October 19th, 2006

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Alternative Stitch Markers

So, I'm knitting a Clapotis in acrylic mohair, and getting very frustrated with the stitch markers. One snapped, and I didn't notice for an entire row of purling. And my stitches get all uneven around the markers, depending on how well I wrap the yarn past them.

But then I had an idea.
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by jaymesalexander


I'm working on the Rogue sweater pattern, and I'm up to the neck, and the pattern seems to be contradicting itself.

It says that you end one step with 20 stitches, and the next instruction reads as follows:

Shape front left shoulder - Work 12 more rows on left shoulder in stockinette stitch, decreasing 1 st at neck edge every other row until 16 sts remain.

Now, if I decrease every other row for 12 rows, I'll end up with 14 stitches, right? Does that mean I just decrease till I get 16, and then finish the 12 rows?

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Confusing chart for Candleflame Wrap

The zen of lace is proving difficult, maddening, and entrancing. I am working on Knitpicks "Candleflame Wrap". This is my first big lace project, so I have already ripped back 4 times, and have yet to finish the first repeat. I ended up ripping back to the border YET AGAIN, but this time I think I have identified a couple previous problems, and also found a key "spine" that will let me check very quickly that I am not getting lost.

The problem is that the chart is wrong/misleading. In the 8-stitch border, it acts like a normal chart, presenting the appearance of the stitches from the front. So the garter border is shown as alternate rows of knits and purls. Well and good. But, BUT, in the body of the lace pattern, those candleflame/feather looking things? In that section, the stitches are shown AS YOU KNIT THEM. So if the pattern in a WS row shows a knit stitch, you actually knit it, instead of purling it. As you can imagine, this was totally screwing with my head.

I finally figured it out by following the chart for the RS rows and the written instructions for the WS rows.

I thought I'd mention it in case anyone else is having problems with the pattern.

I did find that threading pearl cotton through the tightening hole of the Knitpicks options needle does give you a no-pain lifeline.

Also at Knitpicks, new yarn:
Salishan: http://www.knitpicks.com/yarns/itemid_5420161/yarn_display
Totem: http://www.knitpicks.com/yarns/itemid_5420159/yarn_display
Wakashan: http://www.knitpicks.com/yarns/itemid_5420160/yarn_display

Felted Nintendo DS Case

A while back, I'd posted asking for opinions on SWS, since I was going to felt a Nintendo DS case out of it. Several people were interested in the pattern. Well, I'm done with the case and I posted the pattern (my own) free here. I have pictures of it there as well. Please forgive the quality of them, my real camera broke and I had to take them on my phone.

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Yuletide Gnome


Alright. Does ANYONE have access to the pattern? I've contacted as many people on the list that speak English, I may have also found Alan Dart's email and I contacted him...I hope.

HEY! Don't even LOOK at the link unless you already know of the Yuletide Gnome or you'll be sucked in and be forced to hunt for the pattern as well! It's that great so just don't look!
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WiP dilemma

Oy, the angst.

I've got this WiP afghan that's been languishing in the back of a closet for a very long time. It was originally a gift for someone that I ended up not giving for a variety of reasons, mostly that she moved away and we lost touch. Now, I've got a wedding to go to in the beginning of November and I need a present. So, re-enter the afghan.
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Tristan & Isolde

Scarf tassel

I finished a pair of gloves yesterday for winter and decided to continue and make a matching scarf. I love to watch Friends while I knit, mainly because I've seen every episode so many times I don't really have to pay much attention, and in Season 3, episode #313 "The One Where Monica and Richard Are Friends," Monica is wearing a really cute scarf at the video store. I've scoured the internet for a picture of this but no such luck.

Anyway... I want to end my scarf in a tassel at each end, like Monica's in that episode. I could probably jimmy-rig something quite satisfactory, but I was wondering what your thoughts or ideas are. I'm knitting the scarf in the round because of the color changes; how can I gather the end together and attatch a tassel to it? I don't want to braid anything either, just a simple ball-and-loose-yarn tassel :o)

Here are some pictures if you want to see the Collapse )

Copyright reminders

It's time to remind folks about copyright in this community. This mod hat does not hide a barrister's wig; I am not a lawyer. The best advice is always to err on the side of caution.


If a pattern is worth using, it's worth waiting for. knitswap and eBay are your pals, especially for old back issues. Even UK sellers can usually get things to US buyers fairly promptly.

Just because they're old/only sold in Tunisia/only written in Greek doesn't mean that it's okay for you to copy it and/or spread it around on your own. I know you just want to be helpful, but... don't. A knitwear designer won't feel very helped when she or he finds out.


Help with tapered sleeves

So, I'm knitting Tubey from Knitty and it's time to make the sleeves. Although I have no deep moral or philosophical objections to bell-shaped sleeves (especially small bells like these) it occurs to me that normal tapered sleeves might be a better choice for the sweater. I think they're more practical (easier to wear under a jacket, for example) and probably less likely to look dated 5 years from now when bell-shaped sleeves are out again.

I figure, I'll knit straight until I get below the elbow, measure my arm just below the elbow and just above the wrist, and decide how often to decrease based on that and my gauge.

In what may not come as a big surprise to anyone but me, this resulted in a sleeve that was baggy around the elbows. That might be fine if the sleeve was going to STAY straight (or bell out) but seemed wrong for a tapered sleeve.

So, I ripped back 4-5 inches and started decreasing. Turned out I had to decrease quite a bit, so I decreased every row for a while, then every other row after that. In what shouldn't have surprised me but did, it turns out that decreasing too fast gives you pooches in the sleeve.

In a fit of annoyance, I started the OTHER sleeve. My current theory is to measure my arm at the TOP of the arm and at the wrist, and decrease steadily (one stitch in every 4 rows, it turns out) until I either get to the wrist or until I can't make it any smaller and still have it fit. (If the math is right, this shouldn't happen. Also, I have small wrists.)

For those of you who have actually made something with sleeves (which I have not) does this sound like a reasonable idea, or am I doomed for some other kind of currently unforseen trouble?

Why is it that whenever I bring knitting to work on in spare moments at professional conferences, I end up having to rip everything I've done out again? It's very frustrating.
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joel & clem // eternal sunshine of the s

(no subject)

Hello, lovely knitters, has anyone here attempted a Doctor Who scarf? I want to undertake one for myself before winter gets too cold; I was wondering how long it took you and what kinds of yarn you used, if it would be possible for you to share. thanks in advance :D
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Relaxed knitting

Question about Clapotis pattern

I'm working on my first clapotis. I'm almost halfway into the straight section, and it's going fine (other than one mistake where I somehow managed to drop 2 columns of stitches instead of just one; it's on the edge, so it's a short section of drops, so I'm leaving it).

Anyway, when I work patterns, I don't just blindly follow the instructions; I try to understand the purpose of the stitch patterns. Partly because it helps me to memorize a pattern better as I'm working it, and partly so I can use that knowledge to adjust things in patterns I'm working on, or (in the future, when I'm better) even to design my own patterns.

Soooo, I'm curious about this part of the pattern:

P1, k tbl, [k1, k tbl, k3, k tbl] to last marker, k1, k tbl, k3, ssk, pm, yo, kfb.

I know the ssk is a decrease, and the yo is an increase. So why work a decrease immediately followed by an increase? Can someone enlighten me? I'm thinking maybe the ssk does something to hold the "boundaries" of the dropped stitch portion together later, but I can't quite see in my head how that would be, or if that's even the case.

ETA: The pattern snippet is row 6 of the straight rows section.  Here's the pattern.

Elizabeth Zimmerman makes MetaFilter

Don't know how many people here also read MetaFilter, but I'm for sure not breaking any cross-posting rules by pointing out that there's a post there about EZ. There's a lot of background that I didn't know about, including her New York Times obit, as well as a link to the website for an upcoming retrospective exhibition at the University of Wisconsin Design Gallery on her work:

Check out all the links - they're well-chosen and take you to surprising places (Linux geeks ♥ EZ!)


What is your favorite cast-on for socks? I've made my fair share, but the only cast-on for cuff down socks that I've seen has been the long-tail or Norwegian. I don't find this elastic-y enough. I've searched the community info but haven't found any relevant posts.
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That's it. I hate it.

For a few days I've been knitting on this cardigan. Which would be fine but I see it in my mind as a lace weight little lightweight lacey sweater but I bought worsted weight because it was available and how bad can it be, right?
I hate it. The lace is fine but it's all bulky and It's not looking right and it's all bulky and bulky and I hate it. And who wears lace in a bulky old worsted weight? I hate it. I'm thinking of finishing off the back then finding some fabric for the front and making a vest.
Which is what I was planning for another yarn entirely, actually. A skein of wool I dyed but what can you do with 1 skein?
Then there's that dragon shawl that will be here any day and that gnome I'm going to order...
I really do hate this yarn afterall.

Anyone feel this way about a worsted sweater and it didn't come out all bulky and heavy when it was done? Or am I going fabric shopping?
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Starting a scarf from scratch

Hey everyone

I've been lurking for a while and earlier this month I just dived in a taught myself how to knit. I made a scarf already and now I want to make scarves and shawls for Christmas presents (I know I'm late but if I learn this I can get it in just under the wire).

I've seen some neat stitches in the Stitch Library at Knitting On The Net and I'd like to make scarves out of a few in full pattern but I don't know where to start really. I want to use the simple knit and purl patterns but--

When I pick out my yarn and buy the right needle, how will I know how much yarn I should buy?

I don't really have time to buy one of each kind of yarn that I like and make a gauge for every gift I'd like to make (12 scarves and 3 shawls to be exact). So I was hoping that there was some way I could decide the measurements of the item I wanted to make and using that -- calculate the amount of yarn I'd need based on what I picked.

I hope that made some kind of sense but I really am confused, any tips or rules of thumb you can pass along will make me oh so happy.

Please and Thank you!
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