September 24th, 2006

Double Knitting?

I'm looking for instructions on how to make a reversible stockinette stitch fabric. I think that technique is called double knitting but surprisingly I can't find it in any of my instruction books. Can anyone help?

*EDIT* After receiving some tutorials on how to do it (thank you by the way), I realize that I should add something. I'd like to double knit with only 1 color. Any tips on how to distinguish the two strands. Also, could anyone explain the edges in more detail. Something about twisting the two yarns together to keep the edges closed?
*AND YET ANOTHER EDIT* Alright, so after such great responses, I am knitting a perfect double knitted swatch... well, almost perfect. My cast on and cast off look cheesy. I used the long tail cast-on combining the two strands. It is much bulkier and I can see that if I used two colors they would show on both sides. The links that were given mention that there is a specific cast-on (and off) for double knitting, but don't give it. Anyone know?
icarus lace

Pattern request

I've recently come into possession of 12 balls of Reynolds Lopi in white. That means I have 1308 yards of bulky weight yarn just waiting to be knit.

I've been looking for a sweater pattern. I spent an hour or so with google yesterday and another hour or so going through my books and magazines. But I haven't been able to find something I really like yet. I'm visualing a sweater with cables - nice big cables, sort of an aran in bulky yarn idea. Ideally I would like it to be a cardigan, but this is negotiable.

So far the likeliest candidate is the Wanderlust Hoodie from Fall 2006 IK, de-bobbled. But I'm not fully committed to it.

I was hoping that some in the community might know of likely cabled sweater patterns for bulky weight yarn. Honestly, I'd prefer a free pattern, but if there's one in a book or available for purchase, I'd love to know about it too. Thank you.

Sweater Advice

You know it is when you see a pattern and you fall instantly in love with you? You must have it, you must knit, right now! That's how I felt when I saw this FO. Unfortunately it seems that the pattern is no longer available and it was filled with errata anyways. I figure it shouldn't be too hard to make myself a bulky cardigan, but I'm not sure how to do the neckline. I was wondering if anyone has seen a (preferably free) pattern with a similar neck.

Question #2: I was thinking about getting Knitpicks WotA bulky to make this project but I'm concerned that it might be too scratchy. I tend to be sensitive to wool but I figure that this won't actually touch my skin at all because I'll be wearing it over my clothes in the winter (I'm excited to have a warm cardigan for my first winter back in Ontario after 2 years in BC). I don't find the worsted WotA or Cascade 220 to be too bad so I'm hoping the bulky will have a similar feel.

Thanks in advance :)

UT baby blanket

ok, i finally finished the baby blanket i started back in april. :D I had put it down for months because i was in a knitting funk and didn't feel like picking up the needles. Im sure everyone goes through this. BUT, it is done now!

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Knitty's daisy

OK, I asked questions last weekend about this project (Knitty's Daisy) and got fantastic responses. I appreciate it so much! I now have all of the individual pieces knitted and am assembling. I just want to make sure I'm clear on this- I've never done a raglan sweater before:

With RS facing, pick up and k 12[13, 14] sts evenly along the right front neck edge.
Pick up 1 st from the top point of the raglan and k tog with the 1st st of sleeve.
K5[7, 9] then k last st of sleeve tog with 1st st from back.
K across 19[21, 24] back sts, then k last back st tog with 1st st from the 2nd sleeve.
K across 5[ 7, 9] sleeve sts, then k last sleeve st tog with 1 st picked up from the top of the left front point.
Pick up and k 12[13, 14] evenly across left front. 57[65, 74] sts on needle.

So if I'm picturing this correctly (by the way, I made the large size), I'm going to pick up and knit 15 stitches along the right (buttonhole) side, then when I get to the peak of that piece- the pointy part, I'm going to join with the working stitches on the sleeve I have on my holder. Then I'll knit across 9 additional stitches of the sleeve that are on my holder, then use the last stitch to join the other side of my sleeve top to the back.

Then I'll knit across those back stitches, and pretty much do the opposite on the other side. At that point, I'll have my right sleeve, the back, and my left sleeve all on 1 long needle for a total of 74 stitches.

When all of that is done, I do a few more rows of k,p, then bind off (I'm not doing a hood), then sew everything that needs to be sewn.

Does that read right to you all? Thanks in advance. I think I have it, but unknitting is such a bitch I like to make 100% sure before I get to far into it all.

sweater / long-sleeved tee pattern

early this morning the idea of a light, very fitted pullover, sort of along the lines of a long-sleeved tee-shirt, with thin stripes in grey and burnt orange, came into my head.

i have been searching all morning and afternoon and i just can't find anything.

the very closest i found was knitty's anatolia but i have no idea how i would change all of that colorwork to just stripes.

next closest was magknits's nothing but a t shirt but i have no idea how i'd make the sleeves.

i want it to be knit in the smallest gauge possible, either in stockinette or some sort of thermal-type pattern, very similar to the shape of a thermal or a henley shirt.

does anyone know any pattern that sounds like that?

at the very least, i just want a moderately small gauge, simple pullover knit in stockinette.

thank you so much for any help.
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Project Ideas?

I come to you annoyingly to ask for help finding the right project/pattern for my yarn. whee!

After a long time waiting, I finally got my hands on just the colorways I wanted of the lovely Lady Godiva yarn from Handmaiden - this is to say I now have one hank each of Glacier and Bronze. The yarn is 50% silk - 50% wool, 250m to each 100g hank, and knits up at 20 st / 4" on 4mm needles according to the artist's site.

I bought it online (I am in France) from the lovely people of little knits, and got perfect service, friendly and fast. Actually, you might get a better idea of these precise colorways from the pictures up on their site - the same colorway looks very different when on Lady Godiva or on one of the other fibers/yarns that HandMaiden proposes...

My idea has always been to merge those two wonderful colorways - using them alternately row after row or section after section in one common project. I really think the colors would compliment one another... This means I am looking for a project - a stole, say, or a medium-size shawl - made of a lace motif simple enough to work well with such wonderful , variegated yarn (I have read the blog posts on that topic from hello yarn and mean to tread carefully...), and more, which would work with two of them interwoven. I love scarves and I thought of using the yarn for something like My So Called Scarf, but I don't need a scarf (I have tons, I knit them all the time) as much as I could do with a lighter wrap/shawl.

I've never knitted lace before, and I could be diverted from my idea of trying my hand at it with this yarn, but I mean to knit this beauty up in a way that really shows it off, and a stole/wrap/scarf in a simple lacey stitch seems the best choice... Am I wrong about this?

Of course, this yarn is so sumptous and so expensive (to me), I am dreadfully afraid of messing things up! But I have to overcome the fear, don't I? And I really would love to do justice to the yarn with my knitting... I've been looking at the simple lace projects I like and trying to understand / gauge if they'd work for 500m of yarn (like the free patterns for shawls on elann's website), and then I finally thought maybe you guys could have helpful suggestions.

Um. Any ideas? I'd be ever so grateful. :)
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I happened to get some yarns made by Red Heart that were fairly matchy- I like to make these knittens (pattern here) using self-striping yarn to make what I call a "Calico Knitten," and I've been making a buttload of them during downtime at work (I work at NEW) and since I had the Red Heart Striata that matched the Moda Dea Sassy Stripes, I decided "Why not get out my US0s and knit a teeny knitten to go with the momma knitten?"

I'm sooo happy with how they came out. I'm going to make a whole litter, and in the meantime, try not to bend my addi turbos in the process. I've got a few other things in the works- some rainbow socks, and some koigu and knitpicks gloss stripey socks. I'm pretty pleased with all my projects that I've got planned and I should hopefully have time to make them. Well, after I get done studying for the GRE ;) I'm taking it on Oct 7 btw, so everyone wish me luck!
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What to do with 224 yds fingering weight?

So, I just got a new spinning wheel put together a couple of days ago and spun up some of the wool that came with it. It's absolutely gorgeous, if I do say so myself. I was having trouble spinning finer yarns on the old wheel, so that's of course the first thing I tried to do on this one. Anyhow, I ended up with 224 yards of fingering weight wool. Anyone have any suggestions of what I could make with it? I've got a little unspun wool left over, and could probably get another 50 yards. The kicker is this: it's a little too scratchy to be worn directly next to the skin, and most things with fingering weight are wearables. I really love this yarn, so I don't want to knit just any old thing.. it's gotta be kinda special, y'know?

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'Ello everyone. I've got oodles of yarn lately that I want to show off. With the specific yarn picture, I'll post what project I would like to do (with weblink if available) as well as questions.

It's image heavy behind this cut so beware...

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stockinette curling

ok so I know this has likely been asked 5000 times Im sorry

Im having trouble with a scarf knitted in stockinette curling
(knitted in mission falls merino superwash)
I knew it would curl so I did a garter stitch border around the edges
but it is still curling ALOT

I did 5 rows of garter stitch at the bottom and that successfully stopped it from curling upwards, but the sides are a mess.

the scarf is 30 stitches wide and I did 3 stiches on each border of garter stitch - is this my problem? should I have done more?
Im currently trying to block it to see if I can get it to lie flat :/

beautiful sad tube scarf