September 28th, 2006

Happy kitty

Is there such a thing as a cozy, warm, non-animal fibered yarn?

I asked my mom what I could knit my dad for Christmas, and she said he'd probably like a watchman's type cap to wear when he's out shoveling snow. But my mom said it can't have any wool, or other animal fibers in there, because he is allergic. I asked about alpaca and cashmere, but she said all of that is too itchy for him. I kind of actually doubt it (my mom still insists upon telling me that *I* am allegic to wool, when I am most certainly not...I just don't like scratchy wool...) 

So anyway! I need to find a good yarn that is warm enough to wear when shoveling snow in New England, but that doesn't contain animal fibers. Is there such a beast?? I know that if cotton gets wet, it will get all cold and saggy. And I know that acrylic traps in heat, but not in a good way...are there any other nice fibers that behave a bit more like wool in terms of insulation? Would something like soy silk behave better than cotton? If I can find a cotton blended with something like microfiber or something, will that make it more stretchy and less "cool" than pure cotton? The only acrylics I've worked with have been blended with wool, so I don't know if there are any nicer ones out there that will be warm...

Since it's only a hat, price is not an issue, so any recommendations would be really helpful!

Me--State Fair

answer me, these question three!

1. Where is a good place to get a good price on Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb Mixed Berries?

2. Is there a row by row charting for Charlotte's Web? I have the yarn and pattern, but I find it eaisier to work from text rather than a chart, to some extent...(I know, I'm odd.)

3. Where do you get great knitting icons?

Thanks for any help you can give me!
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Yarn from Angora goat?

I saw some yarn online that says it is wool and Angora goat. I thought yarn from Angora goat was mohair, but this yarn doesn't look very mohairy, and it has a 50% Angora goat hair content. It doesn't look any fuzzier than wool. Will this feel like mohair? Will it be soft? I'm really curious about it, but not willing to buy a skein without any idea of what I could be getting.

ETA Link: Angora goat/wool yarn
Rikki Tikki Tavi

(no subject)

I have one skein of Jo-Ann's Sensations: Bellezza Collection (color: Smania Blue) that I got from my friend who got it on clearance a while ago. One skein just isn't enough, does anyone know where I can get more? It tried the Jo-Ann's website and Ebay, I'm looking for some unorthodox channels. Please help!

12 Days of Christmas

Last year there was this Fantastic looking 12 days of Christmas cardigan on the back of the patternworks 2005 fall catalog.
I couldn't afford to purchase it then and now this year the company said it was discontinued.
Does anyone have or know of where I can just get the pattern to that cardigan?
I would like to knit it in wool anyway and I think the kit came in cotton yarn.

Ribbon Jacket a la Chicos?

I've been mulling Christmas gifts for the past few weeks, and I think I've settled on something my mother would love. The problem is, on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being total knitting newbie and 10 being super advanced, I'd say I'm at a 2.5, 3 on a good day. What I'd love to do is make a lightweight jacket/cardigan (like something from Chico's - her favorite store) that she could wear over a nice dress or tank top. I just did the YO Drop It scarf (at least I think that's the name) from the SnB: Nation book, and I love the idea of making the jacket out of ribbon and utilizing the drops as a design motif. My questions:

1) Having never attempted a sweater/jacket/anything with sleeves before, should I scrap this idea this year and start working on it for next year? :)

2) See above: I'd be making up my own pattern as I went along, since I haven't found anything that looks like what I'm envisioning. I tend to bite off more than I can chew - am I crazy?

2) I really didn't like the cheap ribbon I made my scarf out of, so I'd definitely drop the dough for better quality for the jacket. Is ribbon hard to work with as far as complex shaping goes? Will ribbon even retain enough structure to make a decent jacket, or will I spend all my time only to end up with a shapeless tent of a garment?

Thank you guys so much!

Looking for a pattern

Hey all,

I'm looking for a scarf pattern that will look nice on large needles (I'm talking 8-10 mm.). I don't want just garter or moss stitch, I'd like it to either have lace or perhaps a cable or two. I've looked at some lacy scarf patterns online, but I'm not sure whether it would look weird when using such a chunky yarn. If I don't find anything, I'll make my own pattern, but it would be nice if someone had a pattern nearby. :)

Any suggestions? :) Thank you in advance!
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lay down

Grr! Rude, I think! And advice sought.

I am not an advanced knitter by any means, but I am not a beginner either. I am comfortable with all the basic stitches and am making my way into cables. I did a huge blanket (LionBrand's Evergreen) that was knit on their size 50 speedstix with 5 strands of yarn and it made a pinetree shaped cable that turned out nice.

Now, I am working on Berroco's Endora, a baby blanket on size 9 needles with an entirely different yarn (Lullaby, as recommended) and because this is only my second cable project, I have had to frog a few times (good thing I bought extra yarn, just in case), because I sometimes misaligned some stitches, or something like that. Not a big deal to me.

Well, as I have posted before, I knit a lot on my morning and evening bus commutes. There is one woman who rides my evening bus who is also a knitter, but is also one of those women who "knows everything about everything". Someone could bring up indigeneous seedlings of Timbuktu 3100 B.C. and she would loudly proclaim to be an expert on the subject. She is VERY loud, always sits near the back of the bus and is always going on about something.

When I get on the bus, the only spots left are usually near her (any wonder why?!?) and so I am forced to sit within her area if I wish to knit. Obviously now, for a few weeks, I have not progressed a lot (thanks to frogging) and tonight as I pulled out my knitting she said, "Wow, you're not getting very far on that, struggling with the cables, huh?" So now everyone is looking, because she has boldly announced this. I simply smiled and said "Well, I am learning, it is only my second time and I want to get it right becuase it is a gift", and continued on. So then she starts in about how expert she is and how cables just came "SO NATURALLY" to her, "like DPN's!" and made it so obnoxious that I wanted to just put my knitting away. She is, in fact, the one reason why I don't go to The Crafty Planet, a Minneapolis shop known for it's fun Craft and Chat, despite knowing several cool people there.

So here is my question: Since I encounter her on a regular basis, and she is always nosy and usually rude, what is a way for me to keep her nose out of my knitting business without sinking to the level of being rude? Now I am sure that I could say something like, "Could you just shut your trap for once and keep your nose out of my business?" and I am sure the whole route would erupt in cheers. But I don't want to have to go there.

Much obliged,

Enlarging fingerless gloves

I want to make these fingerless gloves for my Dad for Christmas. He has large hands. I also can't get that type of yarn in Australia, so will need to substitute.

The pattern says 18cm hand circumference (or, men's medium hand), which I assume is around the knuckles? My boyfriend's hand circumference around the knuckles is 22cm, and I would call his hands medium-sized. I will have to get my Dad to measure around his knuckles obviously, but the point is that I am going to have to make these quite a bit bigger than the pattern is sized for.

My question is, is this as simple as finding a yarn and needle size that will give me a gauge x% larger than the pattern calls for, or are there other considerations to make?

(I am shy about altering the pattern as I am diving into the deep end with this project - my first time on DPNs and first cable experience.)

knitty trellis question

Okay, I'm this >< close to being done with the back of Knitty's Trellis and I've encountered a bit of a problem with the left shaping

Here's my problem. The instructions say on the last regular row:

Next Row [WS]: Work in patt as set for 18 sts, BO 11, work in patt to end.

Okay, great, I do that and I work the right side of the neck and I come back to work on the left side. To do the left neck shaping, you need to do this:

With WS facing, rejoin yarn to Left Neck sts. Work 1 row in patt as set.

Does anyone else see the problem with this? I just ended the previous row on the WS and now it's telling me to knit the WS again in pattern.

Am I missing something obvious here?
Help, please? Pretty please with sugar on top?