and am going to make one of the sleeves next to vary it up a little. The sleeves are 3/4 length, and are worked from the cuff part (which is less like a cuff, since it starts near the elbow) up to the shoulder. I want to know if it's possible to work the sleeve in the round, to avoid seaming. The way the instructions are written, you cast on x number of stitches, work increases as you go along, until it measures x number of inches. At this point you start shaping the cap, and binding off. My idea is to knit it in the round until the point I need to begin binding off for shaping, when I will switch over to knitting the sleeve cap flat. Does this seem like it would work? The sleeves are knit in 1x1 rib, and the pattern says to "lightly block" all pieces, so I don't think I'd need to stretch the sleeve out flat too much (unless my gauge suddenly goes horribly off.)

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One Skein Felted Tote

I made the felted striped tote from Leigh Radford's 'One Skein.' It's not made of one skein.

It was a fun, quick, stash busting project that I really enjoyed. I pulled all of the worsted weight wool from my stash, played with colors, and dove in. The stripe sizes are random, but the colors go in the same order.

I used a few different kinds of yarn, and didn't make a swatch, and was worried that they would felt at different speeds. But they didn't, which was lucky. It shrunk a lot - of course, I didn't take a picture before hand, so you'll just have to believe me. I sent it through one go round in the washing machine, then blocked it with some plastic bags and let it dry for almost a week.

I used it today for the first time, and it held all of my stuff, didn't sag too much, and made me happy. All good things for a bag to do.


Yarn: Elann's Peruvian Highland Wool, Aracunia Nature Wool, Paton's Classic Merino, and KnitPick's Wool of the Andes. I used about 100 yards of each stripe color, and maybe a little more - like 150 yards of the brown, which was the main color.
Needles: US11s. Circulars. It was knit in the round from the bottom.
Modifications: Didn't follow the striping pattern exactly. What fun would that have been?
Modifications I should have made: The bag is knit from the top up in the round, and you later sew in gussets before you felt it. If I was smart, I would have knit it from the top down, and done decreases (like on this tote from to avoid having to sew a gusset later (because though it does add some nice structure, it is a little bulky and I do like to avoid seaming.

My roommate liked mine so much I offered to make her one. It's all felted and ready to be lined now, and I've included pictures of it while it was still in progress so you can see the colors I chose. For that one, I threw in some Lamb's Pride Worsted along with the usual suspects, and it still felted up pretty even.

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