October 11th, 2006


Ordering yarn from WEBS to ship to Canada

A question for knitters in Canada...have any of you ordered yarn from WEBS? I know that a lot of you in the US do, but I was reading their shipping information on the website, and I'm a little confused as I haven't ordered a lot of stuff from the US before. (I have ordered from KnitPicks, but it's duty free, so it just shows up normally.) How does it work when you are charged duty or additional fees to recieve a package? (I'm in BC, if that makes a difference) Sorry if these are dumb questions, I just want to have an idea of what to expect.
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Notes on gifting (for the holidays and beyond!)

The holidays will be upon us in no time, but like good little worker bees we have all started our gift projects with LOADS of time to spare. Right? (Right?)

Most of you have multiple ideas or projects already in the hopper. Now, as always, we want to make sure that the busy pace of the season doesn't get in the way of sharing knowledge and questions that benefit each other, not just one or two people.

We've already had several posts saying "Tell me what gift to make for my wicked stepmother/boss's dog/bazaar table." The mods agree that this is not productive. YOU know the person you're gifting; the 5,000 other members of knitting do not. We also don't know your allergies, budget, time limitations, how fast you knit or what skills you have or lack, etc. If these things are relevant and would limit responses to your question, then you need to supply these facts if you want helpful responses. Also, if you've looked at and rejected some resources already, saying so would be helpful; explaining why you've done so would be even better.

Given that, we'll be keeping a close eye on the community for vague, nonspecific posts -- through the holiday season and beyond. You will be asked to either be more specific or remove your post if it's inappropriate. As always, Google search, LJ-seek and the memories section on the profile page are your friends. Reiterating from a previous mod post:

Not good: Tell me what to make for my mom.
Also not good: I have half a skein of Flopsy Bunny's Snuggle-riffic Acrylic Silk Substitute Yarn. What do I make with it?

Better: [The poster has Googled first and searched the Memories section or done an LJ-seek for some general ideas she thinks might work.] My grandma loves to wear pretty wraps, so I'd like to make her a longer stole to keep her warm. She is allergic to wool and most of the wraps she has are rectangular, so she probably prefers those to triangular patterns. I'm also rather new to lace knitting and cables, but I like a challenge. Could anyone suggest a simple pattern that would work well with a non-wool yarn? Thank you!

In general, we strongly urge you to plan, plan, plan.
--BE SPECIFIC. Narrow down what you want as much as possible and ask questions from there.
--BE REALISTIC. Even the most experienced knitters don't have unlimited time, money or skill. Pay attention to what you DO have; aim to do simple things beautifully and spruce them up if you have extra time.
--REALIZE THAT NOT EVERYONE NEEDS TO RECEIVE A KNITTED GIFT. If you don't know someone well enough to know what sort of knitted gift they'd like to receive, you may want to reconsider knitting for them. It's not just that the members of knitting don't know any better than you do; some people are bothered by receiving overly personal gifts, and handmade objects may fall in that category. In addition, other people may not express enthusiasm proportionate to how much work and time you put into the project.

Only knit gifts for those you know will love them and respect them. Everyone will be happier that way. (Trust us.)

Wishing you a productive and rewarding season of knitting!

Autumn Longies

I recently finished a pair of longies (cloth diaper cover that doubles as trousers) for a friend’s son. I worked these using the Wooly Wonder WonderPants pattern, in the medium size. I added a Curly Purly pleated waistband, which should eliminate the need for a drawstring or elastic. Because I knew I would not have enough of the variegated yarn (Elenya Alpaca in the Nolan colorway from Irish Baby Knits), I did a provisional cast on and worked the body of the longies first. Then I went to the yarn shop and picked out yarn for the contrasting cuffs/waist. I ended up with Cascade 220, a good workhorse yarn but not nearly as soft and nice as the Elenya Alpaca (which is a DREAM to work with!). I then worked the cuffs with 5 rows of stockinette stitch followed by 12 or 14 rows of seed stitch (I forget exactly how many). The cuffs are rolled up in this photo but can be rolled down as the baby grows. After that, I undid the provisional cast on and worked the waistband up from the longies. This is where I ran into a bit of trouble. I had posted on here asking about the best way to do this and the general consensus was that this would work but may leave a bit of an uneven transition due to the 1/2-stitch offset. Well, it did, and there is a photo of what happened under the cut. I don’t mind it, though, it’s just a bit of extra character I guess!

I also have a question about my short rows, which I’ve put under the cut with a few photos to illustrate.

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Redheads are Trouble

Branching Out - Questions Comments Concerns

Having done 2 pairs of fetching, working on a cable hat, and knucks I think I've starting moving into the next phase of projects.

Looking at branching out, it's beautiful, but at 7 inches wide it's a scarf, not a shawl correct?

Also knittin on ...long cables (i.e. circulars), the only knittin in the round I've done is DPN's (which BTW I really like) so I'm not really sure how to do this. I do have a set on 11 inch SPN but I wondered...is it the same?

Is this a good begginer lace project?
bitch please

(no subject)

I recently made armwarmers that I'm quite pleased with. The problem is, one was knit more tightly than the other. I'm hoping blocking will help them keep form and even it out, but what would you block an armwarmer on?

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Hey Everyone: I’m running into some problems with the Child’s Placket Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts and was hoping someone could give me some feedback on my issues! I’m near the finish line with this one, so this particular issue is pretty frustrating since I’m SOOOO CLOSE to being done!

The pattern is knit in the round, and I’ve attached the sleeves and made the yoke. Now I am making the placket, this part you are making the placket and also continuing the raglan decreases. Pattern reads:

Turn work, CO 5 stitches at the beginning of the round. For the placket section of the yoke, you will be working back and forth in rows continuing the raglan decreases and working 5 stitches at each end of row in seed stitch [OK I HAVE CO my 5 additional stitches]

Placket row 1 (WS): Work 5 sts in seed stitch, purl to last 5 sts, work to end in seed stitch [DONE]
Placket row 2 (RS): Work 5 sts in seed stitch, knit to within 2 stitches of the next marker…..

Between Row 1 and Row 2 above is where I get stuck. If I understand this correctly, you are just knitting backwards in the round in the opposite direction (because initially before row 1 you turned work and CO 5 additional sts) with seed stitch at the beginning and end for 5 sts. When I do this, between Row 1 and Row 2, I get an extra stitch added on.

Is this making sense to anyone? Pattern reading can be more difficult to me than the actual knit process!!! Thanks in advance!

gauge issues

I recently started a top-down cardigan with a seed stitch button band. However, it appears that my row gauge in seed stitch is different (I need more rows to make an inch in seed stitch) than my row gauge in stockinette/ribbing. As a result the button band is pulling in a little. Is this something I could reasonably expect to fix with a good blocking, or do I need to choose a new buttonband stitch? Garter stitch will likely cause the same problem, yes?

Cabled scarf patterns?

My mom has requested a scarf for Christmas, and since she wants a plain white one I thought I might do something interesting with cables. I've searched through most of the free pattern websites and googled but I haven't had any luck finding what I'm looking for. I don't mind paying for a pattern if it's nice. I'm planing on useing Blue Sky Alpaca Organic cotton worsted weight yarn. I've done some simple cables before, but I'm more than willing to try something more complicated and I have more experienced knitters to help me if I get stuck.
Thanks so much!
Thank you all for your suggestions. The celtic cables were perfect, so I'll probably make a scarf using those.

favourite superwash sock yarns

What's your favourite superwash sock yarn? I've checked googled the community and came up with lots of superwash alternatives for all kinds of different weights, but not much beyond KnitPicks for sock yarn. I'm thinking maybe Lorna's Shephard Sock, but I'd love to hear any other tried-and-true suggestions.

I'd like to make my mother a pair of sock for Christmas, but there's absolutely no way that she'd hand-wash them. I'm willing to pay up to around $20-$25 for a pair (hopefully including shipping, but if that's not possible it's OK). I'm in Canada so I'd need somewhere that'd ship here, and I'm not opposed to buying from Ebay either.

Edit: In my research, I also found that Red Bird Knits is having a Socktober Sale -- most sock yarns are 20% off. I've ordered from them before, and they're nice, and the shipping is quick. As a bonus for Canadians, they're from the Toronto-area (I believe) and list in Canadian Dollars

Manos del Uruguay

Does anyone out there have a good online source for Manos del Uruguay wool (the variegated kind, especially)? The least expensive I can find it is $15.50 a ball, but with shipping it comes out to more like $19 a ball.

Or is this one of those where it's definitely better to go to the LYS? Thanks.

Traveling yarn

Salt Lake City Knitters, I have a shop question for you.

What is the Black Sheep Wool Co. like? It is pretty close(~5 blocks) to the hotel I'm staying in during a weeklong conference in SLC next week and I am thinking of visiting it, but I don't want to drag another person over there if I won't be able to buy anything. We aren't allowed to go anywhere alone, after a regional member was mugged and severely assaulted during conference two years ago. I have a severe contact allergy to sheep's wool products, and considering the name, I wanted to know if it was a mostly wool shop or not. None of my coworkers attending are knitters, thus they'd probably be annoyed if I dragged them there just to stare at yarn I can't pick up.
I know they carry a number of great yarn brands from googling the exact phrase, I am specifically asking if they have a good selection of 0% wool yarns. Also how you liked the store, are they friendly, is it organized?
They haven't got a website, and I wanted to see if I could hear opinions from people who've visited the shop.
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cartesian knitting

question about a hat . . .

hey everybody,

i promise that this inquiry is fluffy-tested (i googled everywhere for an answer) and will be mod-approved! :-D

i have a friend who's a pretty huge fan of the monkees and is actually (gasp!) *distantly related* to mike nesmith. for christmas, i'd like to knit her a hat just like his. i know she'll get a jolly damned kick out of it. :-) anyway, i've figured (from pictures) that the hat is a 1X1 ribbed affair, probably done in chunky wool. my problem is this: i don't know how to *make* a hat that ribs all the way up, much less a hat that doesn't decrease spiral-wise toward the top. i'm not *entirely* inept at making hats, but when it comes to this sort of thing, my brain just doesn't work that way. any help would be totally appreciated, please and thank you. :-)
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Lace Shawls

Ok so I've been looking all around for lace shawl patterns, and I just can't find something that really strikes me as perfect. I want a shawl pattern that's either square or triangular, with some sort of woodsy/leaf/tree pattern, maybe even sort of wintery-themed. The theme currently glued in my head is like a winter pine tree sort of thing. Right now I'm in love with this lace pattern. Problem is, I've only made a lace stole before, and it didn't have any edging or anything. So I want something that I can just follow to the letter. I don't think I'm currently capable of creating any sort of pattern from scratch.

You guys are so great and I hate to be annoying, but I'd be super grateful for any suggestions at all.

Oops, Clarification: I don't mind adding a border/edging. I really like the way the more complex shawls end up looking, rather than a solid pattern overall. Complexity is not a problem. Difficulty is actually good--I want this project to take time.

FO Socks!

Socktoberfest continues!

Here is my newest contribution to Socktoberfest! These are fresh off the needles, just in time for my birthday. And I couldn't be happier with them as a present. The yarn is Fleece Artist merino, which I recieved during a swap this summer. It is soft and squishy, but also pretty rugged. The yarn feels "tough" when you knit with it, but it knits up pretty lofty as you go on. I love them! Knit on US 2's, they just seemed to fly, a perfect breaktime at work knit. I even have enough left over for some short footies- the skein was truly huge!

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Thanks for looking!

FO - Fingerless Gloves

I'm so proud of these!!!!! My first pair of fingerless gloves!

I used Noro Cash Iroha in Burgandy. I was following the pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, but it doesn't look anything like the photo. However, I'm ver pleased with them! They are not for me, they are for a swap ... but I will make another pair for me in Noro Cah Iroha, but in Sage Blue. 

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