October 20th, 2006

Best stitch dictionary?

I looked at the entries under the "knitting books" tag but didn't really find the answer to my question, so hopefully I can be more specific.

I'm looking for a book off stitches. I don't want patterns, don't need to know how to cast on. (Encyclopedia of Knitting, I'm talking to you!) I just want the stitches. And it would be nice if it costs <$20. After doing a search on Amazon, it looks like these three books might be my best bet:

Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns

The Knitters Bible

Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Volume One

Any strong opinions for or against any of these? The only one I've been able to see in person is the Vogue Stitchionary. Is there some absolutely amazing book I'm overlooking? I know a lot of people have raved over the Treasury of Knitting. Would I be silly to not just splurge the extra $10 and get this one?

I feel like I'm sounding really picky here, but I'd hate to have buyer's remorse on something I hope to be well-used.

Thank you!!

UPDATE: Whoa. I didn't expect so many replies!! Thank you so much for all the input and suggestions. I'm definitely going to check out the Harmony guide (particularly volume 2) and the Knitting Stitch Bible in addition to the Big Book and the Vogue Stitchionary. So many options!!! Now I need to decide...am I a Chart Person or a Written Out Directions person...
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Sock help!

I started knitting a pair of socks a couple years ago with KathrynT's universal pattern, and finally decided to make the other sock (any pattern that requires more than one FO is the bane of my existance).  But I have been trying for a couple days to get on the site and I can't!  I keep getting a page not found error :(  Did I miss something?  Am I going to have to sit down and count stiches because I'm silly and waited forever?

Razor's Edge - from SnB Nation

I'm so close to finishing my Razor's Edge poncho, and I'm stuck. I've finally hit that groove where I can do the lace pattern without concentrating frantically on it, and I screw up way less than when I started.

But now I'm at the point where you rejoin after the neck, and I'm confused.

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Yarn Swift Questions

Joann's Online has two different sizes of swifts:

Regular: A 14" spoke model for skeins up to 60" for $44.99
Large: 19'' and expands to 100'' circumference for $52.49

I'm waffling on which one I should get. I'm thinking bigger is better, but would there be a reason I would NOT want the larger on? I'm anxiously awaiting my sock yarn order from Knit Picks so I *need* one.

Ditto on the ball winder....

Regular: $25.49
Large: $37.49

And in case you are interested online orders can used the code NEWMM61020 for 50% off!

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Hi all,

I've done search after search for a child's cabled cardigan pattern. The nicest looking one is Trellis from Knitty: http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring05/PATTtrellis.html. That would be great except I want to make it for a 4 year old and the pattern is sized for a much smaller child. So I turn to you for help.

Is it the kind of pattern I could size-up? If so, how? I know how I could do it for a basic sweater, but since I've never cabled before, I'm a little wary of experimenting this time.

Do you know of a similar looking cable pattern for a toddler? I particularly like the neckline and the scale of cables to sweater. I'm happy to buy a pattern if it's the right one.


FO: topsy-turvy Cinderella doll

I made this doll for a friend's five-year-old daughter. The sad, forelorn Cinderella turns upside down into the happy, dressy Cinderella. The idea that a woman cannot be happy without a man is thus perpetuated :)

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Please forgive me my moment of insanity -- I'm tired and have a migraine.

The pattern is from Jean Greenhowe's Christmas Special (the 28-page one). The yarn is Caron Simply Soft, Bernat Satin, and bits of other acrylics. She really did not take all that long to knit, but making her up took forever -- about 6-7 hours per side. It was fun, though. It helps that I like the finishing process.

I might knit her a bag to hold with the dressy dress, but she's just about all done...
a killer rack

This kind of post usually annoys me, but I'm intrigued.

At ballet class tonight, my friends mom saw me looking through one of my knitting books since I was going to Michael's after and wanted some yarn. She started telling me about how she knit a shrug basically by knitting a scarf. She said she made it thick and then folded it in half and sewed in about 2 inches to make sleeve sorta things. She got the directions for free online but she didn't remember where. I just spent an hour searching online with no luck. Does anyone know of this pattern, or can suggest measurements on width and length?
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Free needles!

When I was in a worse situation than I am now and couldn't afford any knitting anything, a lot of people here helped me out. I want to return the favour. I can't do much knitting these days because of my wrists, but I definitely can't ever knit with aluminum needles. I have some that I picked up cheaply at a tag sale. They are in used condition (some bent to varying degrees). I'll ship them for free (within USA). If you live somewhere else, I may just ask you to PayPal shipping, but the needles are still free. Just say which ones you want.

Right now I have available:

1 pair size 7 needles (14 inches long)

4 pairs size 6 needles (14 inches long)

1 pair size 5 needles (14 inches long)

1 pair size 4 needles (14 inches long)

1 pair size 3 needles (14 inches long)

1 pair size 2 needles (14 inches long)

1 pair size 1 needles (14 inches long)

1 pair size 1 needles (12 inches long)

1 pair size 1 needles (9 inches long)

Email your requests please to whispering_ibis [at] livejournal.com.
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help with lace chart!

I'm attempting my first real lace pattern, complete with chart and no written instructions!

The pattern? Backyard Leaves from Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts 2006

For my questions:
- How do you know which side is your WS and which is the RS? I think the odd numbered rows in the pattern are supposed to be the RS as the symbol v appears only in those rows. The description for v is 'sl 1 wyf on RS'.

- Set up row - Is it a WS, RS, NS (no side?)? Do I read it left to right or right to left?

- R1, Do I read this left to right or right to left

- When I slip a stitch, if it's not labelled am I supposed to slip as to knit or purl?

I sat down tonight all excited to start the pattern. Pulled out my yarn vomit in an attempt to find the end. Looked at the pattern, played around a bit, got confused and here I am!
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