October 21st, 2006

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Wool blend yarn taking abuse

A few days ago I bought several balls of this yarn - Bellezza Collection Dolcetto, a 54% wool, 24% cotton, 24% nylon blend. I'm not a fan on wool - its too hot for South Texas, its hard to find wool I don't find scratchy, etc..but this stuff is too amazing for words. I can't beleive its one of those "Jo Ann Exclusive" yarns - normally I only notice that they have every variety of fun fur imaginable. I keep sticking my face into the skeins, they're so soft and smooth and plushy. My mom's teasing me - I haven't done this since she bought me a luxury pair of cashmere/angora/wool slipper socks last christmas!

I digress (ok, i admit it, i took a break to stick my face into the yarn again.) Anyways - I'm looking to make this star shaped throw pillow.. I've made it before in a similar worsted-weight acrylic for a friend, and the sizing and such turned out OK even though it was a little smaller than the example. I really want to make this find into a pillow I can cuddle up with..but since I've only ever used wool for things that don't take beatings, I'm concerned about how the yarn will hold up. The swatch I'm making up on size 11 needles feels fine to me - nice and pluffy, and I plan to carry it around and put it on my pillow to get the normal abuse something on my messy bed would get, but does anyone have any insight?

Also, is something 54% wool feltable?

edit: Duh. I have no idea how I missed those reviews on the Jo-Ann's page. I'll definately be washing according to the instructions!

pattern ideas

Yesterday my boyfriend's mother showed up with yarn for me. (yay!) I think much of it she'd started projects with and then just realized she'd never actually finish them. which is fine...free yarn for me!

But now I have to decide what to make with it.....I'd like to find something I can knit in class (it helps me pay attention like none other), but which is different than my scarves... I can knit and purl almost without looking...so what i know how to do, I know how to do well. :)
I'm also not very good at figuring out which patterns are good with what yarns.
No double pointed needle patterns, and probably no circular (cuz I can't afford to go get the right size right now, but I believe I have some 11's!)

So, here are pictures of the yarn....there's Homespun (maybe a hat out of the green to match my scarf?), in many different colors, Jiffy, and Bernat Soft Boucle.
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any ideas? thanks!
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Sweater Stone

I would like one of those sweater stone things, as the yarns I tend to love tend to pill. I forgive them, but you know, I'd still like to fix it.

Anyway, I've found many online retailers, but since shipping it would probably double the total cost, I'd like to just find it in a store to buy it. However, the link from the official website says "retail locations coming soon". Very helpful, internet.

I was just wondering if any of you all had seen them somewhere, and if so, where, so I could try and find the equivalent around me.

Knitted Cactuar Cell Phone Cozy

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My friend Jep asked me to knit him a green cell phone cozy, so I knit one up iPod-sock-style in the round (stockinette) with a 2x2 ribbing at the edge. Then when I gave it to him, some of our friends said the cozy would look awesome as a Gumby -- then no, scratch that idea! They yelled out CACTUAR! So, I took it back to stitch on some felt legs/arms/hair and attach a Cactuar face. (Cactuar is from Final Fantasy.)
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KnitPicks "Gift List Scarves"

The Fall 2006 KnitPicks catalog arrived in my mailbox today. On page 35 it lists an item called "Gift List Scarves". It says it's a free download from their website (www.KnitPicks.com). Item number 50508. The website has nothing that matches that when I search. I've searched via the number, the title, the designer all to no avail.

Has anyone been successful at finding and downloading this? It says it's 15 scarves for all personalities. Sounds like just the thing to add to my holiday knitting list arsenal.

washing/blocking question - Bingo Lana Grossa

I am making a baby blanket using Bingo Lana Grossa, a machine-washable wool. The label says it's washable at 30 degrees (I assume that's Celsius? -- the yarn is Italian). Does that mean a cold water wash?

Next question: The blanket is to be made up of 16 squares, approx. 6x6 inches each. I want to block the pieces before I sew them together and I am a newbie to blocking. Can I machine wash them for blocking (since the yarn is machine-washable) or is some other method preferable?


Hat decreases!


I'm going to knit a hat today for an older gentleman. I'm going to rib the bottom & I can't decide what ribbing has the most stretch. I was thinking 2x2. Does anyone have any ribbing suggestions?

Also, I had a really great generic pattern that I used for decreasing that made a spiral on the top of the head. I can't for the life of me find it, I'd emailed it to several members here. I believe if you cast on an even number, like 90 sts, you can start with k7, k2tog, then gradually go lower k6, k2tog...from the basic patterns I've seen, this is the same, any suggestions on this as well?

Thanks :D

Pattern disappointment

Hey all - I have a rather ambitious desire: to turn a lace chart into fair isle chart for colorwork.

I ordered the Filigree shawl pattern from Aurora Alpacas.

From the picture on the site (click "Filigree shawl pattern" above to go straight to the picture) it *looked* to me like the shawl was one solid piece worked in yellow and red. When I got the pattern in the mail today, I was disappointed to realize that it is all lace - what I mistook for yellow yarn is really just the white surface the shawl is laid on showing through the yarn-overs. A more realistic picture of the shawl can be found here (that is the picture on the cover of the pattern booklet).

Now, I have nothing against gorgeous lacework, but the lace shawl as shown on the front of the pattern booklet looks dramatically different when hung over someone's shoulders than the solid yellow/red colorwork design I *thought* the shawl resembled.

So: my plan is to take the lace chart, and basically ignore all the lace-related instructions. Wherever there is a yarn-over symbol, I will work a stitch in yellow, and everywhere else on the chart I will work stitches in red.

Is this logic totally ridiculous? Is there anyway for me to capture the look of the shawl in the first picture?

Hopefully yours,
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I *heart* liquidation sales

Many thanks to mariaporter for letting me know about a yarn liquidation sale in Raleigh this morning. It was at the home of a woman who, essentially, used to run a shop out of her house. Most of the stuff smelled like my grandma's basement and some of the yarn was a little buggy (I didn't buy any wool because of that), but overall it was a good sale.

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Stitch Advice Needed

OK, I feel like an idiot for not getting this, but I blame it on not being very familiar with English knitting terms. I'm trying to make the Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers from the Stitch 'n Bitch Nation (I have the corrections for the pattern printed out from the website). I get stuck at the second row of the pattern where it tells me to "sl right needle through next 3 sts as if to k, k through the front, back and front of all 3 sts". OK, so, first I slip all 3 stitches to the right needle... and then what? Do I move them back to the left needle to knit, or do I keep them on the right? If the latter, then in which order and how on earth do I "knit through the front, back and front of all 3 stitches"? I just don't get it. I assume I knit them one at a time, not together, or else the number of stitches would not fit the following pattern, but I don't understand how. If someone could give me extremely detailed, idiot-proof instructions for this, I would be a very happy knitter.

(no subject)

I'm making the large Day of the Dead doll from the Summer 2006 Knit.1 magazine. The patterns easy enough - but I can't make sense of how to do this:

"Row 59. Divide for legs. Work 21 rows St st on both sides. "

I understand that 12 stiches are going to go on both sides - I get that I work them separately, but how do I go back and do the second leg without working yarn in the stiches? I've never had to do this before and any instructions I find are for how to avoid splitting stiches. Help?

Pattern ISO help!

For the holidays I would like to make my boyfriend something like this


I have no clue how to do this, normally I would crochet it but he wants it for winter so I would rather knit it. I have never knitted a hat before ( although I knit in the round all the time).

anything you can think of that would be similiar? I know that those hats are machine knitted.

What kind of wool would you suggest?

people - regina spektor

More free knitting needles!

I got so many replies yesterday to this! I found more aluminums today and was able to give out more of some of those sizes than I listed. Unfortunately I don't have any more of those sizes though. The only unclaimed pair from yesterday's post is a pair of size 4 needles. That may change if I don't receive addresses from everyone who has needles reserved. So anyway, right now this is what I have available:

Straight needles:

Size 4 or 3.5 mm - 13 inches - <2 pairs now 1 pair available -- These pairs are bamboo but may not be of great quality. They were $1 a pair at Target to begin with.

Size 4 or 3.5 mm - 14 inches - 2 pairs

Size 5 or 3.75 mm - 14 inches - 1 pair

Size 8 or 5 mm - unmatched pair...one needle is 10 inches and the 2nd is 14 inches - I just have those 2 needles for size 8. (I can give them away separately if you have a loner that needs a buddy). Available!

Size 9 or 5.25 mm - 14 inches - 1 pair

Size 10 or 5.75 mm - approx. 13 inches - 1 pair

Size 10 1/2 or 6.5 mm - 14 inches - 1 pair

Size 11 or 8 mm - 14 inches - not a pair, loner needle - 1 needle Available!

Size 11 or 8 mm - 13 inches - not a pair, loner needle - 1 needle (plastic) - Can be claimed with previous needle if you want a mismatched pair. Available!

Size 11 or 8 mm - 13 inches - 3 pairs now 2 pairs available -- These pairs are bamboo but may not be of great quality. They were $1 a pair at Target to begin with.

Size 15 or 10 mm - 14 inches - 1 pair plus a loner (3 needles available total in this size). Only single orphan needle available in this size now. Available!

Size 17 or (don't know in mm) - 14 inches - 1 pair


Can be given in any quantity up to the number available.

Size 0 or 2 mm - approx. 7 inches - 1 needle

Size 0 or 2 mm - 9 inches - 6 needles

Size 2 or 2.75 mm - 7 inches - 3 needles

Size 4 or 3.5 mm - 7 inches - 2 needles

Size 5 or 3.75 mm - 7 inches - 4 needles (would like to give as set since 4 is a standard # for a set)

All needles are aluminum unless otherwise specified. Domestic shipping (USA) is free. Shipping to Canada and Mexico is free. Anywhere else, we can discuss paypalling postage costs.

If you are asking for needles (and even if you're not) and really want to help out with postage, donations can be made to me by paypal to whispering_ibis [at] livejournal.com. Please note that this is not necessary. I'm only asking for postage costs to anywhere outside the states, Mexico and Canada. Please also note that preemptively sending me money (meaning I haven't told you that you get any needles) will not guarantee you'll get some needles. This is done on a first come, first served basis. Offering to pay your postage will not increase your chances of receiving needles. I am doing this only to be charitable, not for profit.

This may not exactly sound fair, but if you already emailed me your address for some needles I promised you, please don't request more because I've already gotten your parcel ready. If you have been promised some needles and have not yet emailed your address, please make additional requests (if you need to) before I get your parcel together. Thanks!

Requests for needles should be sent to whispering_ibis [at] livejournal.com

Please be aware that I will need your name and address to be able to post anything to you.
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