September 30th, 2006


Knitty's Fetching

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, Karabella Aurora 8

Needles: Size 6, bamboo

No pattern changes, but this was my first project with cables!! I finished the Debbie Bliss (brown) ones on Sunday, and just finished darning the ends in on the Karabella ones this afternoon--'twould have been sooner if it weren't for work.

The guage was slightly different between the yarns--the Karabella ones are a bit snugger, but both came out quite well, if I do say so myself. The only disadvantage to the Debbie Bliss pair is that the yarn does have a tendency to pill. But I'm quite proud of them all the same, and I can't wait for the weather to get a bit colder, to properly justify using them.

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And now I'm working on the Kittyville Hat from Stitch 'n Bitch using more Karabella Aurora 8. So in love with that yarn. Off I go for obsessive knitting.

Kid knitting

To felt, or not to felt?

I want to make some water bottle cozies for my stainless steel water bottle.  I have decided on Knitty's Winecozy, which I will have to alter since my water bottle is not as large as a wine bottle :).  My original plan was to felt it, so I bought Cascade 220 (hmmm, I thought I did...the label says "Quatro", and it's 100% Peruvian highland wool).  Now that I'm thinking about it more, I'm comfortable with altering the pattern, but I'm not comfortable with altering it *and* allowing for felting shrinkage (because a) I've never felted anything before, and b) by "altering" I was planning to "knit each section until it seems to be the right size").

So my question is, will I be able to wash this thing at all?  Handwashing is fine, I just don't want to have something I carry with me everywhere that I can't ever wash at all.

I could just get a different yarn and save this for something else.  I'm just not sure what I'd use it for.  I guess my problem is that I'm new to wool and am not really sure about it's potential uses (I live in a hot climate, so wool/warm clothing items are, for the most part, useless to me).

Yarn skull

The sweetest thing my kid has said in a while.

In our area we have a Market Night during the summertime, when local businesses, crafters, and specialty stores have booths at an evening open-air market. My son (almost 10 years old, a few more days!) came up to me the other night while I was knitting. He said "Mom, you should knit all winter." Mmmkay. I raised an eyebrow and asked him why. His answer? "You should sell your stuff at market night."

I think I've reached the level where my family appreciates my skills!
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Technique Question - Grafting vs Pick up and knit

I'm working on a pair of longies and I knew I'd run out of the main yarn, so I started the longies partway in on a provisional cast on, worked the body and now am adding cuffs/waist in contrasting color. (Here's a photo of the longies pre cuffs and waist if you're interested. I finally decided on the contrast yarn and added cuffs last night. Now I need to add the waist but I'm not sure the best way to do it.

Where I started the longies, the body is in a pattern of k1, p1, k1, p1, k4. The waist which I'm going to be adding is k1, p1 ribbing. I know if I just pick up the stitches from the provisional cast on and work up, my stitches are going to be offset by 1/2 stitch, which I suspect will be somewhat noticeable but not sure how much so (the contrast color is an autumn-y orange). The other option I came up with would be to cast on the right number of stitches, work the waistband and then graft it to the active stitches for the body (via kitchener stitch, I believe).

I mentioned this to a friend who said that I should pick up stitches and work up, as it would be "stronger" than working the waist separately and then grafting it to the body. However, she couldn't explain WHY it would be stronger. Can anyone help? Is it really a bad idea to work the waist and then graft? It's 106 stitches around - I can't say I'm looking forward to grafting that much but it does seem like it will give the nicest looking result. Thanks!
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Squid Hat

I believe that there was an entry posted in here a while back that had a pattern for a Squid Hat. I remember the pictures having a white squid. I haven't been able to find it and I've looked all through the community for it. If anyone remembers, or has the pattern and could point me to it, i'd be forever in your debt.
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Knitted fingerless gloves

Hello everyone! I am needing a pattern for some fingerless gloves.(kind of like the pair of fetching from I havent mastered DPNS or knitting in the round.So I would need something thats knitted flat then sewn up or sewn together.(seams are ok with me!lol)
If anyone can help me it would be a huge help!My fingers are getting colder now days!

So this isnt text only,here is a Face cloth that my mom wanted me to make for her!
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*Oh I forgot to add that I might be using worsted weight for my first pair so I can get the hang of them.But I also have all other weights of yarn!*
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picard role model

My first finished project

I made a keyhole scarf for my mother's birthday, vaguely basing it off the Windy scarf in Stitch 'N Bitch.  Collapse )

Also, I've got a question about the yarn recommended for Giraffe.  The recommended yarn is discontinued, so what would you suggest be used in its place?

Thank you!

Flared Lace smoke ring

For anyone who has knitted the Flared Lace Smoke Ring by Jackie Erikson-Schweitzer at heartstrings, I need some help.
I'm having trouble deciphering the repeat in this pattern.
Do I repeat the whole rnd of the chart or just the repeated st pattern?
For example:

Chart A rnd 1
P1, yo, k2tbl, p1 (thick black line) k2tog, yo, yo, k1tbl, p1…
Do I repeat this whole line of pattern or just what is after the black line?

thanks a lot

(no subject)

Is there any way to fix stitches that were knit that should have been purled in the last row, aside from ripping back a row? It seems like I recall reading somewhere that there was a way to do it, but I can't remember where, or if it was online or in a book, or if I'm imagining it in a fit of optimism.


i went to my first real yarn store today...let's just say I'm going to be poor until i die.  nothing prepared me for a real yarn shop, especially since i was shopping hobby lobby, walmart, michael's, etc.

I got two big ol' hanks of Twinkle handknits soft and chunky...100% pure virgin wool, in a silvery gray and ice blue.

questions is, will it felt?  it's spun very loosely. 

Anybody know?


pattern request

Awhile back, someone made a pattern for some handwarmers from a Dr. Who episode...i've been searching for hours now, does someone have it bookmarked that is willing to provide me a little linkage? i promise to be good and not forget to bookmark it this time! thanks in advance!
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Yarn Substitution Question

Hello everyone!

I'm looking to knit the Snapping Turtle Skirt from Knitting Nature, but the person I'm knitting it for doesn't like the look of the Berroco Suede it's intended to be made out of. Soooo, I obviously want to substitute yarns. I'm worried about just picking something else that I can get gauge with, because the Berroco is a ribbon yarn, and the other yarns we've been looking at are not. So, can I substitute a ribbon yarn with a regular yarn, or should my friend just suck it up and pick a ribbon yarn she likes?

Thanks for your help!