October 7th, 2006


New sweater...

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Made from 4 balls of Cascade 220 superwash (yummy stuff); I literally had maybe 3 feet of yarn left.

I made up the pattern as I went along, I was planning to do cables at the neckline as well but I realized the neckline ribbing wouldn't have enough rows for it to work well. I did it bottom-up raglan style, but after a certain point, I did the decreases only on the sleeves in order to achieve the boatneck. The shoulder opening is a little tight, but I'm hoping to block the bejesus out of it and make it a wee bit roomier. Overall I'm happy with the results of my experiment though....
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knitting queen

yarn shopping in San Francisco

This week has been so crazy that I only thought of this yesterday: I am going to be in San Francisco for a week! I have to go yarn shopping while I'm there!

So...any suggestions for places I absolutely MUST go?

I just did a quick Google search and discovered that I'm staying about 3 blocks from the ArtFibers store! (In fact, I could walk right past it on the way from the BART station to my hotel as soon as I get to town later today.) So I will definitely be checking that one out, but I don't want to miss any special shops--although I also don't necessarily want to drag my boyfriend to EVERY knitting shop in the City. ;)

Hook me up with some good information, please, knitting! :D

(Oh, and since I haven't posted here under my new name yet...some of you may remember me as shellah. Haven't been around much lately--I always seem to take the summers off knitting. We need A/C so I can knit comfortably all year round!)
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Is there such a thing as a FO tracker?

You know how there's LibraryThing for keeping track of your books? Is there anything like that which could be used for keeping track of WIPs and FOs? Because if there isn't, there should be...Something where you could enter the project name, yarn, needles, etc. and maybe upload a picture to go with the description. A field to set the percentage of how far done the WIP was, or click a button to show it's finished, and maybe even have some copy-and-paste HTML to put on your blog that would generate WIP progress bars from your percentage info, like the Flickr badges here or here. Search for other users who've knit the same project you're working on. An online project database. If it doesn't already exist, I'd love to see someone create it!

OK, thinking on a combo bag here

OK handy knitters, lend me your brain for a minute if you would. I'm noodling out if it's possible/feasable/a good idea to combine two different bags and make a hybrid cabled felted bag. Here's my thought process, tell me if it makes sense to you or your opinion.

I love this bag:
But holy boring to knit (IMHO) and it could use a little something else to it.

I loved making this bag:
*this goes to a PDF file*

This is a touch long, but please, if you're good at adapting patterns bear with me and see if this makes sense

[ETA] OK, well I had made the purse from Knitpicks the other week, so I went ahead and felted it to see what happened. Sadly, the cables all sucked right into the fabric and now it's pretty well ruined. Bummer! But at least I know now before diving into a huge project and having it turn out bad. I might actually still make it and not felt it, just line it. My mom is all about the big bags. Thanks for the help!
Oh, by the way- if you felt Sierra by Knitpicks, it looks like a skinned muppet. OMG furry. Very furry. It must be the alpaca in it. I would not recommend felting with this unless you want to have to shave your project down when you're done!

*ding!* The more you knoooooooow!
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Yes, dear

FO and Yarn Sub Question

First things first: SnB's Kittyville hat! Finished it a few days ago, but been too lazy to post pics 'til now.

Yarn: Karabella Aurora 8 "Pink", 2 skeins

Pattern Changes: Only that after I finished it and tried it on, the way the ears stuck up made me look like a flamboyantly gay and somewhat cold Batman, so I moved the ears twice as far apart.

Other Notes: I substituted Karabella for Mission Falls 1824, and since the Karabella guage is 18x26, the hat came out a tiny bit shorter than I think it should--however, since the main base of the hat calls for 1 3/4" of this, and 3 3/4" of that, it could just be that my forehead is enormous.

The other interesting thing is that the main hat took EXACTLY one skein of yarn. Woo.

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And now on to my other query. I shall be doing MagKnits' Sesame, but since the suggested Rowan yarn is FAR too expensive, I was thinking of using KnitPicks Andean Silk.

Now. Had I used Rowan Wool Cotton, I would have used the colors Hiss and Gypsy. As far as Knitpicks goes, I can't find, of course, exact matches in color, so I wanted to know if anyone had seen KP's Andean Silk in Sangria, Slate, or Cornflower, or had worked with them. I'd just like to know how they compare, colorwise, to the Rowan stuff before I order them. Any help?
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(no subject)

I'm working with double-pointed needles on a project. My question is: When I knit, is the RS supposed to be in the middle, and the WS facing me? So I have my rounds going. In the inside, there are my stockinette stitches and out the outside are the backs of those. Are the stockinettes supposed to be facing out or not?

And, if they are, how do I turn it inside out and continue knitting?


EDIT: Thank you all SO MUCH for your helpful input! I have my RS facing out as it should, and I'm learning to knit with my working stitches facing me. It's a little awkward, but I'll get the hang of it.

Thank you again! ♥
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Pirate Me

Experience w/ JaggerSpun Heather?

My hubby wants me to duplicate a marled cotton LL Bean sweater. The pattern is pretty easy as it's a rolled neck raglan. The tough part has been finding the yarn. But I "think" I found it - JaggerSpun Heather.

The problem is I have no experience with it. I haven't seen it at my local yarn shops. Does anyone know if doubling the 3/8 weight would be too bulky for a worsted weight pattern (size 7 or 8 needles)?

The best price I've found is at Sarah's Yarns http://www.sarahsyarns.com/JSHeather.html and I love the color choices.
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(no subject)


I'm currently trying to work on Knitty's Branching Out and I have a small question...

when it starts on row 1 it goes

Row 1 [RS]: k3, ssk, yo, k5, [yo, k1] 5 times, yo, k5, yo, k2tog, k3 (31 sts)

now what I'm caught up on is the SSK... and knitty says its slip 2 stitches as if to knit, then knit those 2 stitches together... itsn't that the same as decreasing in stitches?

thanks in advance~ :3