October 5th, 2006

Hemp Yarn

I'm looking for a hemp yarn to use to make bath mits with. I've looked and looked and all I can find twine-like yarn. Help! Does anyone know where I can order some good help yarn?

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therapeutic glove

morning all,

my arthritis is really being difficult. i have swollen and sore joints at the base of my thumb and wrist. my interest in knitting is suffering because of it =(

have any of you folks used the therapeutic elastic-y gloves? was wondering if they help give support and stabilization. any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Kid knitting

Help on adjusting hat pattern, yarn recommendations

A friend of mine wants me to make a Medusa for him.  This is for a grown man, so I will need to adjust the size up.  I'm comfortable with swatching and adjusting the pattern; what I'm unsure of is how to determine how big the hat should be in relation to how big his head is.  Obviously it shouldn't be the exact size of his head.

The other thing is he wants this hat for decoration more than anything.  He's wearing it to an event in the spring next year, and since we live in Phoenix, that's more like summer to everyone else.  What would be the coolest yarns I could use to make this?  I'd think wool would be out...any ideas?  I'm also looking for something on the cheaper side, but would welcome any suggestions on the high and low side (cost vs. comfort) so I can let him make the decision (he's paying for the yarn, but I told him I'd suggest what he should buy, since he knows even less about yarn than I do).
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Sizing a hat

When designing a knit hat -- say a watchman style or fully ribbed -- how much "fudge" room do I have to ensure the hat fits properly? I've swatched and measured the person's head. But I'm trying to decide whether to do a basic 2x2 or 3x3 rib, or something a little more fun like this hat. But much depends on the math. If it's all ribbed, does that mean I have a bit of fudge room on the smaller side of things?

I've only made baby hats before, where size hasn't really mattered as much.
yarny goodness

variations on a theme - 1 cap design as 2 FO

So, after all that angst about hat design last week, I decided I didn't have to make a true winter hat, but could go back to a design idea I'd put on the back burner in order to do a true winter hat. I just couldn't get into the other design enough, was just too uncertain that she'd like it, really. So I revisited this idea and test knit it up in one yarn (which was a good thing as the first decrease pattern muddied the stitch pattern too much) and then knit up a second in the colors I had originally chosen.

Can I just say I adore this cap? I don't really know why because I certainly can't wear it myself. I just happen to really like it. One thing I particularly like about it is that it's completely reversible. That, and the size is really flexible. Another problem solved! Granted, I still don't know if she'll like it, but I like it enough to outweigh other concerns. Yes, I know, this doesn't make sense. But it is a much more abstract design, so there's less to hate. I just hope a close fitted cap "works" for her.

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As soon as it's really dry, not just dry to the touch, I'm going to send it off with the other hat. And now I can finalize the leafy hat design and not have to worry about whether anyone will like the color combination!

Regarding Joining Stitches & Orlando Area Knitters

Hi everyone,

I've been knitting for just under a year now, and I decided to try to make a sweater (specifically, the Fairly Easy Fair Isle in SnB Nation). I've only completed projects with minimal finishing (such as bags). In the instructions, it says to place stitches for sleeves and pieces onto loose yarn, and join them together later (I'm guessing because they wanted me to use those same needles for other pieces). I looked up ways to do that and on this site I found instructions for grafting - both on the needle and off. I was hoping I could run this past you all and whether or not this is a good way of joining pieces together or not (maybe it's the only way, I honestly don't know). Some of my pieces are still on the needle, and some aren't. As I join them together, should I put them back on the needle if they aren't already on it? :]

Also, I sent an email to a Central Florida area knitting group, and I never got a response. I was wondering if there are any other Orlando area knitters here that are apart of some local group.

Thank you all so much :]

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This might not be the typical knitting, but I need information …

The apartment above mine has bedbugs, and the bedbug dispersal is to spread to the apartments above, below and to either side of the apartment that has the original infestation. As such, my place is going to be sprayed tomorrow. I haven't, thankfully, had any indication of the infestation having spread to my place, but just as a precaution, even though I'm not thrilled about it, it has to be done.

But what about my finished knitted wool projects? I have woolen scarves, hats and mitts I've made as birthday and Christmas presents, and apparently I have to wash them in hot water. I can air dry it, but the hot water is a must in order to kill the bugs.

Is there any way I can save my woolen knits?

Xmas plans

Hello, knitting mavens!

With the holiday season coming up, at least knit-wise, I've been itching to get started on my projects.
I did a quick search of recent entries and archived stuff, but I didn't find this exactly. Apologies in advance if it's in front of my face.

My friends are sort of sick of scarves and hats, and I don't love them enough to do a sweater, if not for the sole reason that most live in warm climates. I'd like to add a few from-the-heart trinkets to their larger gifts along the lines of cellphone cozies and knitted kitties, but past that, I'm out of ideas.

I've been amazoning a few books that might hold the keys, specifically Weekend Knitting and Last-Minute Knitted Gifts.
I have both SnBs, but I'd like to move beyond that.

Any suggestions on other books or links would be appreciated!
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FO: Cardigan (Patons Essence)

Yarn: Patons Essence in Herb
Needles: Denises, US11/15
Pattern: Patons Essence Jacket
Cast on/off: 21 September 2006 - 30 September 2006
Things and techniques learned: Long tail cast-on (love!), seaming, short rows, buttonholes, pockets(!), and general pattern adapting/adjustusting.

Pictures under the cut, and I do apologise for the crappy quality. Also, the reason I'm holding the jacket closed in the first picture is because the buttons I harvested off another jacket turned out to be too small for the buttonholes and kleep popping open.

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I also feel the need to note that my hips are not actually that big, it's just a weirdish perspective. *cough*

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FO - Watch Cap

This a moral tale of gauge, help and how to follow directions.

Yarn - Berocco Ultra Alpaca (Alpaca/Wool blend) in Chianti and Denim Mix
Needles - Takuma US6/4.25mm 16" Bamboo Circulars/Brittany US6/4mm Birch DPNs
Pattern - none. K1p1 watch cap in two colors.
Things learned - how to get gauge with a ribbed swatch
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The hat that smiles back!

Just for fun-

It's a magical transformation!

So I was doing a test hat for my friend's baby, and it turned out WAY too small (I have a better plan, thankfully). I was looking at it and turning it all around, trying to decide if I want to turn it into a handbag or what. Then I turned it on it's side and it became..........

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