October 1st, 2006

help with figure 8 cast on

I am doing the top down baby hat as seen here http://www.helloyarn.com/topdownbonnet.htm

Okay, I have a question about figure 8 cast on since I have never done it. Do I loop the yarn around the needle so that there are 36 sts on *each* needle, or do I need 16 sts on each needle totally 32?

I am confused. Anyone made this hat before?

Thanks. I am going to do it out of the patons SWS wool soy blend. I love the pink colour. So dreamy
gromit knits

FO: Fingerless Gloves and a Neck Warmer

I just finished up my mother-in-law's Christmas gift.

pattern: Knitty's Fetching and a neckwarmer I made up using the same cable pattern
yarn: Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran
needles: US6

First the gloves. My tension is just a smidge loose (I probably should have used a smaller needle) so I used a bit over a ball of yarn. Plus, I accidentally cabled back for both gloves. ::oops:: They still look and fit nicely though.

As I had most of a second ball of yarn left over, I made a matching neck warmer. The buttons are ones I picked up at a thrift store for $3. Sure, that's kind of pricy for a thrift store find, but it was for a full set of 9 buttons that are pewter and labeled from Norway.

I loved knitting these. The yarn is beautiful to work with, the pattern went quickly (I finished these over the course of two days), and the finished product is lovely. After my holiday knitting is done I think I'll knit a set for myself. :)

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More pictures of these and my other holiday gifts at: Knitted Christmas 2006
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Felting question

I tried searching for this with no luck. I'm really wanting to get a more crisp edge between the base and the body of a purse. Like, say I wanted to make a box shaped bag, how do I get a nice crisp edge instead of a rounded one? Any suggestions? Or if I want that sort of look will I have to resort to felting the pieces separately and sewing them together?

FO! Cabled handbag

Pattern: Drops 98-55

Yarn: Gedifra Donatella, colorway 2009. Not sure how many balls (@50g each). I thought I bought 1 extra and I've got 2 whole balls and 1 that's barely touched, so maybe 7? Sorry.

Time: July 22 to Today. I had it all but finished a month ago and suddenly got really bored. Oops.

Needles: US 8 Boye circular interchangeables.

Notes: This bag has a LOT of cables!! Anyway, I drooled over this bag from the moment Drops put up their fall preview. It's my first knit handbag and I think my fourth FO overall. (I learned to knit about a year ago...apparently I'm slow to finish projects!) It was knit entirely with things bought at Tuesday Morning, right down to the needles. I got the yarn on clearance for $1.87/ball, compared to their regular price of $4.99. Not bad! Overall the pattern was pretty easy to follow, aside from doing math for the increases/decreases. Thanks to the folks here who helped out with that. I think I'm going to knit some sort of coordinating coin purse to go inside with the leftover yarn.

But now on to the interesting part.

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Okay so the photo quality is not so great, and it is only one, but it's a pic nonetheless!
This is a pic of one of the socks I made for my DH, he would only model one sock for me so you will have to trust me that there are two and they are exactly alike :-P I made it from Paton's Classic Wool in *Rouge Intense or intense red (the same as the canadian hiking scarf*)And meant for them to be ready for toasting his toesies last Christmas but lost them in the midst of our move to the Island. Once found the weather was much too warm for 100% wool socksies so they sat on the back burner until last weekend when I finally just got fed up and knit the last toe and voila here they (again trust me there really are two) are for your viewing pleasure! YAY!
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The hat

Coronet Question

Hey all!

For anyone who has made Knitty's Coronet --

The yardage calls for one 190 yard skein of Lamb's Pride worsted, and I was hoping to use my single 121 yard skein of Knitpicks' Decadance. Will I have enough?


passport holder ideas?

I am looking for a pattern for a knit or felted passport holder.  I know there is one in Vogue knit 1 from spring 06.  But I really don't want to have to pay and wait to order it,etc especially since I don't know what it looks like!  I have found a ton of free crochet patterns online but no knit ones.  Does anyone know of any patterns or have any ideas about how to go about making one?  Thanks!
knitter and proud

My fingerless gloves!

TY to everyone for the help! My next pair is going to be tryed on DPN's! :O Wish me luck! lol
These was just made from my own brain!(my first time doing that!lol)Next time im going to make them wider,my ribbing is alittle stretched! x.x
I used size 7 stright needles and Red Heart yarn in color Banana Berry.
Tell me what you think?!
*warning this is my first time makeing any type of gloves and I do love them*
Please excuse Mei.Me loves sticking his nose into all my pics and laying on my yarn!
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Ty for looking!
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BBC animated!

Baby FOs!

Here's a quick run down and pictures of my first baby FOs and my first pair of booties, hat and wrap!
I really love the dogsstealyarn Baby Yoda Wrap pattern and the yarn that it's knit up in, Mission Falls 1824 Cotton is pretty fun too. I used the "Goldenrod" colourway- since it would be unisex- should my friend who was the recipient of the gifts be having a girl next time. There are so many neat colours in that yarn though- I may get to knit up a few more of them since my supervisor and another coworker are really keen on me making ones for them! (They would be buying the yarn though- I just shelled out for some cashmere yarn for my mom's xmas present! yikes) It was a great first project for assembling a sweater- it's small, there's not a lot of cost invested in it should you really mess up and it's really super cute when finished.

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PS- has anyone made the Yoda for a child who is 6-12 or above? looks like for one of the work ones it would also be my first project in upsizing a pattern! yikes!

I also made the Mag Knits Baby Bee set.
However, I couldn't make out how in the world to make the ties at the ends (when I tried and tried the end twists just kept unraveling :() so I just left them off. Hey, the baby is going to be super cute anyway and can pull off the square hat look! I love Debbie Bliss yarns too. They are always a treat to work with. I'm almost tempted to try out her donkey jacket pattern now- I'm feeling the POWER of getting my knitting right! Whoo!!

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As you can see I toned the ribbon way down from the original foofy ribbon and didn't carry the stripes for more than a few up the toe of the booties. I also made the stripes on the hat and booties fatter. Just a personal preference for fat stripes really. :)
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Sweater Question!

I really, really want to make a sweater like this (from katieknits) or this.

I can see that they were knit flat, sewn together, and that the sleeves were picked up from the edges afterward -- but do you think there's a way to make this sweater into a top-down raglan knitted in the round? They're just so much easier than knitting flat and having to sew! (Also, my decreases are always messy, and shoulders that I shape and knit flat wouldn't look nearly as nice as raglan shoulders.)

I'm just worried about knitting the cables while also making raglan increases. There's no harm in trying it out, but what do you guys suggest? Should I stick to knitting it flat? Thanks in advance!

Chart Knitting

I am making a football blanket for my son's football coach. What i want to do is do like maybe three rows of footballs verticall in panels then at the bottom maybe chart the letters "BRAVES" or maybe "braves 06"

I am looking for a website where i can find out how i can chart letters. it really can't be that hard but i am nervous of failing. i have the general idea of it.

Can someone help me out?

any help would be appreciated.
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Danica help

Hi all,

My friend is making her first foray into entrelac with Danica, and has run into a bit of a problem. (I've never done entrelac before so don't know what to do either.) She's done the base triangle and the left edge triangle, and is about to start on the center square. The pattern says to pick up 10 stitches, but it looks like the edge she's picking up from has about 16.

So her questions are: which of these stitches should she be picking up, with which needle should she be picking up the stitches, and is she supposed to switch colors at this point even though the pattern doesn't say to?

Thanks in advance, guys!

Problems with Knitty's Ivy pattern!

Hey there everyone, I've fallen in love with Knitty's Ivy and decided to give it a go. Everything's been going fine until I reached row three of the alternate rib pattern, where the pattern asks you to slip one with yarn held to back of work (sl1 wyib), and on row four, to slip one with yarn held to front of work (sl1 wyif). I've consulted a variety of knitting help websites but to no avail. What I'm confused about is what I'm actually supposed to be doing!!! Am I just supposed to keep the yarn at the back of the work, slip the stitch purlwise, and then carry on with the pattern? This leaves a strand of yarn reaching from across the slipped stitch to the next worked one, and I'm not sure if this is the intended effect?!

Sorry if this sounds like a load of confused babble, I just have no idea whether I'm doing this right!!! If anyone could explain this step by step it would be great!