October 18th, 2006

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What is waste yarn?

Hey everyone. I've been working on Knitty's Tempting, which is a fun project for knitting n00bs who are bored with scarves.

I've hit a brick wall, however.

The directions say this:

[body] Place next 12 [14,16,18,20] sts on waste yarn, work across 60[66, 74, 82, 88] sts, place next 12 [14,16,18,20] sts on waste yarn, work to end of rnd. Set aside. Do not break yarn.

and later it says this in the sleeve part:
...Place next 12[14,16,18,20] sts on waste yarn. Place all rem sts on spare dpns, break yarn, leaving a long tail. Set aside.

What exactly is waste yarn and how would one incorporate this into the body of Tempting? Later when I do the sleeves, what does break yarn mean? Do I not bind off the sleeves like I would for scarves?

I kept it short for simplicity to narrow down what I am unsure about, but the link has all of the directions.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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Point one. I wished to do Magknit's Sesame, but being daunted by the pricey yarn, researched this comm with the lovely LJSeek and was encouraged by this discussion to get KnitPicks' Merino Style.

Point two. My box of KnitPicks glory came today, and I eagerly began a guage swatch, 21 st by 27 rowson size 6 needles. To my shock and dismay, this cameout closer to 3.5"x3".

My query then, is to ask whether I should

a)knit it anyway--not that big a deal
b) try with size 7 needles,
c) go for a different size in the pattern (I was originally aiming for a 35" bust and a 22" length)

I'd actually be most anxious to hear from laundryfor_sale, since the previously mentioned entry showed that she was having good results with Merino Style, but of course I'll be glad to hear from anyone else who used this yarn as well. Thanks

After soliciting the council of the Wise Ones, I decided to do both a larger swatch on size 6 needles and one on size 7. I only got so far as the first swatch, however (27 sts by 33 rows; thanks emmacrew and msmcknittington!) and the issue was resolved--the guage is correct, and off I go on my merry-knitting-way. Huzzah!

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Is Knitpicks "Wool of the Andes" like Cascade 220, or is it coarser?

Can anyone tell me where one might be able to buy cones of yarn, and is it cheaper this way? Someone wrote in a blog that they went to China and bought cones of cashmere, the really thin stuff that's made into those sweaters you could find everywhere in stores last year. Have these cones of cashmere found it's way in these parts? Thanks for any info.

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another yarn question here....

am looking for a medium weight wool yarn that will felt. Now, I know theres lots of nice felty yarns out there (the link of online yarn sources in this community is great! found lots of cool stuff for future projects :)) but does anyone have experience with one that will give me a nice smooth finish (no fuzzies! and no lumpies!) and a gentle heathery appearance? all the blurbs say "felts great" but they dont go in to the kind of detail I want.

any experience with the lambs pride heathers? usually lambs pride felts up a bit too fuzzy for me, but i can always give it a hair cut when I'm done ;). what about the cascade 220? no one in my local circle of fellow knitting geeks has used that for felting so we're not sure what the surface will look like...and does it come in heathers? I havent seen any...

I know there's bunches of you folks here that have done felting projects with various brands, and I'd love to tap into the collective hive mind!

I suppose I could buy skeins of all of 'em and give it a shot, but egads, there's a lot of choices out there and if I dont have to do 20 jillion  swatches, I'd really rather not ;)

(as a point of background, this is giong to end up being a small purse for a teenager, so bright colors is ok, just dont want real strong patterns in the yarn, as it will detract from the ornamentation that's going to happen after the bag is felted :))


Colourways yarns.....


I am curious where to buy colorways yarn.  I did a post a bit back about the Doctor Who scarf that Rose wore
I never heard of this yarn before and I wasn't sure if there are sites that are better than others. I looked and didn't see any posts on this.  If I missed the post please direct me to it. It was before my morning tea so I could have missed it.

Any advise would be great.

 EDIT:   I  appreciated the comments. Sorry...I wasn't  clear.  I am looking for places that make yarn that is like the picture.  I know "colorways" was not a name brand.  I just don't know the correct term for that kind of yarn.  Does that make sense?  Sorry if this is a Dumb question. I know nothing really on yarn

EDIT #2 :  Thanks so much for your comments. Now I know 
it is Variegated yarn.  That is exactly what I was looking for and Now I know just to scan the sites.  I really appeciated all your comments.  Thanks!  :)

Yarn Website with swatches?

I'm well aware of most of the major sites for buying/looking at yarn online. What I'm wondering is if any of you know of a few sites that show the yarns knit into swatches, instead of just in the skeins. I've seen a few yarns on a few sites that are shown this way, but it doesn't seem to be consistent throughout the site. I'm not very good (yet!) at looking at yarn (particularly if it's variegated or striping) and envisioning how it will knit up.

I know that I can just google (or search on flickr) for a particular yarn I may be thinking of buying, but that doesn't work so well if I'm in a browsing mood, cruising the net for ideas. Do any of you know of sites that may help me out, or am I out of luck?

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Recap (if I didn't post about this before):

I'm making Cleaves - two of them, in fact - for two friends. First I have Rowan bulky wool, then I have.. *runs to get a skein* .. Lane Borgosesia. I'm knitting Cleaves on size 13 US needles. I checked the gauge and it works out fine.

My questions go as follows: For Rowan, if it is washed in warm, will it felt? (Is that how felting works?) And for Lane Borgosesia, it says, "machine washable in luke warm water".. will this felt, as well? My goal is for these two pieces NOT to felt. I would be forever sad and mope for my entire life. ;)

Thanks, everyone.

[finished] Sari Silk Purse

While home visiting my mother in Regina, Saskatchewan, she took me to Golden Willow Natural Fibers. I found it to be a small but wonderful store, with a knowledgeable clerk who'd answer any questions you had but also leave you be to browse.

I thought I was going to escape without splurging on any yarn, having successfully resisted the Manos Del Uruguay, then turned the last corner and...skeins of recycled sari silk.

I was doomed. But it's a doom that comes with a lovely purse, at least.

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WIP and a question.

I had posted a few days ago about how to do ssk,but I decided not to do it. I Have started my first ever cabled item.Its a Irish Hiking scarf so its slow going.

I was thinking about only doing the cabling till it got to my shoulders.Then starting with knitting every row and k2tog on eaither end for 5 rows then changing to increasing for 5 rows so im back to 42 sts to start the cabling again.(To see what im talking about see this scarf http://www.knitting-and.com/knitting/patterns/scarves/scarf-squared.html )
I think it would make the knitting go alot faster and add a new look to the Irish Hiking scarf pattern.

Am I right in thinking that this would look ok?
Should I just do it the way it is and shut up? LOL

So this isnt text only I shall now add my WIP on the Irish Hiking Scarf.

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WIP: Top Down Cable Front Cardigan

A friend at my LYS gave me a copy of a pattern from a Paton's booklet called "Upside Downers" when I said I wanted to give a go at making a sweater. I've only been knitting since the beginning of the year so I was looking for something that would not be too difficult. So far the pattern has been extremely easy to understand and I love that it's all one piece! woo-hoooo no finishing but weaving in a few ends!

The yarn is Cascade Ecological in color 8061 I chose this yarn because I had 90% of a skein leftover from a felted bag and I liked working with it, plus it's extremely economical at about $16 a skein for 478 yards!

The raglan sleeves are waiting on stitch holders and now I'm just going round and round and round on the body.

The pattern calls for ribbing at the bottom of the body, but I think I'm going to skip that bit. It also calls for the collar to be stitched in half towards the inside to give it weight, again I think I'm going to skip that and instead fold it to the outside just like I'm skipping the picking up stitches to add a button row and placket. I think it will look nice just as an open front.

I can't remember if the sleeves are supposed to be ribbed at the cuffs, but I don't think I'd like that either. I wonder if I could pick up stitched and make a cable around the cuff? Anyone have a different suggestion?

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Rowan Scottish/Harris Tweed

I'm currently looking for a sub for a pattern, and I came across the Rowan Scottish (formerly Harris) Tweed line. The yarn looks fanatastic, and it looks as though it will match in gauge, but I'm curious as to how it feels. I've googled for reviews and what-not(and also checked Yarndex and Wiseneedle, to no avail), but no one has anything to say about this yarn apparently. Any input would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Rhinebeck Sheep&Wool?

Have any of you been to the Rhinebeck Sheep&Wool festival in NY state?

my friend really wants me to drive out there. there would be 3 of us going, probably leaving in the morning Saturday and coming home in the late evening. We're a couple of hours away.

If my friends take me, my gas, tolls, and entry fee will be taken care of, leaving me all of my money for yarn. So is it worth going to? Are there *great* deals? anything that we must see? Would you drive for 2-2 1/2 hours to get there and go for the day?

I guess I just want to hear from people who've been there before, since I don't know anyone who has. My friend and I are mildly serious knitters..we've both done some sweaters, for example, and have been knitting for a few years, and often try to tackle new and exciting techniques. Is it a really fun place to go, even if you don't spend a ton of money? If it's a great use of a Saturday, then I might go even if I barely end up buying anything.

I can't believe I'm being peer pressured into buying yarn.

vest pattern

Hello again! Thank you for all your previous help on my cleaves...hehe...it is now going marvelously! (if that even counts as a word)
and now I have come to request a pattern! (well, no, not really, just wondering if you knew where I could find a pattern for a vest like this one:
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Sorry for such a large picture...
I just like it! And was hoping...if anyone knew a pattern that remotely in any way resembled that one?
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Sticks and Strings


About a year ago, my mom picked up some soft pink angora yarn at our church's rummage sale. It's was really cheap and I got several balls, in two different shades of pink. I love the feel of it, but I am at a loss about what to do with it. In my experience fuzzy yarns like angora shed to the point that they aren't practical to wear. I once took an angora sweater from my sister's closet, and I had to take it off before the morning was over because I got fuzz on everything.

What do people use angora for? I thought about a hat or scarf, but I think I'd still have the shedding problem. I love the feel of it, though, and I want to find something to do with it. Is there a way I can wash it or something that will cut down on the shedding? A non-clothing object that I can use it for where the shedding won't be a problem? If you have any patterns for things with angora, send them my way, too! Thanks!

Question for the Moms in the Group

Well okay anyone could answer but it's a rather Mom specific question! So here is the background and my question!

My sister-in-law is having a baby at the end of November/begining of December. I was trying to think of something to give her for Christmas (I'm knitting stuff for the baby now) and thought that 

http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring05/PATTcleaves.html would be something she could use while breast feeding the baby  i.e. as a type of cover-up if she has to breast feed in public. 

So my question(s):

1) Would this be a comfortable thing to use for breast feeding?
2)For those who have knitted cleaves: Is it possible to make the cowl section longer without loosing the overall look?

Thanks for the help!!!

Knit the Knits?

Hi all

I just want to make sure I'm understanding the pattern correctly. It tells me to do the pattern, for example: K20 P20 K20

Then it tells me for the next 10 rows, knit the knits and purl the purls. So I take that to mean that I do exactly the same thing - K20 P20 K20 - for the next 10 rows.

When it tells me to reverse the blocks, I take that to mean that I would P20 K20 P20.

Is this correct?

I look at what I've knit so far and I don't see any difference between where I'm knitting and where I'm purling. Shouldn't it look different? Or am I doing it wrong.

thanks for your help
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Vogue Knitting 2006 fall issue gauge help

I really want to make the Ribbon Trim Pullover in the new Vogue knitting Winter 2006 issue. The problem is I just can't get the gauge right. I can't afford the Mimosa Cashmere that it calls for so I've been trying to substitute yarn. Honestly I'm sick to death of knitting, washing, blocking swatches of every reasonable yarn I have in my stash. The website I found about the original yarn it calls for is listed as a worsted weight yarn but the gauge calls for 13 sts and 23 rows = 4" over double moss stitch (yes I'm swatching it in double moss stitch) using size 10 needles. When going up a needle size to attain the right guage it leaves incredibly large lace like holes everywhere and the sweater could never be worn without something underneath of it to hide the flesh. I have been able to attain guage on size 10 needles using two strands of worsted weight yarn held together and this has kept the lacey holes from appearing but it has also made the swatch incredibly bulky which is not what it appears to be in the picture. Am I wrong that it shouldn't appear to be incredibly lacey? Any other ideas or suggestions?
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NY Sheep & Wool: Blogger Meet Up?

I've tried to search both the knitting and spinning communities, but unfortunately between not having a mouse (using my husband's laptop) and a spotty connection it's pretty frustrating. We're on our honeymoon in the Keys, and we're coming back in time to go to Rhinebeck. Every year I just kind of miss the "meet ups" that get planned, and I'd love to meet other bloggers while I'm there.

Would anyone take pity and send me a link to info on meetups for knitters and spinners? We're flying back in on Friday night, late, and I won't have a heck of a lot of time to renew my search... pretty much just getting up in the morning and heading out. I'd thank you very much from the beautiful, but wool-less Marathon Key.
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Knitted, felted ipod cozy?

I'm trying to find instructions for a simple ipod (nano) cozy that you can cut out openings for the screen etc.
I tried a search of the community posts, but everything I found didn't really have any instructions and/or the pictures were not showing anymore.
Do you just simply knit a rectangle, felt it and then sew to size and create the needed openings or are there any actual patterns out there?

FO and yarn review: Webs' Valley Yarns "Amherst"

Just finished a dog of a project commissioned by a friend and I thought I'd post my opinion of the yarn.

It's Valley Yarns "Amherst" which is one of Webs' house yarns, much like how elann has their own line of yarns. It's 100% merino, 109yds/50g center pull balls and recommends 4.5st/inch on US#8s.

First off, on my monitor the color cards on the site are very dark compared to the yarn in person. Luckily, my friend is happy with the colors as they appear. At least, he hasn't seen it in person yet, but he's happy with the pics I've got below.

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