October 9th, 2006

First time poster!

I just learned how to knit about a month ago. A week ago, I started learning to make hats. This is my third one:

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Unfortunately, it's ever so slightly big on me. I was thinking of washing it to see if it would help. Any suggestions? The yarn I used was just plain ol' Red Heart yarn. Thanks!


I finished my first glove yesterday and I am nearly done with the second one. One question: What is the best way, that you have found, to block these? They kinda flair out at the fingers and Im not liking that too much. I used the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran that the pattern called for.
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FO - pair of socks

Hi everyone, I'm new to the group. Dutch, beginner and without a SnB group (but two books and internet) nearby so...a solitair.

And I did manage to create something with my modest skills, a pair of socks for my father. First one turned out nicely, including first ever turned heel...but the second...I mucked. Luckily he doesnt mind too much and wares them anyway.

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Ahah! The light bulb clicks on!

I dove into two gloves on two circs last night. I had to cast on three times to get it right and to a point where I felt comfortable, and it took me a while to get control of two balls of yarn while working two times in the round on two sets of needles, but I got it! This is such a convenient way to do gloves (and, no doubt, socks). Funny how understanding a skill-set suddenly makes the world a little nicer. :)
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More re-enactment projects...

Now that I have the pattern set for my 16th century Gunnister-modeled stockings (and they're turning out very nicely, and the Dale Hauk is very nice to work with--pics will come when I get my digital camera today!), I am looking for my next project...I would like to knit a hooded cloak for my historical re-enactment costume. We do events in October, and in Minnesota, October is not necessarily the nicest month (in fact, they are talking snow this next weekend, and we are camping out for another show, and a rendezvous the next weekend as well). I realize this is going to be a long-term and probably expensive project, considering the size. However, considering that my historical character is from a sheep-raising family in the Highlands of Scotland, a knit garment would be more in character than a fabric one. (I would also sew a lining into it, maybe of a Thinsulate type material, or a fleece.) So far all I've found are waist-length cloaks, and I'm looking for something ankle-length. A search on the 'Net turned up nothing, but maybe I'm not digging deep enough? Or is it possible that I may have to design my own, kind of like I'm doing my stockings?

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2 FOs : Shetland Triangle and Icarus

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(Click on all pics to enbiggen them)

This shawl is two sides of the same coin. I loved how quick it was however, I didn't like how repetitive it was. All it is is a 20 row neck chart, a 10 row repeat body chart then a 15 or 20 row end chart- all with purled ws rows. No surprises for a beautiful shawl. I used E.Z.'s sewn bind off which is very flexible and resembles a longtail cast on. I wanted to make sure my bo was elastic enough for me to block it all scallopy like (yes thats a word). I wasn't sure about the black edging but i figured if it didn't look good, i'd just rip it back, but in the end I thought it fit well.
What i would have done differently. I think I would have liked it better with more pronounced scallops at the edging. I was a little excited to finish this shawl so I didn't do much pondering in the realm of modifications.

All in all i'm sorry i'm giving it away. Then again, it's going to my mom so i could always steal it back!

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I loved knitting this shawl. This was my first successful go at lace after trying to knit Branching Out for months. I thought lace was this ridiculous thing that i'd never be able to accomplish. Well, after what seemed like forever those eyelet rows were driving me mad! When I got to the lace edging of Icarus I was in my glory. I can't remember the exact dates but this took me around a month to finish. I love it and i'm never (NEVER) giving it away.

Jumping on the bandwagon

I've seen so many beautiful Branching Outs that I've finally decided to try one. I've been knitting off and on for most of my life and have never tried lace before and Everyone said it was a good beginner lace project. I went to my LYS and picked up a 50g ball of Jaeger Baby Merino DK in Olive and have cast on.

Pictures will follow when I get farther along. I really like this color and I think it will show off the pattern really well.

Before I even went out to the LYS I decided to see if I could at least do the pattern so I got some Bernat Softee Baby yarn and 10½ needles and did one pattern repeat. I only messed up once-my own fault-but I found it very easy to knit. I might keep going with that to see what it will look like knit up. I know it won't be very light and lacy and won't block like the merino one but I think it'll still look nice on its own and be a nice cool weather scarf.
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Hat decreases?

I'm knitting a hat in some dk weight alpaca on size 3 (US) needles. It has 138 stitches total and I am ready to decrease, however with this many stitches I am wondering what the best decrease method is to use. I don't want it to be too long or pointed on top, just a basic rounded top. Any suggestions appreciated.

2/10 tencel yarn weight?

What is the handknitting yarn weight equivalent of 2/10 tencel yarn?

Specifically, I am looking at the last tencel yarn on this page. I found this page, so I understand that it's a two ply yarn, and each ply is spun at 10 times longer than standard. Also, it says that a 2/10 wool yarn is dk to worsted weight. However, I'm not sure how or if this translates to tencel, as it's a different fiber. Generally, I'm confused.

Misti Baby Alpaca Chunky Yarn

I am in love with this yarn, and I encourage anyone who has never touched it to do so immediately. That said, I want to make my mother a keyhole scarf out of it, and I'm interested in the "moulinette" colors as seen here:The bestest, softest yarn ever.

How do they look when knitted up? I can't find pics anywhere of an FO using these yarns. I love the double colors, but I don't want the scarf to be too busy looking. Any ideas? Thanks!
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Gift Idea brainstorming

I know this is not 100% on topic for this community but I am looking for as many ideas as possible, so I hope that you can forgive me for posting!

Gift-giving season is upon us, and I would like to do nice hand-made gifts for several people on my list. I know many people knit washcloths and make soap, and combine them into lovely gift packages, but alas I have no soap-making skills. I do, however, have baking skills.

I am looking for suggestions for knitting/baking tie-ins. The main thing I can come up with so far is knitted dishcloths with cookies, but there's no real connection between the two items. I thought about pot holders, but really, a knitted pot-holder is not ideal (I don't think - am I wrong?). I could always knit some cupcakes/cookies and bake cupcakes/cookies to go along with it but that is kind of cheesy- I'd like to knit something a bit more practical. The only other thing I thought of would be a scarf, hat or mittens with some specialty hot cocoa and cookies .. sort of like a "cold weather survival kit" .. but not everyone I know needs scarves/hats/mittens.

Anyway, I know it's a long shot, but I also know there are some incredibly creative and talented people in this community who might be able to help me think of knitted items that could be packaged with cookies/quickbreads/jarred cookie mixes or the like.

Stop Fighting!

Yarn Therapy?

No pictures, no 'how do I do this' kinda questions, just a random general question.

How many of you use yarn therapy? Like when you're upset or angry or stressed out, you go to a yarn store and pet, or run your hands through your stash and touch and feel and dream about what it'll all one day turn into? Is it just me who does that? Am I all alone in that? If I'm not, how long did it take you to realize that that's what you were doing? I realized it a while ago, but I've never really talked with anyone about it. Knitting de-stresses me, but if I'm too stressed out to knit (and yes, there have been times), I turn to my yarn therapy. Anyone else?