October 13th, 2006

Backgammon board

I bought this pattern for a backgammon board set to make for my mom for Christmas. She's missing a lot of pieces to her board she has now and figured it'd be an interesting gift.

Anyway, I just looked at the pattern... and maybe I'm just a little slow, but I can NOT visualize this to save my life.

You CO 54 stitches, knit and purl rows alternating for 4 rows, sure that's fine.
Then in row 5 you K48, yf, slip 1, yb, turn. At first I didn't get the yf. Found picture of that online. Its basically what you do to switch between knit/purl stitches while you're ribbing (right?). Ok so... anyway, after the 48 and the slipped stitch, I still have 4 stitches left on my needle. Do I leave those on my needle and turn the work anyway? How would I continue work from this point forward. ANY clarification on this part of the pattern would help.

Has anyone knit this pattern before? Or a similar pattern?

If it helps any, row 6: Slip 1, P42, yb, slip 1, yf, turn.

Thanks in advance :)
Redheads are Trouble

Short Rows

I've looked up a few tutorials, but it seems there are like 6 different ways to do them.

It isnt dropping a stich a little different?

Can someone show me their favorite tutorial on short rows? I thought there was one on Knitting Help but I cant find it.


Which Nicky Epstein book is most recommended?

I ordered Knitted Flowers on a whim, and I love it! Now, I would like to use a credit I have at Amazon to order another of her books... but I don't know which to choose. There is no bookstore near me, so I can't browse to see which I like best. I've read reviews online, but they pretty much all say "get this book!" and nothing about which is best. Her Knitting on the Edge, Knitting Over the Edge, and Knitted Embellishments all look interesting, and I think there is a new one coming up that can be preordered... Knitting Beyond the Edge, or something similar. I do hope to eventually invest in all of them, but which one would yall recommend that I buy first? Is there one you'd recommend over all of these? My favorite things to knit are hats and sweaters, and I also enjoy bags, but I'm really just interested in building up my knitting library right now... so other suggestions work, also. Thanks!

A two parter...

I've got two questions for you guys, and hopefully you can shed some light...

1. I've finished knitting the pieces for a poncho for my mom, and it's time to seam the two pieces together. (Pattern is Maize Hutton's easy poncho.) The finishing instructions just indicate to "Sew 1 bound off st to each garter ridge." All of the seaming techniques I see in books and online are sewing two like edges together, but in this case, I'm looking at a lumpy side edge and a smooth co/bo edge. She tells how to match the pieces up, but what kind of stitching would you recommend?

(If it helps, the project was knitted with Homespun on size 13 needles.)

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

2. I know a lot of you have made Knitty's Fetching, and I've seen something that concerned in some of your FO pictures, and now I'm facing it myself.

I finished the first glove last night (all but the thumb, that is), and despite my gauge being smack dab on, the glove seems very short from the thumb gussett to the knuckles. I noticed on FO shots some people have posted that unlike the photo on Knitty, the gloves seem to fall short of covering the knuckles.

Anyone else have this problem? Has anyone done any mods to the pattern to compensate for it?

This first pair I made is for my mom, who has tiny hands, so it's not too big a concern. But when I make mine, I want my knuckles covered, so I'm just wondering how many extra rows of ribbing I'll have to add after the thumb gussett to get things where I want them to be, and if anyone else has done the same.
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Kidsilk Haze?

For my birthday I received some money to spend on yarn, and I'm leaning heavily towards treating myself to some Kidsilk Haze. I was wondering if some people who've knit with it could give me some reviews on what it's like to work with? I've searched, but haven't been able to find any reviews more detailed than "omg I lurv this yarn it's sooo soft/squishy/yummy!" Which is good to know, but not very helpful.

I'm pretty much just looking for general info, since I know everyone knits different. How it "behaves," is it prone to breaking, does it slip off aluminum/bamboo/whatever-type needles like they were greased? That kind of thing.

Negative reviews are welcome too; if you absolutely detested working with KSH, I'd like to know why. :o)

Thanks in advance!
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Felting Lett Lopi

I'm planning on making some mittens or similar out of Lett Lopi and then felting them. I've never either used Lett Lopi or felted anything (although I've read about felting), and I was wondering if anyone has experience on felting this yarn before. Specifically, I'd be interested in knowing how much it shrinks during the felting process, and what size needles you used.