October 6th, 2006

Tattoo update

$1 gift challange

Many families and social circles exchange small gifts with everyone else in the group. Usually, the price limit is $5 or $10. My husband's family exchanges $1 gifts. Last year, we were engaged but not married so I didn't have to participate. However, I did end up receiving said gifts. I got a very cheap lotion/bath gel set, a 5' extension cord, some plastic clips and couple other dollar store finds. Hubby's grandfather gave everyone very beautiful, handmade wooden ornaments. He used little $1 wooden blocks as starting material so they counted even though they took several hours to make. I would much rather give something knit from a dollar's worth of yarn than some random dollar store present. Does anyone have patterns or ideas for something that can be knit for $1 or less?

Edit: Whoa, so many replies! I'm not big on giving washcloths, so I'll probably go for ornaments. Thanks for all the awesome suggestions and links.
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Two Questions:


I'm in the middle of some much needed stash busting. My stash has grown and taken over the house. A while ago, someone posted a candy corn hat. The knitted version has gone away. I did find a crochet one though. While I'm comtemplating learning how to crochet so I can make one for my daughter and myself (and possibly my husband) *is feeling dorky* is there somewhere where the knitted pattern lives?


I'm really interested in knitting with plastic bags. In fact, I've saved garbage bags full of used shopping bags and garbage bags. I really would love to use them to knit shopping bags. I love the "market bag" type. You know, the lose knit bag that streaches when you fill it. Kinda like the one on MagKnits. My main question is would plastic bags give enough to make something like that. Would they stretch and expand the same as a fiber made bag would? And, would the fabric be strong enough to hold heavy items (like a bunch of cans). Has anyone knitted with plastic bags? Any imput?

Thanks in advance :-)
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I want to knit a Christmas stocking. I have the book Holiday Knits and there is a pattern called Classic Christmas Stocking. I really want to make it but it calls for 4 balls Jaeger extra fine merino chunky and one ball of Jaeger fur, and it's will be sort of on the expensive side. I was wondering if anyone could suggest some yarn that would work but be a little less expensive?
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I want to knit my hubby something for Christmas with either the Transformers Decepticon logo, or the Autobot logo on it. Problem is it need to be fairly quick to knit. IE Not a sweater. Can you think of anything manly to knit that would nicely fit the logo? He is also a computer geek so it could be computer related... felted lazermouse pad?

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A co-worker gave me two skiens of Colourworks yarn in the 984 color. It was a nice gesture, but I'm a fairly unskilled knitter (I can knit, purl, and knit in the round). Anyway, I have NO idea what to do with this yarn. It's very pretty, but I've never worked with yarn before that's an uneven texture. I thought about knitting both sides up into squares, and then sewing the two sides together to form a type of purse that I could use to hold candy in my office. I'm not sure how many stitches to cast on or anything, though.

Does anyone have any brilliant ideas or can direct me to a site that'll have fairly basic patterns for this type of yarn?
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FO: shawl with curly yarn!

Last night I finished knitting a shawl with the yarn that has curls. It's a 'kit' (ball of yarn with a super-basic pattern) from Fleece Artist, the Goldielocks Triangle Shawl, 56% Kid, 24% Silk, 20% Nylon, knit on 6mm needles. Fleece Arist has some gooorgeous colours, well worth the splurge. My shawl is in purple, blue, golden brown, with a little green.
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Silly Hat?***Edit****

Okay, I've searched the archives for this community, and found many nice hats - but my husband needs me to knit him a Silly/Funny hat for a contest at work, and I've got two weeks. Does anyone have any suggestions for patterns, or books? My googling hasn't turned up anything funnier than the Sock Monkey hat from Knitty - which is a contender right now. :-) TIA!!

***Okay, hubs has now decided on a FSM hat, kinda like the crocheted one at this link: http://www.phobe.com/fsmhat/index.html

Can anyone give me suggestions on how to convert it to a knitted hat? I might be able to figure it out, but if someone else already has, I don't want to invent the wheel. I haven't found one on the web yet, but perhaps someone has and just hasn't posted it?

(crosses fingers)
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Hello, I'm new here (first post).

There was a post earlier this week about knitting for charities. I live in California (Bay Area, hoorah!) and have a sister who is just starting high school. Her school requires her to do 20+ hours of community service every year in order to graduate, and because I knit (addictively...) and she crochets I thought it would be a good idea for she and I to team up and knit and crochet for charities in the area. Do any of you have any weblinks to Bay Area knit/crochet charities? If you do, I would REALLY love it if you could respond with them. OR, if you live in the area and are interested in participating, I was thinking about having a bit of a contest to see who could make the most caps/bears/scarves/etc for charities by December or January.

Thanks in advance!

Desperately Seeking Mountain Colors Bearfoot

Can anyone point me at a good online source to buy Mountain Colors Bearfoot? Preferably somewhere that doesn't want to charge me $15+ to ship 2 skeins of sock yarn to Canada... actually, somewhere in Canada would be even better, but I only found one (the Needle Emporium) and they only have 3 colours in stock, none of which are faves, on top of which they're asking $30/skein which seems a tad high.

The Mountain Colors site only lists physical shops by location and I've had no luck clicking through to some of their websites. I've also googled around and been frustrated by the high shipping costs of so many of these online sellers. I'd really rather not pay the equivalent of another skein just for shipping!
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Im taking a dive!

Hello everyone! I need some info.

I want to try and make my first sock! But I dont know what pattern I should do. Theres to many to choose from! I have never worked with DPN's so its going to be extra hard for me.
If anyone can point me in the direction of an easy sock pattern that would be wonderful!

I dont mind what type of "sock" it is!A stocking thats made like a sock will be ok too,if you think its best for a first timer!


TY one and all for the info.I decided on the one that mensabuttercup posted & bee_jay seconded! I will start them now and post in my LJ if any one cares to see how my work is going!(im slow so give me time!lol) TY all!
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FOs: 'Epic' Scarf and some handwarmers

Yay! I finally finished that scarf I was making for my WoW guildmate. It only took me about a month, off and on. 9.9 Actually, I finished it on Tuesday, and was hoping to get some pics outside to show off the colours, but it's been chucking down rain all week so I finally gave up and just draped it over my ironing board. I promised I'd get it shipped off to him this weekend, so I had to get it all boxed up tonight. Anyway. :o)

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In the time it took me to knit that scarf, the weather turned from hot and muggy to cold and rainy. I noticed it especially during about the last foot of the scarf, since my hands were stiffening up due to the cold. Since I also wanted something along the lines of 'nearly-instant gratification' to give myself a tiny break in-between the scarf and my next project, I undertook to knit myself a pair of handwarmers.

I wasn't really too crazy about the handwarmer patterns out there. I'm not overly fond of the big gaping hole at the side for your thumb to go through that most of them seem to utelise. Aaand, I didn't really feel like modifying one. Simple, fast, and useable right now were my goals. :o)

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Next on the needles, a hoodie for a friend's new baby. Busy little knitter!

*bounces off*
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