October 15th, 2006


omgwtfbbq!?! An actual FO?!!!1!

You know that second sock syndrome thingie? I don't limit it to just socks. I've been knitting for four years. I've started countless projects. I have actually finished...um...two things: a vest for my father that turned out more like a Romulan robe (beware making large garments in garter stich with super bulky yarn), and THIS!

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But wait! It's a scarf and a hat, so really I've finished THREE things!! Now to finish the seven other projects I have on needles right now...erhem...or maybe cast on some of that lovely new yarn I got yesterday...

short rows

I am so confused about working short rows. Is there a good tutorial out there? I am ready to reach through the screen and rip the knitting.com lady's head off right now because I have no clue what she is doing when she blends the wrapped stitch in by knitting them together. I keep ending up picking up an extra stitch instead of hiding the wrap.
Sorry I missed church

Variegated problem:

I've been working on one of my Christmas projects which is in a variegated yarn, and just today I noticed that there is one place with an unsightly spotch in the lightest color (it's in an area *between* where I was knitting with two balls to avoid just such a dilemma. Boo.) I'm peeved that it pooled when I wasn't watching.

I didn't notice it until today, so there's maybe two inches of knitting above that point. The yarn I'm using will frog, but it's a right bitch, and it would also be a pain because of the two-ball factor. Also, because I've been so good about two-ball knitting and because the other colors are darker, it really shows.

My question is this: is there a way to use a crochet hook or darning needle to somehow run a bit of the other colors through or over the splotch, just to break it up? Even for just a few of the stitches? Said splotch is approximately four rows high in garter stitch, but I think it wouldn't take much other color to blend it back in. Would that even work? Or do I just give it a miss; trust that the person I am making it for loves me and won't care?

I will frog if I have to, but any assistance you could offer would be much appreciated.
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Yardage Change

Ok I want to make a shawl. This is not blindingly exciting I know. I found the yarn I want to make it in and even though the pattern calls for lace weight I have already given my heart to a delicious little sock yarn. Now I know the shawl will be bigger. I can embrace that fact and get behind it, what I need to know is how much more yardage I would need. The lace weight takes 650 yeards, so how much sock yarn would I need? Is there a % I need to figure out or hopefully some magic calculator online somewhere?

Cambridge Jacket Shoulder BO Question

I'm working on the Cambridge Jacket from the Summer 2006 Interweave Knits and I am having a problem understanding a particular bind off direction. Maybe someone can clarify the instructions for me?

I am about to bind off the shoulder portion of the back panel and the directions read as follows:
Shape Shoulders: Counting bind-offs according to Note, BO 9 sts at beg of next 4 rows, then BO 9 sts at beg of foll 2 rows. BO all sts for back neck, working all p2 rib columns as 2 sts in the normal manner; do not dec as you did when shaping the shoulders.

The Note reads as follows:
When binding off shoulders and front neck, work each p2 rib column as p2tog on right side rows and k2tog on wrong side rows; each 2-stitch rib column will be decreased to 1 stitch, and will count as only 1 bound-off stitch.

I am confused about this strange "BO" method and don't really know how to proceed. Do I bind off as I would normally until I get to a p2 rib and then p2tog or k2tog depending on the side? If anyone has any insight, it would be much appreciated.

Knitty's Fetching - FO

Pattern: I just finished a pair of Knitty's Fetching.

Yarn: My LYS doesn't carry the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, so I used Rowan Cashsoft 4-ply (57% extra fine merino, 33% microfibre, 10% cashmere). I didn't like the worsted weight Cashsoft color choices, hence the 4-ply, which I used doubled. The woman at my LYS showed me how to estimate gauge for a yarn doubled based on the singled gauge - you take the spi (in this case, 7), multiply it by 2 (14) and divide by 3 (4.666.....). This was pretty close to the suggested gauge for the Cashmerino, so I went with it. The colors I used were Amethyst and Loganberry. Because the pattern called for exactly one ball of the Cashmerino and I knew I wanted to add an extra few rows, I decided to buy an extra ball of yarn in a different color to make stripes. As it turned out, I did have some of the contrasting color leftover but I doubt that I would have had enough without the contrast color stripes for this length. I used sz 5 double points because I don't have 6's, but my gauge was fine.

Modifications: I worked the pattern exactly as written up to the thumbholes (except for the stripe pattern), and then I worked six 4x1 rib rows, a cable row, and 5 4x1 rib rows before binding off. I did not do the picot bind off because I thought it just made it look sloppy. My striping pattern was as follows: after the last wrist cable, I worked 5 rows main color, 4 rows contrast color, 5 rows main color, 4 rows contrast color (then thumbhole!) then changed to main color for the rest.

Comments: I have one major complaint with the pattern, and it wouldn't have been a complaint if I had been thinking instead of just knitting. The instructions for the left hand say to cable in the opposite direction, but make no allowances for the position of the thumbhole. I put it in the same place as the right hand thumb. Now, there is no reason that the gloves can't be reversible, but it bothers me that the thumbhole falls in a different position relative to the cable stripes on each glove. For my next pair, I'm going to shift the thumb hole ever so slightly - the right hand mitt folds nicely and lays flat with the thumb in the correct position, because it starts directly after a purl column, but the left hand one does not because it starts mid-knit section.

All in all, an easy, quick pattern - two TV shows for the knitting (Gilmore Girls one night, Grey's Anatomy another), about 15 minutes of finishing during Numb3rs, and they're finished! I have another pair already half-finished in shades of green, and they will be gifts for my godsister and her partner at their wedding next week :)

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(no subject)

Ok, I need to order new wooden circs (around size 3mm), and can't get any more Holz & Steins.

So I was wondering -- what are your favourite wooden circs?
And do you have any that you prefer for laceweight knitting?

FO & Pattern: Felted Piano Tote Bag

For my first attempt at felting a knitted project, I followed the construction method at www.philosopherswool.com/Pages/FeltedBags.htm in general, though using smaller needles and single strand yarn. I added the piano design which I charted myself in Excel. The result was this cute piano bag, which I finished just in time to give to Mom for her birthday (actually a few days after, that being when I was home for the weekend, and me having to finish the actual felting when I got there...)

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Also posted to my personal journal.
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Pattern help needed

Hello everyone. I am trying to make this scarf http://www.knitting-and.com/knitting/patterns/scarves/scarf-squared.html and I have a problem.

The first 4 rows is as follows:
Eyelet stitch pattern

1st row: K1, ssk, *(yo) twice, sl2tog, k1, psso; rep from * to last 3 sts, (yo) twice, k2tog, k1.

2nd row: K3, p1 *K2, p1; rep from * until 2sts remain, k2

3rd and 4th rows: Knit

This isnt adding up for the first row.Am I just crazy?I have been trying this for hours and its always the same.Theres only 2 stitches left at the end of row one when there should be 3.
Is there a mistake in this pattern?I have never had to figure out a pattern mistake before. Please if you can offer ANY help that would be wonderful.I am making this for myself for once and its not going to well. x.x

Ty one and all for all the great help you have given me!Even if it is me thats doing something wrong the help is always great and told to me in a kind way!
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(no subject)

I am near the end of a heavy Lopi hat for my husband. Found an acceptable pattern, which, of course, uses something completely different from the bulky wool he selected...soooo, am to TRYING to adapt.
Herein lies the problem.
I'm an idiot when it comes to 'free-styling'. I can read a pattern just fine, my stitches are lovely and even tensioned. But this hat that I am trying to salvage, for instance, is big enough to fit a person wearing a helmet....sigh.
am hoping i can felt it down

So, two questions...
- with something as basic as a hat...is there some sort of idiot-proof formula that one can apply so that you can use any yarn of choice? the cast on gets me in trouble 'cause i look at it and think...."whoa, thats WAY too small...".

- can you felt just a little?? would you just use warm water instead of hot?

Take pity - i am totally at your mercy.

For your comedic pleasure, i will share my last man hat experience; made the Sherlock Holmes hat, they didn't call it that but thats what the picture represented. Following the pattern, after only one wear, my husband was the laughing stock of his friends. It got wet and literally looked as if it melted on his head. Droopy, saggy, sad looking thing that i have since confiscated in shame. i keep telling myself it was the acrylic yarn.
hey, it's *MY* story and I'm sticking to it =P

ripped the whole dang thing out and using the "calculator", began again. thank goodness it's just a hat =)
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Knitting... OF DEATH

Combined knitting

Hi there,

I was taught to knit by my Middle Eastern grandmother, by the method that North American knitters generally call "combined." Basically that means that I knit through the back loop. This affects a lot of elements of my knitting, in particular the way that my decreases slant.

I've gotten really frustrated with published instructions that assume there is only one way to knit. Most text patterns will mechanically tell you to "k2tog" rather than "make a right-slanting decrease," meaning that I basically have to translate every pattern I read into my own knitting style before I can even begin. I do know how to knit the European/American way; I just find it much slower and I don't think the fabric looks as nice.

I've gotten even more frustrated with my inability to ask for help in matters of combined knitting, because most English-speaking knitters simply don't understand how I knit. What I mean is, they might know the answer to the question in the European/American style of knitting, but they often don't know (and sadly, they often don't care) whether their advice applies to other knitting styles. The odd thing about combined knitting is that some things have to be reversed (like k2tog/ssk) but others don't. I'm trying to learn enough about the "anatomy" of stitches to figure out which instructions need to be reversed, but I'm very new at this, and I don't know where to turn for help.

There is a little bit of information on the web about combined knitting, but not nearly enough IMO. (Annie Modesitt is a big fan of combined, but frankly I find the diagrams on her web page ugly and confusing.) Only three users in LJ have "combined knitting" as an interest, and no communities have it at all. Moreover, I have never found a site in English about knitting in Middle Eastern styles; I understand that Middle Eastern knitting is not identical to combined knitting, but I don't know exactly how and I don't know who to ask.

So today I decided to make a new community as a place for discussing stuff like this.


But while we're waiting for that community to get some members, here's my question! While I was looking on the web for some information on combined knitting, I found this translation table for stitches. However, there's some stuff about it that I don't really trust, and I could use some help interpreting it. For instance, the table seems to state that for combined knitters, both ssk and k2tog slant left. That seems surpassing odd to me; I've been simply exchanging k2tog with ssk for years now, and never noticed a problem. It's also given me doubts about what I'm doing when I ssk -- my grandmother never got that far when she taught me to knit as a kid, so I just kind of guessed which way the needle's supposed to go in the stitch, so now I'm starting to wonder if I've been doing it wrong all this time. I don't think my decrease stitches are twisted, but I don't know for sure.

Has anyone knit enough combined to show me how this works? I'd be much obliged.

Pattern Help

I need help please!!!!!!!!
I'm about to start cleaves from knitty...http://www.knitty.com/issuespring05/PATTcleaves.html
And I need sizing help!
How should I measure on myself to see how large I want the final circumference to be?
I'm sort of confused...it is my first shrug-like garment....and I bet I'm asking a bunch of obvious questions, but oh well!
Also in one part it says:
"Sleeves (Make 2)
Using dpns CO 24[24, 28, 28] sts. Place marker and join to begin working in the round, being careful not to twist."
How many double pointed needles should I use? Do I CO 24 sts and then divide them throughout the needles?
Maybe I'm just not thinking at all....
Help please?
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Felted Mittens

(Regarding a post I made a couple of days ago) I have now finished a pair of felted mittens. I used Létt-Lopi (knit in double for thickness), knit with 8mm needles, and then put it into a washing machine for 3 full cycles in hot water to get the desired felting effect. From swatching I'd figured the item would shrink about 15% of width and 20% of height. I'm quite happy with the result, the mittens are a perfect fit.

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I have also just started a new knitting blog if anyone is interested :).

One Skein Patterns?

A few months ago, someone busted out the window in my car and grabbed my knitting bag. I lost all my needles and all my yarn, at least $200 worth of supplies. A kind friend donated some single skeins to get me started again, but I need to find some one-skein patterns.

An exhaustive google turned up mostly reviews for the new book by that name (which would be great, but I can't afford it right now). Please point me at your favorite free one-skein patterns!