September 25th, 2006

[Brit&Justin] let you down

2 FO's

pattern: knucks @ knitty
yarn: Maggi Knits Merino Aran in black
needles: #4 DPN's
modifications: certain fingers were made longer/shorter per request.

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pattern: Bobbles & Eyelets dishcloth from Mason Dixon Knitting
yarn: Sugar&Creme 100% cotton yarn in hot purple #1317 (i think)
needles: #8 16" circs and DPN's
modifications: none

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comments appreciated. :)

Design Questions

Hi everyone,
My Winter Holiday knitting list is getting longer by the minute. Some people were kind enough to pick out the patterns for what they want, but my mother and grandmother gave me more challenging requests. I'm new to design, so I need some guidance.

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Thanks in advance for your help!
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ribbed v-neck top


I have this leftover Peruvian Tweed (DK weight tweedy alpaca) I mentioned before, and I really want to make a sweater. I want a fitted, ribbed, v-neck pullover and I can NOT find a nice pattern anywhere. I did find this: but it has no sleeves, and I don't think I'm talented enough to design an appropriate set-in sleeve. I'm trying to approximate this sort of sweater:

I did read the tutorials from 2004 on how to add sleeves to a sleeveless garment... let me just say that doctoral level biochemistry was much easier to understand.

Thanks for any tips!


FO: house socks

After my huge knitting binge of two weeks ago, I have only finished this one project. I just got too busy doing other things, like, say, cleaning my house. Who knew I had floors? I didn't!

Anyway, these are cabled ankle socks I made for a friend who is expecting in November. She loves the color brown, and I think she'll like having nice, warm socks to wear around the house.

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souls heart

Simple poncho pattern...

Last week I found a pattern for a poncho I wanted to make my mom for Christmas while I was at work and emailed it to myself, only to find that the email would vanish into the ether. Yay computers.

I've been googling and searching pattern sites for about 45-60 minutes now with no luck, so if this sounds familiar, and one of you have it bookmarked, I would be so grateful...

It was knit with bulky weight yarn, I believe in garter stitch, on big needles, in two rectangular pieces. The pieces were sewn end-to-side and side-to-end (sort of a pisces fish formation) resulting in a triangular, symmetrical v-neck poncho, with a seam falling diagonally from the point of the v neck down. The picture of the poncho, to the best of my recollection was knit in a yellow or orange yarn (I could be crazy), and was laying on furniture, not modeled by a person or mannequin (this I'm sure about).

I believe it was a woman's personal website, and not a large knitting site, but I could be wrong.

The construction alone is easy enough to just mimic and fly by the seat of my pants, but I'm uncertain about what size to make the pieces and how much of the yarn I need, which is why I'd really like to find this pattern again.

A question for those with the Rogue Hooded Pullover pattern

Rogue instructions step 12: Shape front left shoulder -- Work (14 in my size) more rows on left shoulder in stockinette st, decreasing 1 st at neck edge every other row untii (17) sts remain.

According to my calculations: 14/2 = 7. 21-7 = 14, not 17. So, either I stop decreasing once I hit 17 sts or I work fewer rows.

Could someone clarify this for me, please? Thank you.

ETA: Per some helpful advice, I emailed girl from auntie and this is what she had to say:

You're being told to do two things in the instructions here: first,
you're to work 14 more rows in st st; secondly, you're also being told
to decrease 1 st at the neck edge until you have 17 sts.

These instructions are independent: neither dictates when the other
should stop. For example, the instructions don't say "decrease 1 st at
neck edge every other row for 14 rows", which is one way you tried to
interpret it.

You'll work decreases until you have 17 sts, and you'll also work a
total of 14 rows. As you will find that you'll reach your target of 17
sts before you've completed 14 rows, that simply means that you'll be
working the last part of those 14 rows even.

So there you have it. Thank you all for your help and have a nice day.

Knitty's BPT help

I'm currently getting ready to start knitty's BPT.  I've been trying to figure out the pattern, and am having problems with the increase row.  It says that it should increase 8 sts each round, but I get 9 the way I do it.  The question behind the cut.  This is my first cut, so let's hope this works....

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kick flower

(no subject)

Help! I am knitting a Booga bag (sorry, don't have the link handy right now). I have knitted my rectangle (34 rows of garter stitch) and I'm ready to "pick up and knit twisted" along the side.

I have been searching and searching for exactly HOW to do this but I'm coming up with nothing.  Which end of my circular needle do I use to pick up? Is picking up AND knitting two separate things? I read how to knit a twisted stitch and I understand that, I just don't get how to PICK UP and THEN knit twisted. 

Ice City

Felted clogs and large-scale blocking

Does anyone know if it is possible to buy the Fiber Trends Felted Clogs pattern (for adults) online so that it's printable (as opposed to having it shipped).

My local store has been out of it for a few weeks and it hasn't come in yet, and the other local stores don't carry it.

Also, if you're blocking a LARGE item, how do you do it? I'm about done with my scarf that will need to be blocked, but it's long (like, Dr. Who length). How do you block something that size? My hallway really won't work . . .
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My first pair of SOCKS!!!

Pattern: Jaywalkers

Needles & Yarn: 5 - US 1 dpn's & Bernat Softee Baby in Pale Blue

This was my first pair of socks and after getting the hang of the dpn's (also the first time using them!) it was a fairly simple process. I had hardly no trouble following the pattern because it was written so well. However, I didn't make them as long in the leg as the pattern called for. I chose the yarn I used because it was inexpensive and I didn't want to splurge on my first pair of socks cause I had no idea how they would turn out, but the yarn knitted very well, and I think they turned out great! They are a little big, but maybe after I washed them they'll shape better.

I've been an obsessive knitter for over 3 years now and I never in a million years thought I'd be able to conquer the dreaded dpn's but after that first row they are great to work with.

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Mohair/merino wool

A good friend of mine (the only friend I'll knit for) requested a scarf and mitten set for Christmas. As I'm a bit tight on money, I was looking for something economical, and found a wool blend of 50% mohair and 50% merino. It's about $13.50 for a 600 m. skein (nice!) on needles 4 mm.

The seller writes that the mohair is "natural mohair" (something about not being ... I don't know.. brushed...?), but that it will turn out slightly fuzzy when knit up. I've read all the warnings about not making a mohair scarf, because it's too itchy on the skin. But it's NATURAL mohair (I'm counting on this being an advantage for me), and it's 50% merino, so wouldn't you think that a scarf and a pair of mittens would turn out really nice and not itchy on the skin??
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Patons Rumor

Hello - I just joined and I'm psyched :)

I recently bought some goregous Patons Rumor, in the Hibiscious Heather color seen here on the upper right. I'm in love with the color (a very elegant purple) and the feel, and in fact I already used a small amount to make a flower pin. Do you guys have any suggestions for a project? I feel like I need something to show off the yarn (maybe a hat? Or small bag?), but all the projects I currently have in mind won't work because this yarn is so thick. Also, I'm still a beginner (cables scare me!) so relatively easy is good!


Imagine my surprise when I had a can of coke explode in my backpack. I didn't know there was a can of pop in there. There were three dicey things in there: 1) my ipod & charger 2) my phone charger 3) my knitting. The first two I'm not sure about (the ipod needed to be charged) but what should I do about the third? It's some sort of cotton blend. What's the best way to clean it?

Edit: Thanks for the advice! I will go hand wash it. We'll see how it goes! Here's hoping the purple dosen't fade :-)
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Measuring gauge in lace

I just knit up a swatch for Lucky from Stitch and Bitch Nation, and I'm wondering what's the proper way to measure gauge in a lace pattern. Should I treat the yarnovers and decreases as one stitch each, or maybe I should measure a few pattern repeats, and calculate it from there (i.e. knowing that one pattern repeat is 10 stitches, the gauge would be # repeats x 10 stitches divided by my measurement)?
Thanks all!