September 27th, 2006



My So Called Scarf: Finished!
I know when I commented earlier in this community about working on a navy So Called Scarf for my boyfriend someone said they'd like to see the end result. Here it is. :] Details and pics behind the cut.
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Razor Cami: Probably never going to be finished!
I have few questions about the Razor Cami and a picture. All behind the cut.
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Having problems getting the correct gauge... Help?

I'm a fairly new knitter and have been having some problems getting the correct gauge when I knit. I seem to be knitting too tightly and I am having trouble correcting this. I'm mostly working on scarves and things right now, so it doesn't seem to cause too many problems at the moment. However, I really want to knit some socks (if I can get over my fear of DP needles) and I know this will be a problem. I know that I can use larger needles to get the right gauge, but I was wondering of anyone had any other suggestions to help me loosen up the stitches. Am I doing something wrong or is this a common problem? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thank you so much!

FOs: Fetching & Matching Cabled Hat

In December, my boyfriend Ryan and I are traveling to Chicago for the Midwest Clinic (the boyfriend is a band director). I was in major need of some cold weather items, so I decided to knit Fetching and a cabled hat to match. Below are the details of the projects.

Project Details - Fingerless Gloves
Pattern: Fetching by Cheryl Niamath
Needles: #7 metal DPNs
Yarn: Artful Yarns Jazz (50% Wool, 50% Alpaca) in Miles colorway (# 55). I used way less than one skein.
Pattern Modifications: I only cast on 35 stitches, instead of the recommended 45.
Firsts: This was my first cables project and my first time doing a thumb hole with waste yarn and knitting the live stitches after removing the waste yarn.
The Verdict: I LOVE these! The cabling was quite fun and I love the finished effect. I also really love the way the four-color yarn looks knitted up. I think it's really subtle and gives a totally different look from a variegated yarn. I would absolutely use this yarn again. It's not scratchy at all and quite warm.

Project Details - Cabled Hat
Pattern: None, but the cable patten is based on Fetching by Cheryl Niamath
Needles: #7 circulars, #7 metal DPNs
Yarn: Artful Yarns Jazz (50% Wool, 50% Alpaca) in Miles colorway (# 55). I still didn't use up all of the first skein.
Firsts: This was my first time decreasing cables and ribs in the round.
The Verdict: I think this hat turned out really nicely. I like the way the cables open up when I'm wearing the hat. This project gave me confidence in my ability to create designs of my own.

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size 1 bamboo circ and Magic Loop

I've discovered that size 1 bamboo circs to be used for Magic Loop are an endangered species... especially around my area. Heck, I can't even seem to get my hands on a pair of size 1 dpns (No one in central Maine knits socks apparently).

After doing some research online, I have just decided to give up and order the needle online. However, despite trying to find a recommendation for brand, I keep coming up empty. Most needle recommendations for Magic Loop are for the Addi Turbo, but since I don't like metal needles, I was really hoping to find a bamboo option. As of right now, my main choices are either Addi Natura or Crystal Palace. Has anyone here used either of these for Magic Loop, and if so, have any thoughts either way? The Addi Natura seems to have a smoother looking join, but that may just be the way that the pictures are presented.

Any thoughts/ advice would be wonderful!! Thanks in advance!
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FO - Lion & Lamb Neck Hug

PatternNeck Hug by Ashley of Dogged Knits

Yarn: Less than 1 skein of Lorna's Laces Lion & Lamb (50% silk - 50% wool) in color Cranberry

Needles: Clover bamboo straights, US 10

Modifications: Only knit 13 pattern repeats rather than 15

Thoughts: This is a great, easy pattern that does a fabulous job showcasing this wonderful luxury yarn. If you've wanted to work with Lion & Lamb but can't afford a whole Clapotis' worth, splurging on 1 skein for this pattern is a great investment (I got mine on eBay for $20...a little better than the $30 it retails for). This is among the nicest yarns I've ever had the pleasure of knitting's SO soft but the silk adds a lovely, almost papery's hard to describe, but it's amazing. The yarn is held doubled throughout making for a nice, squishy fabric. There's an ingenious hidden seed stitch flap on the inside to help keep out drafts. I think these would make fanstastic gifts!  It took me probably less than 6 hours to make. It's just as practical as a scarf, but quicker to knit, and very luxurious if knit in the recommended yarn. I finished mine off with some vintage buttons I'd been wanting to use and I am really pleased with how it came out. I'll be wearing it a lot this fall/winter!

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Shedir from

Made of Debbie Bliss 100% silk and used 1 1/2 skeins.

My MIL is undergoing chemo and soon a Michigan winter. This will make a great cap for fall and early winter.

The pattern was relatively straight-forward. I knitted it using Magic Loop. I especially like the fact that this cap hugs the head gently and covers the tops of the ears. The yarn is an absolute delight to work with...not so easy care, but a wonderful light touch.

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polar fleece magic

ok so I posted a little while ago about the garter stitch bordered stockinette scarf I am working on even though I know better
a lovely lady suggested backing it with a polar fleece, which I think sounds like a great idea because it should encourage it to lie flatter AND it will be cozy and warm

Im just wondering if anyone here has done this with success and possibly has photos?

I blocked it and it has flattened out about 50% but I know this is temporary, Im hoping the fleece is the magc solution!

also - sorry, Im new to this - should I just machine-sew it right on? anything I should know?

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hi there. i was wondering if someone could help me since i'm not always good at calculating how much yarn i need for a particular project :/

i want to knit the Candy Cardigan from

I'm making size XL.

The instructions say to use 4 skeins of Schoeller Esslinger Geisha for the MC. And 2 skeins of CC. 233 YD/50G per skein.

I found an older yarn that i want to use by Lion Brand called Molaine/100% DuPont Orlon Acrylic in turquoise. But i want to double this yarn.

I have 7 skeins of the Molaine @ 2 Oz. per skein.

I'm also not sure i want to use a contrasting color. i kind of want to make this all one solid color.

so to sum up, will i have enough of the Lion Brand yarn even if i double it? i would need a total 6 skeins of the turquoise if i don't use a CC.

Also, if i don't have enough yarn, can someone suggest a pattern for a close fitted cardigan that would be ideal for the Lion Brand yarn i have?

thanks very much!

Christmas Knitting Help


For Christmas for my boyfriend's mum this year I want to make a simple lace scarf using two repeats of a
Feather and Fan pattern. My question is what kind of border do I use so that it looks nice? On a baby blanket I knitted with this pattern I used a 10-stitch moss stitch border on each side, but there will only be 36 stitches for the pattern so that will look silly. Is a three-stitch garter or moss stitch border enough?

I'm glad that I've started my Christmas knitting earlier this year. It would be terrible to be faced with a pattern issue like this on the 22nd of December...

Thanks for your help

My Morning Surprise...

Lesson of the Day:
(cold medicine + migraine + resultant darkness of room + gauge calculations + knitting) x 2.5 hours = Not The Most Brilliant Thing One Could Do

I now have a Thing.

It was going to be a hat.

If only I knew David Banner.

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Yarn skull

Finished! Socks! And my first ones, too...

The project: Conquering my fear of making socks. Really.
The pattern: Vogue Knitting, Fall 2006, "Flow Motion/Lace Socks"
The yarn: I'm not sure. I bought it at my LYS a year ago when I thought I would try to make socks then. Somewhere along the line the label got chewed on by one of our cats, sooooo...
The story: Because you know there has to be a story about this, right? When I learned how to knit on two circulars thanks to my obsessive desire to make Knitty's "Fetching", the next logical step was for me to suck it up and cast on for socks. The problem was, what kind of socks did I want to make? To be honest, every sock pattern I saw was kind of boring, and I'm not a kind of boring knitting person. A few weeks ago I found the current issue of Vogue Knitting and it was a Sign From the Knitting Gods. The issue not only had articles about socks including the history of Elizabethan silk socks (which is a big deal to me, being a Renaissance Faire person) but also had a whole section of sock designs! At about 9pm on September 19th (2006, I swear!) I cast on to make socks.

I immediately recognized that socks were about to be the most mind-numbing small-guage project I had ever done. No offense intended to sock lovers, but after 3 hours and about 3 inches of toe I was ready to frog it all and continue to buy socks. I persevered though, and a few days later I had a sock! I told my husband that I had proven to myself that I could make a sock, and this could be the halfway-finished project in which I made the requisite sock. I was done. Then my husband did something truly evil.

He picked up the finished sock, checked it out completely, complimented me on my small guage work, and said something about so much work going into a sock that would have a hole worn through it.

As many knitters know, the compliment-combined-with-practicality-and-disparagement technique translates to fighting words. So I picked up the needles and cast on for the mate. Making the second sock went faster, as I had already puzzled my way through the design the first time through and knew where my mistakes had been made and re-done the first time. And I'm really decent at lace.

When I initially despaired about finishing even ONE sock, a friend posted to my journal that she wasnt surprised that I went all out. I didn't realize that lace would be so unwise as a first-timer sock pattern. Oy vey.

Anyway, on to the sock pictures, which really do look better in person than in pictures. Sigh. Collapse )

Okay. I made socks. Would I do it again? Probably, but I no longer have this thing of "proving" myself past a knitter's milestone. :p Thanks for looking!

Cross-posted to my journal and to knitting.
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I ask a lot of questions here?

Arg! I've been looking all over the Knitty Gritty page on grr and I can't find it.. I was wondering if anyone here could help me!

There was an episode where I believe they were making sweaters.. and there was a guest on the show who demonstrated how to make this color pattern with two colors... that looked kinda like hounds tooth?!?

If anyone knows what I'm talking about and could help me I would just be elated !! thanks!!

Help (again) ;) with technique this time...

Another question... I am currently an English knitter which seems to work fine for me, but I know that Continental is supposed to faster. I have tried it a little bit and had fairly good luck with the knit stitch, but I am having some trouble getting the hang of the purl stitch. Any suggestions? I just can't seem to get the hang of it. Thanks for the help!
kirsty maccoll

Peppermint Twist in Stitch 'n Bitch

I’ve been knitting for a couple of years, and after numerous scarves, cosies and hot water bottle covers, I’ve decided to be brave and tackle something bigger.

I like the Peppermint Twist sweater in Stitch ‘n Bitch, and want to do something based on it. Here are the adjustments I plan to make:

- longer length (I’m not a fan of freezing midriffs)
- No waist shaping
- Full length sleeves
- Different colour scheme

The finished sweater will (hopefully) look like a cross between Peppermint Twist and Sweetness. (I was originally going to do Sweetness but DPNs scare me too much.)

Anyway, some questions: When the pattern says “size = 36 inches”, does that mean that the circumference of the sweater will be 36 inches, in which case it would be too small for somebody with a 36in bust? Or does it mean that it will fit somebody with a 36in bust? Does the 36 inches refer to underneath the boobs, or around the fullest part of the chest?

Also I’m unsure about how to make the sleeves full length. Obviously if I increase every 12th row as the pattern says until they are as long as I need, the tops of the sleeves will be huge and won’t fit the armholes. Would it work if I increased, say, every 18th row instead? And how do I work out how often I need to increase?

Thanks in advance for any help anybody has to offer. :)