October 22nd, 2006

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Changing gauge in a fitted garment

I'm getting ready to cast on to make Sizzle by Wendy Bernard of Knit and Tonic, which is also my very first knitted garment project. It is a fitted sleeveless shell, and the gauge is listed at 20 stitches to 4 inches. I get gauge on size 7 needles, but I like the fabric better at 24 stitches to 4 inches/6 st per inch. I have googled finished Sizzles and found that some people did change the gauge with no problem, but there were 2 ways they did it, and I would like to know what would be best.

1. Some knit a size smaller and said it turned out perfectly, which sounds like the easiest solution to me,
2. BUT some said they redid the waist shaping. If this is better, how would I go about redistributing the waist shaping?

Thanks in advance for all the help and advice. I appreciate it!
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neat stitch pattern

Have you ever looked at your stockinette knitting, thought that everything was fine because it was the right size and you didn't see any dropped stitches or purls or anything but then, upon closer inspection, noticed a little row (say 5) of Vs that are a little longer than the other Vs and when you turn to the purl side, instead of those stitches having the characteristic purl bumps backing them, they form a little meshy zigzag? OMG what did you do?!

Whatever it is, I want to do that on purpose now, because I saw a really cool blouse at Macy's that made it into a pattern. The blouse was knit with thin varigated thread, but I bet I could do it with yarn and needles and have a cool scarf pattern or something. The stitch pattern was basically stockinette, but it had these sort of horizontal runs in it. If you mentally sliced it into horizontal quarter inch/half inch strips, you would see inch-wide sections of plain stockinette (several rows worth) alternating with inch wide sections of giant mutant stockinette (one row worth). These strips stack on top of each other brickwise/checkerboard style, NOT so they form vertical panels of stockinette and mutant stockinette. The mutant stockinette bits are shaped like eyes or footballs, whichever you prefer. Because of this, the fabric had a ripply stripey look, evocative of Lizard Ridge

I made a rough MS Paint sketch and uploaded it into my scrapbook. It ought to be behind the following lj-cut. In the picture, the mutant stockinette stitches are only 2 regular stockinette rows tall, but they were probably taller. How do I knit this? If I do make something in this pattern, does it need to be in a blockable fiber? Thanks!

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EDIT: Aha, "seafoam stitch" as stockinette instead of garter. Thanks!

A Sock Design Question

I have a 16 stitch pattern that I want to place once on each sock on the outer leg.

1. If I cast on 60 can you tell me where to start the stitch pattern so that it will be over the ankle area.

2. Can I start and end the stitch pattern with a yo?? (If not then it is an 18 stitch pattern)

I don't know where to start it so that the heel well be in the proper place.

I think I can figure out the right and left leg placement of the pattern.

I can use DPN or circulars. But I think 2 circulars would be faster and neater for my skill level. My yarn will hide some faults though.

Please try to be gentle with me. And yes, I have had algebra.

Thank you in advance.
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Magknits Donna

Now that I'm in a bad mood over losing a very nice eBay auction... I need to figure out what to do. I'd really like to knit Donna for my first sweater. Looks easy enough. The pattern used Lana Grossa "Point" yarn. 96% cotton, 4% polyester elastic. The bid I was working on was for 11 skeins of it for around... 40$. This other person outbid me at the last minute. GAH! The pattern actually calls for 12, so I was going to buy another in a different color for some of the trim work, probably.

So now... without that cheap yarn comin' my way I have to think of an alternative. I don't really want to spend the $8.50 a skein on the Lana Grossa "Point". Can anyone make any alternative yarn suggestions? Is anyone just absolutely IN LOVE with the yarn called for by the pattern, so much so to claim I should just suck it up and spend that kind of money? (Although I doubt that...) Should I wait for a sale? What to do!?!
icarus lace

FO: Seraphim Shawl

Pattern: The Seraphim Shawl by Miriam Felton
Finished size: 78" across the top, 37" from center point to tip.
Yarn: Rowan Botany 4-ply in color 663 (no link, discontinued)
Needles: Crystal Palace Bamboo Circ, Size 5
Begun: Early July
Finished: October 21st, 2006

Modifications: None!

Notes: I found the pattern very easy to follow and the charts clear. The interest of the lace portion balances the stockinette portion. This is a good shawl for any level knitter. Like the Icarus Shawl (from the Summer 2006 IK), it kind of eases you into the lace portion. You've got a good chunk of it done before you get to the more complicated portions. And, like Icarus, this shawl appeals to me because of the simplicity. Two thumbs up for the pattern.

The yarn is also very nice, although apparently now discontinued. I was knitting straight off the cone, so it was a little stiff and hard before soaking, but overall it's quite nice. And it has softened up after a good soak in the sink. I was surprised to encounter a couple of slubs in the yarn. I wasn't expecting that from the yarn. But they were minimal and few and far between. I forgive you, Rowan. Plus the drape of the yarn is gorgeous.

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Branching out FO and scarf from Scarf Style WIP

Hello knitterly folks,

I know everyone makes branching out, but I said I'd post mine when it was done. I just noticed, though, on one of the photos, that I didn't block too carefully (or maybe it's just that I didn't smooth out the edges when I pulled the pins out?). Oops. It did look a heck of a lot better after blocking, though.

I used the Telemark yarn from knitpicks in color Pesto to make my branching out on size 7 needles:

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I am also working on a scarf from the book Scarf Style. It's a reversible cable dealie. I'm making it in Swish Superwash from knitpicks for a friend who has a couple of little kids (so I wanted the scarf to be very washable). I love touching this yarn; it feels great! I am using size 7 needles for this one, too, and the color is deep ocean.

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Thanks for looking! I always enjoy seeing the stuff you're making!! :)

a finished object... some advice please?

last time i visited my grandma in tucson, we went to a yarn shop. she was amazed by a lace shawl displayed there, so i decided that, although i've never seen my grandma wear a shawl, i'd make her one! i chose the swallowtail shawl from interweave knits fall 06... it was fun to do! i knit it in shaeffer anne. it's my first lace shawl ever!

here comes the problem... it's small. it's supposed to be small, but it's REALLY small! only 46" across.

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my question is- do you think this is wearable? should i just give it to her (it's meant as a christmas gift) and hope she'll love it? i asked the folks at my lys and they said it was fine-- it can be worn just thrown over the shoulders like i have it in my picture (my grandma is my size). i sorta agree, and i have a feeling my grandma probably won't wear it anyways (maybe she'll just admire it...). i just thought i'd ask this community since people here seem to have a lot more experience with knitting and wearing shawls.
(i absolutely love this pattern, by the way! if i end up giving this one to my grandma, i'll probably knit another one for me after the holiday knitting season is over... on slightly bigger needles, that is!)

Felting wool and Needle Felting questions.

Hello everyone.I am working on a felted DS case.I am going to needle felt DS on the front of it once im done but I need to ask a few questions first.

I have looked in the memories section under felting and needle felting.

I have never done eaither things so I need some help please.
1.Do I need to felt the DS case before I needle felt it?Or Needle felt it then felt the whole thing?

2.I have an old wash board that I plan to use when felting the case.(my hot water doesnt work in my washer)Should I insert my hand in the opening when rubbing it on the wash board?(Im not sure if I just hold it on the outside and rub that it will or will not felt it into one big mass.)

3.Can I use ANY item to help it keep its shape after felting it?(wooden box,plastic containers,etc....)What would you use?I dont want to go buy anything if I dont have to!

If anyone can offer some felting (needle or other) help that will help a first timer that would be wonderfull!

Behind the cut is a pic of what I have done and the yarn ball and lable.
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Ty one and all for all the great help! I will be sure to post pics when its done.

If anyother info is needed please feel free to ask and I will try to answer you!
EDITED:TY one and all for the GREAT help!I have all the info that I need now!TY
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