October 10th, 2006

Bobble question

I'm interested in designing a sweater made in strips and then connected with a series of bobbles. Is it possible to create bobbles this way? The instructions that I have run into only discuss bobbles while in the process of knitting, but not as an independant entity? Any suggestions would be appreciated
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Need some ideas..

okay so I'm going to be moving out of my parents house by the end of the year...so any projects I was working on or planned are on hold or depending on how far I was in, ripped out and put back into stash for this... anyways with me going to be moving out of state, I'm going to be tight on money... one way to get a little extra money I thought was knitting and selling some things...

I have alot of acrylic yarn, one ball of green yarn that was bought at joanns thats kinda cheap... anyways the ball weighs in at 6.1oz...

and I have two small balls of yarn that is a wool and acrylic mix... though mostly acrylic so it doesn't felt that much... the balls weight 0.9oz and 1.1oz

I don't have alot of needles though. but I have (In US sizes) four double point 8, two double point 9, three double point 4, and then straight needles; 7, 4, 8, 6, 10, and 11

... so are there anything I can knit that people may buy with what I got?

sorry if I'm being annoying ^^;; thanks in advance!

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i want to make pom poms to attach to a pair of baby booties, but was not sure how to make them "baby proof"
all of my pompoms have turned out pretty shoddy. how else could i make a pommy that won't be eaten in two seconds?

for reference i'm making soot sprites from my neighbor totoro :)

Second Thoughts : Raffia Edition

Holy cannoli, Batman! Now I know why there aren't many knitted items made out of raffia.

Has anyone else made a project out of raffia? I got the stuff for free, and I really like the way it's looking, but it hurts my hands to knit with it for long periods of time. OMG The Hurting! (It's also making me buy more yarn...supersoft yarn...cashmerino yarn yum...as an apology to my poor tortured fingers)

I'm making a plain-jane stockinette purse, or trying to anyways. As a gift. THE perfect gift for a friend. So I really don't want to give up on it. But....

It's curling up. A Lot.  It's so stiff that the stitches curl all the way around the needles. The bottom edges are folding in on themselves where I picked up stitches for the sides. You can't even tell what it's going to be. I thought it'd straighten out as I got farther along, and it is...a teensy bit...but now I'm starting to worry that it's going to stay curly Forevaaaa!

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Thusly, my question:

Does anyone know if you can block raffia? There is no ball band...they weren't even balls. My friend bought a bag of it at a machine knitting show decades ago. I'm planning on lining the purse once it's knit, so as a last ditch maybe I could put some sort of stiffening panels in between the liner and the raffia...foam? I really don't know...

PS Cats LUUUUURRVVV the raffia.
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FO-knitted poncho

This is my first knitted poncho. I've crocheted them before but never knitted. I had a bunch of Bernat Frenzy I picked up on discount at W-M over a year ago and never really knew what to do with it. I'd only crocheted a friend a scarf with some of it and made myself some handwarmers but nothing really substantial until I decided to see if I could do a poncho with it.

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I got one color block out of one ball of yarn. I made two rectangles using red, black, purple and white in that order. I CO 45 sts and did 17 garter ridges (two garter rows) and would change colors on the right side during the last half of the last ridge. Same with BO-during the last half of the last ridge. I sewed the end of the red block to the side of the white/purple.

It's really warm and cushy-the sides end at about my elbow, which is what I like and the points at the top of my thighs.

I wanted to go ahead and finish this since a cold front is supposed to be coming and the weekend is supposed to be chilly and I wanted to wear it to church.


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Socks, a WIP, and other knitting talk

I've caught the sock-knitting bug. I checked out Socks, Socks, Socks via inter-library loan a week or so ago and finally picked it up at the library yesterday. There are so many neat patterns!! I think a lot of people will be getting knitted socks for Christmas and Channukah. Of course...I'm not sure how long it takes to knit a pair of socks (or how much yarn I'll be able to afford). I did order a huge lot of bamboo DPNs (sets of 5, sizes 0-13) off eBay yesterday so I can start knitting in the round. I can't wait!!! Luckily they won't be coming for at least a week, so I won't start knitting socks instead of studying for my GRE on Monday.

And while I'm talking about knitting, here's how the Clapotis for my mom is going:

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I hope my mom doesn't completely hate the colors. I admit that I picked the colorway based solely on how cheap it was (although it is 100% wool and more expensive than yarn I would normally buy). D: I hope she doesn't mind all the bright colors!

I've heard a lot of people complain about clapotis getting really tedious in the middle, but so far I'm not bothered. I like that I can do the pattern without thinking too much about it. I got much more frustrated with Mom's Sophisticated Scarf (which I didn't even finish, because I got peeved at the person I was making it for) which seemed like it would never end! I'm almost halfway done with clapotis now and I haven't once wanted to just rip it all out like I did with that scarf.

I keep thinking about frogging the scarf and making something else out of the yarn (right now it is sitting unfinished on a set of needles I'm not using), but I spent so much time on it. Maybe when I finish the Clapotis, I'll transfer the scarf back onto my size 8 needles, stick the seed stitch ending on, bind off and give it to one of my sisters in law for Channukah.

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Left Twist stitch help?

Hello all!

I'm currently knitting socks using the Jughandle Rib from Barbara Walker's Third Treasury. It's a pretty pattern, and the recepient so far likes how it looks, but there's something bothering me. All my right twists are neat and nice and pretty and small and look exactly the way they're supposed to, but my left twists are big and loopy, leading to a line of stitches that looks kind of jagged. It always irritates me whenever I pick up this sock, because I keep on thinking that there's got to be a better way to do left twist stitches.

I've been following the author's instructions - hold the twisted stitch either to the front or the back and knit/purl the stitch that it's supposed to cross. Again, it's working fine for right twists (when I hold the stitch behind), but not at all for the left twists.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong, or what would make it better? Thanks!

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felting cables

Hi all..

I'm going to get started on christmas presents soon and I was thinking of making this cable knit purse for 4 of my good friends in different colored yarn and ribbon for each:


I was thinking of leaving out the round handles and making it more of a "clutch" using dowels instead. I was also thinking of felting the whole thing for a different look. So my question is, has anyone ever felted a cabled project? How did it come out? Any pictures to share?

I have two balls of Paton wool yarn in cream and brown that is just screaming to be made into a purse!

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Branching Out progress

Yesterday I posted that I was going to try Knitty's Branching Out scarf.

Here's a pic of my progress, the Bernat and the Jaeger one. The mint green is harder to see on the white sheet but the olive one isn't and you can see that it's going to look really good when I'm finished and can block it. I tried to smooth it out some so the details could be seen.

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Happy looking.

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Love/hate relationships with yarn; Or: the incredible melting strand.

I'm working with a recycled silk yarn, from Nepal, right now, making a Liesel scarf. Not the same thing as recycled sari silk, this stuff is the loveliest charcoal grey colour, that has a beautiful sheen to it. This yarn is very SOFT, but also very DELICATE. If it's pulled too hard while forming stitches, it slowly pulls apart, sort of like when you pull cotton balls apart. While it's fascinating to watch this happen, it's aggravating to have your yarn spontaneously "melt" whilst in the middle of a row! Thing is, I can't break the yarn with my hands just by pulling on it. The strand itself has to sort of "unravel" from being worked with in order for it to pull apart. I'm too in love with the feeling and texture of the yarn to give up on it, so I've resigned myself to being very slow and cautious, and keeping an eye on the state of the working strand.

But I figured I'd ask here, and see if anybody has any suggestions for preventing further "disintegration".

Also, if anybody has any thoughts re: the yarn holding up during regular scarf wear & tear. I imagine, since I can't physically pull the yarn apart by hand, regular jostling around of stitches isn't going to cause too much damage. But input is welcome!
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Best needles for Magic Loop with lace

I have everything ready to make the Shetland Tea Shawl from a Gathering of Lace, but I find that my Needlemaster cables are way too stiff to use Magic Loop with the circular cast-on method asked for. I'm getting ready to order some Cotton Fleece to make Sizzle by Knit and Tonic, and I figure I could order a needle online as well that would have a nice pliable cord. I'm thinking Knitpicks new circs, but I'm open to all suggestions as I'd like to buy both my yarn and needles from the same vendor. I can just put in an order for a couple of pairs of circs at Knitpicks if the consensus is that those are the best.

So, my question to you folks - What brand/type of circular needles do you recommend for doing Magic Loop with laceweight yarn? A nice pliable, stretchy cord is a must! I'll be needing a US3.

I appreciate any and all help. It's been a week since I finished my last project, and my fingers are itching to get started on a project! Thanks so very, very, very much!
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Yarn Dislike

I don't think I would every say this.. But there is a yarn I really dislike.
Why do I dislike it? Because it's too nubby and "sticky" feeling. It's not flowing when I knit with it and I just can't finish knitting up my feather and fan shawl because I dislike the yarn so much.

The yarn is Jaeger Trinity.
Would you just stop and give up or would you just hurry and finish the darn thing.

More info on the blog

What would you do?

Accidental Baby Hat

I recently had several requests for the pattern for the cabled baby hat I made out of Paton's SWS. The irony is that I meant to make an adult sized hat and I just can't multiply. Anyway, I posted the pattern, along with pictures here. Please feel free to use it, it's my own stitch pattern and design.

I really enjoyed the SWS. Most of the knitters I asked really liked it. A few thought it was too fuzzy or felted too fast. I personally liked the fuzz and for the next project I'm using it for, I want it to felt fast. The only complaint I had was that it's a little splitty. The colors are gorgeous and it's just SOOOOOOOOOO soft! My baby normally hates hats, but she LOVES this one!
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