October 4th, 2006


FO: V-Neck Cardigan

There are more pictures there as well; you'll see the little thumbnails on the righthand side.

Pattern: Vogue Knitting Fall 2006 #6
Yarn: Cascade 220 in #2453 Pumpkin Spice
Needles: Clover Takumi US4 and US6

I started this in early August, and made most of it in a week and an 8 hour car ride. Then it sat around for a really long time, and I finally finished the last piece, which is the eyelet band that gets sewn around the edges. I did make a change to the sleeve cuffs. They were originally sort of tapered, but I just made it a straight edge instead.

I'm so glad it's done!! And just in time for cold weather, and the fall (It's still actually really warm here in New York, boo). It's the perfect fall color, and being 100% wool, super warm. A bit itchy, but I can deal with that.

Yay! I don't feel quite so guilty about having bought new yarn the other day, now. My eyes are definitely much bigger than my proverbial plate.
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A quick question about sari silk yarn

I am knitting a headscarf out of some reclaimed sari silk.  I am finding it to be coming out very stiff as the spin is quite tight.  I was wondering if anyone had any previous experience with washing sari silk yarn and whether it softens with a few washes.  I really like the look of the scarf so far but I feel it is too stiff to be used comfortably.



Calling Prague knitters, stiffeners for blocking cotton lace

First of all, are there any knitters from or near Prague here, and if so, is anyone missing a plastic bag containing a half-finished blue cardigan on circs? The friend who found it thinks that some lady's backpack or shopping bag was stolen, and the thief just threw out the knitting because he had no use for it. It's a shame as somebody's obviously done quite a lot of work on it. It doesn't seem to belong to anybody from the local Stitch & Bitch.

Secondly, I'm working on a small lace project in crochet cotton. As cotton doesn't have the memory that wool does and it isn't going to be a wearable, I was planning on dipping it in some sort of liquid stiffener before blocking. Does anyone have any recommendations, other than the boiled cornstarch or diluted white glue that I use to block crochet?

Question for I guess blocking/drying a storebought sweater

I have this sweater that I love that I had gotten from Aeropostale. The problem with it is that it's all stretched out around the neck (even though the neck was big to begin with). Would it have something to do with the fiber content: 35% cotton, 32% nylon, 26% viscose, and 7% angora rabbit hair. Can it be safe to throw it in the dryer on LOW heat? Or do I have to keep laying it flat to dry? TIA
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Yes, it's a pattern-search help-request, sorry!

I'm looking for a very specific sort of pattern, and if any of you out there could help me narrow down my search, I'd greatly appreciate it!

I need a lace cloche hat, done with fingering weight yarn. It's for a friend's wedding next June, but I'd feel better having it done by Christmas, since my friend has already presented me with the yarn (Gems "Pearl", for what that's worth). The wedding is 1920s themed, but they're not super strict about the time period, so long as it looks nice. I'm thinking something pretty open, since it'll be warm and the bride overheats fairly easily.

Any suggestions? Googling isn't turning up nearly so good of options as I'd have thought, and half of them end up being crochet, which I don't currently do, and nearly all the others are felted, which just won't do.

Thanks in advance!

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Can someone reccomend some yarn for me? It needs to be worsted weight, not wool, machine washable, and warm. I found some adorable fair-isle motifs (hedgehogs, squirrels, rabbits) and I'm going to make a raglan cardigan for my baby cousin, due in December. Her mom's allergic to wool and they live in the UK so it gets really cold. She's actually allergic to wool, it's not just harsh wool being scratchy. I'm going to try to make a 9mo size for the fall since she has lots of tiny clothes already (and because I knit very slowly).
All of the yarns I find that are machine washable and warm tend to be acrylic/wool blends or superwash wool. Cotton isn't warm, and neither is acrylic. Is there some kind of cotton/alpaca/acrylic blend? What about modal? I don't really want something that's going to end up costing me $50 for a tiny sweater.
Sorry if this has been asked already.
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I'm getting so confused about the size of needles. I've found some patterns for socks that call for US 2 dpn's which say they are 2.5mm, but then when I go to order these from knitpicks.com, THEY say that US 1 is 2.5mm and US 2 is 3.0mm?!?!? HUH? This is just an example of one place I've seen it be different. I'm really finding discrepancies all over the place with one pattern calling the US 2 a 2.5mm and then another pattern calling the US 3 a 2.5mm. What's the real deal on dpn's guys? I want to make sure I have the right size!


herringbone pattern socks help

I started my very first pair of toe-up socks yesterday, with a split toe, no less! I've finished the toes on one sock, so now I'm ready for the rest of the sock, which I want to have a herringbone pattern like these: http://magknits.com/Sept05/patterns/jaywalker.htm Right now, I have 64 stitches on the needles, which might be just slighly loose of my foot, but it's too soon to know for sure. The Jaywalker pattern doesn't work on 64 stitches and I'm also not sure I like that every round in pattern ends up with two increases next to each other instead of being even. I get the numbers to work out right if I do {bar increase, k6, skp, k7} 4 times, but the decrease in the pattern is to slip TWO, knit one, and pass both slipped stitches over.

I have to knit a lot more rows to be able to tell whether my way will still get me that herringbone pattern, and I'm already getting sick off all the ripping out I've had to do on this sock, so I was hoping someone could warn me before then if my version of stitch pattern won't get me the intended effect. Another potential issue is that I'm using a self striping yarn, so I think some of the stitch patterns out there would mess up the ripply stripes I'm trying for.


Review of Summer knitting

Since summer is finally over and since I was finally able to hook my digital camera up to my computer I would like to share with you guys the stuff I knit over the summer. Mostly it was a venture into the world of cables and I'm hooked!

The first one is called "Heather" from 25 Bags to Knit by Emma King. I can't remember what yarn I used since I'm really bad about saving the ball bands. However the novelty yarn on the opening is Perla 100% polyester. This was my first project with cables and also the first one with beads. The only alterations were the yarn used (I used an eyelash novelty yarn instead of the one in the book). Overall I think it came out very well. The front piece is a little smaller than the back but I figure it just gives it more of a "bag" shape.

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I ended up giving the purse to a friend for her birthday but the main reason I did was to practice cables so I could do this next project. Again I don't remember what yarn I used (sorry!) but I do remember the color is called fisherman and it's a wool-blend. The pattern is called "Aran Sandal Socks" by Lori Gayle from "Socks Socks Socks". The coolest thing about these socks is that they have a cabled heal flap which looks pretty cool when you're wearing clogs. I ended up making these socks for my mom for her birthday. Knitting gifts for people is almost like getting a gift yourself.

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This is me modeling one of the socks.

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Hi! I'm making the London Beanie, and decided I want darker shades of the colours I'm using [red and gold, since I'm making it Gryffindor style. :D]

How does one do this? I've already cast on and everything; I'm on my third row right now. Would you dye it, or something?

Also, I bought size 8 needles instead of size 7, and am wondering if this would make a huge difference in the finished product.

Thanks for any help!

I'm booooored...

I have finished all my FOs that I had planned on doing before the babe was born. I even did one more project that all I need is a lining and it is done.

I've made 5 pairs of socks, 3 pairs of booties with matching hats, a spare baby hat, another baby hat for a giveaway, a hat for DS, a hat for DD, a crochet blanket for DD, a crochet bag for me and more things that I can't remember what I made. I've given away a lot too.

Yah, I have projects on my needles that I can work on, but I don't want to work on any of it because they are ones that will involve a lot of time like socks for me, DS and DP. Then there's Icarus. And a tricorn hat for DP. I need to get the yarn for that.

I'm bored.

I don't want to work on the projects I have put away right now cause I don't know if I have hours or days before I go into labour. So I've been trying to find other little no-think-um projects to do. Or rather ones that if I go into labour, I won't be upset if they get ruined from all the blood and gore.


Bored bored bored bored... I have nothing to do... I think I'll try casting on for a baby hat to give away again. I tried earlier and miscounted so I had to frog it all.

I want something to do!!



can someone give me a good recommendation on where to purchase a package of wool rovings online? i've seen them at joann.com but i wanted to know what ya'lls favorites are...

much thanks in advance :)

EDIT: i want to make a hat.. preferrably a witch hat, being near halloween it seems appropriate