October 3rd, 2006

lace shawl

Hi, My name is Emily and this is my first time posting here. I have been knitting for two years this November but have already done cables and socks, I just want to conquer lace and color knitting.
I recently bought some Jaggerspun silk/wool blend for the Permissone Shawl from the summer Knitters Magazine. I tried to pattern and found it to difficult so I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for an interesting lace shawl. I saw some of the patterns, when i googled, from Fiddlesticks and was wondering how difficult they were. The only lace I have completed is Knitty's Branching Out and I would like to try something a bit more intricate.

Thank you very much.

Knitting Update

I do apologize for not putting pictures behind the cut; I uploaded this and then went out for the day. Thanx to the mods for deleting the post as it did not conform to the rules, although the messages sent to me could have been nicer......

Anyway, here's a post playing by the rules (which I usually do, again, very sorry)......

Forgive me, it has been 2.5 months since my last knitting update on Jul 16th....since then, I worked a bit on the red dress I was working on, and made some mittens. One pair of gloves I made is going to be donated -- the first thing I've donated to charity -- because the thumbs are awkward. I also have one glove done and another to go, but no pictures of that one yet.

So now, for the things that I have pictures of:
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yarn sub for Classic Elite Lush

I am planning on making a couple Yorick scarves as gifts this Christmas, and was wondering if anyone could suggest an angora-free yarn substitute? (I can't handle Angora even to knit, but I can manage other natural fibres but not wear them.) Also, I know that a lot of white yarns don't felt very well, so rather than choose something at random, I thought I'd ask what you all here have had good experiences with.
Mads 2

Another newbie question

Hello folks ~

I am a bit aggravated right now.  Like so many others, I am making a bit of a foray into lace knitting with the ever-popular Branching Out from knitty.com.   I began my attempts with a heavy worsted weight merino yarn, and I got through the first 10 rows (one full set), and began to repeat.  Then, cleverly, I decided to knit with a finer yarn.  

I spent a good portion of yesterday evening knitting, frogging, and re-knitting, without being able to finish the last row properly.  I am doing something weird and I find that out in Row 9, the last RS row in the pattern before it repeats.  I am ending up with 2 - 4 stitches fewer than I should when I get to that row - I end up after that last ssk on Row 9 with only 2 stitches left to knit, rather than 4.   So I assume that I am doing something bizarre in Row 7.  The question is, what?  

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magazine dirtyfound

pattern, yarn, everything advice

i'm thinking of modifying this lace sock pattern to make my aunt a pair of lacy legwarmers for christmas. i searched through legwarmers patterns available to me, but this is ideal. it's knit toe-up, and seems to allow modifications to a certain degree. i'm thinking of simply starting with the lace pattern section, casting on as many stitches as you're meant to have at that point and carry on from there. (also contemplating threading through some elastic at this point, either that or perhaps doing a few rows of k2 p2 rib)
i'll be asking for help from my mother in writing out the pattern in full, but there are a few things i want to sort out beforehand...

1. what yarn can i substitute? i don't really want to use wool and would rather use cotton, though acrylic will probably give a better stretch. also, the recommended one is too expensive for my poor little budget. does anyone have any cheaper (british) ideas?

2. i'm not familiar with US size needles! what size (in mm) would i use and would you recommend using circulars?

3. any other advice would be great. this will be a challenge for me! :)

thanks in advance.
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Cable vest

I'm looking for a pattern for an Old Navy vest I saw the other day when out shopping. Busy at the time, I didn't get a good look.

So, I was wondering if any of you have seen something similar. It had about four cables and a rounded low cut collar to it, which is part of what I really liked. I've hunted and hunted and hunted and have yet to come up with a rounded collared vest.

If anybody knows of a pattern like this, I'd love to know! I've been hunting for it for the past several days.



short-rows and ribbing

My Google-fu seems to have deserted me. I'm trying to either find or design a pattern for a basic ribbed sweater with short row bust darts. I know how to do short row bust darts, but only in stockinette. Can someone point me toward a link that might help explain how to combine them with ribbing?
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souls heart

What should blocking pins be made of?

I went to the craft store the other day to pick up some pins for my upcoming first-time blocking project. Armed with the knowledge I'd gleaned from the internet, I checked all the packages for something that said they were rust proof or rust resistant, but alas, no luck!

All of the boxes said either steel or nickel-plated steel. I bought a nickel plated steel pack. They cost a little bit more and I assumed that was a good thing.

I googled blocking pins, looking for ones that described the material they were made of, but again, no luck! Apparently, "rust-proof" is online speak, and actual material listings are for in-person purchases.

So, what I'm asking is...

Nickel plated steel t-pins... Okay for blocking? What are your preferred materials for blocking pins and wires?
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Socks, of course

I just finished a sock knit from the cuff down, and the cuff is too snug! I'm wondering if it should be possible to undo the sock (from the top) and make it looser. I didn't notice it as I was knitting, and really don't want to have to scrap it, especially since I had to redo the gusset three times (knitting while tired = mess). I've already made adjustments to the cast on for the second sock.

thanks in advance
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Jayne Hat

I'm looking to make a hat like what is pictured below- it's a Jayne hat from Firefly and my friend wants me to make a couple for her twins. She measured their heads and said they're 18 1/2". So I'm wondering if someone has seen a baby version of this hat or one similar enough that I can wing it.

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Having finished everything on my Kittyville hat except the pom-poms (there will be FO shots once those are done and attached), I happily began on a pair of Fetching for a penpal, in a gorgeous vibrant blue shade of Karabella Aurora 8 (still a favorite in spite of this mishap). After one row of knitting, I saw, to my dismay, that this beautiful shade of blue had transferred itself all over my fingers and my bamboo dpns. Grr.

So, I'm taking the yarn back tomorrow to exchange it for something else, and I have a few questions:

1) Is color-bleeding such as this specific to the dye lot the yarn came from? That is, if I got a different dye lot of the same color, would it likely not have a problem?

2) Are there ways to prevent the color bleeding before knitting?

3) What's the best way to clean bamboo needles? Is there anything I absolutely SHOULD NOT DO to them which will kill them forever?

Evil Dinah

Urban Necessity

I'm making some of these awesome mittens: http://magknits.com/Sept05/patterns/urban.htm and I've gotten to the mitten tops, and then as often happens, I got confused when it said this:

"Begin working the diamond-shaped chart on the center back of the mitten cap. When you have reached row 15 of the chart (or when the cap measures about 2.5" / 6.5cm), begin shaping the cap. These decreases are spaced so that they occur outside of the charted stitches."

What chart do they mean? Below that they have a chart, but it says that it's for a hat. Is the chart for both? Is there a chart somewhere else that I'm not seeing?
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coloring acrylic (impossible)

i have a box of assorted skeins of acrylic yarn in various shades of off-white. they're all 100% synthetic but not all the same - some have a little orlon, some a little polyester, some have no bands so the exact content is unknown.

now before you all laugh and rush to tell me acrylic does not take the usual dyes used for plant or animal fibers, i know that already. research has taught me that basic or disperse dyes are needed for acrylic. i don't want to mess with anything toxic. however i am up for experimenting and i don't mind ruining some of the yarn. so i'm trying to think outside the box.

rather than trying to dye the yarn any specific color, i'm just going for something other than the dull colors i have now. is there anything i can use to stain the yarn, before or after knitting it up? soaking it in grape juice, for instance? breaking open a ball-point pen? am i just stuck?


x-posted to dyeingfiber which i hope is ok. if not, mods please delete.

ETA:  thanks everyone for the advice.  i may try using RIT on the stuff with substantial polyester content and see if that has any effect at all.  all of this yarn will be knit up into scarves for the homeless, so it's not a huge deal for me other than saving the monotony of knitting scarf after scarf of boring beige.  i suppose the upside is that aside from surface dirt, they'll always remain sparking clean...  :)